View Full Version : 2020 Gold Coast Open July 2nd - 6th [Cancelled]

15-11-2019, 10:43 AM
The 2020 Gold Coast Open is confirmed to be held at The Quality Hotel, Mermaid Waters July 2nd - 6th. This tournament will again be one of the Premier events in the Australian chess calendar.

The Gold Coast Open will be run once again with 3 divisions and will be coinciding with the Junior Elite Training Squad which is also to be held on The Gold Coast. With next year's event already attracting attention from international titled players it is sure to be a great event.

This thread will be updated as information becomes available, don't forget to mark these dates in your 2020 calendar and follow the official website for further announcements as they become available.

Gold Coast Open Website: www.goldcoastopenchess.com.au/
Gardiner Chess Website: www.gardinerchess.com.au/
Gardiner Chess Facebook: www.facebook.com/gardinerchess/

For any enquiries regarding this event or any other Gardiner Chess events please contact: scurtis@gardinerchess.com.au

28-01-2020, 12:00 PM
With the Junior Elite Training Squad to be held on the Gold Coast following the Gold Coast Open the event is sure to have plenty of strong players. This could include some of the JETS coaches which will add strength to the Premier division, any of the Australian Olympiad teams are invited to take part in the lead up to the Olympiad.

More information to come!

31-01-2020, 11:37 AM
The first titled players are now confirmed GM Daniel Howard Fernandez 2451 (ENG) and IM Ravi Haria 2450 (ENG) have entered the 2020 Gold Coast Open. We are awaiting information from many other titled players including some of Australia's top players, this year's Gold Coast Open is not to be missed.

Queensland's most prestigious event continues to grow.

For all enquiries please contact: scurtis@gardinerchess.com.au

21-02-2020, 07:34 PM
GM Zong-Yuan Zhao has entered the 2020 Gold Coast Open! A very popular player to have at any chess tournament and winner of multiple Gold Coast Opens!

23-02-2020, 08:12 PM
With over 4 months left to go and 4 GMs already entered I look forward to The 2020 Gold Coast Open....

24-02-2020, 10:32 AM
The top 5 entrants in The 2020 Gold Coast Open is looking very strong with an average rating of 2505. This tournament is a GM norm open tournament, after giving Temur Kuybokarov his 3rd GM norm in 2018 we would love to see more players fighting for norms.

GM Anton Smirnov 2592 (AUS)
GM Zong-Yuan Zhao 2524 (AUS)
GM Moulthun Ly 2479 (AUS)
GM Daniel Fernandez 2477 (ENG)
IM Ravi Haria 2453 (ENG)

13-05-2020, 04:50 PM
This statement is to announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Gold Coast Open. This decision has not been made lightly, and it is with great sadness that we came to this unfortunate outcome regarding what is one of Australia’s top events.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we are unable to ensure the quality and standards that we have become known for over the last few years.

Some of the main contributing factors that make this not possible are,
• Travel bans in place (including limited access to QLD)
• Limited advertising and promotion time due to current conditions
• Various costs involved in hosting such a large event
• No international players will be able to participate (norms are therefore not achievable)
• Social distancing; our venue is bound by social distancing which heavily impacts events such as chess.
• No guarantee regarding conditions around social distancing and numbers of people allowed at the Gold Coast Open 2020 scheduled time.

Like many other events within Australia and Internationally we will be back better than ever next year, and we ask you all to support us in the future at one of Australia’s top International Opens.


Andrew Fitzpatrick Shaun Curtis
Director of Operations Events Manager
Gardiner Chess Gardiner Chess