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Kevin Bonham
25-04-2019, 10:57 PM
Apologies for the lack of pre-event coverage as a result of me being extremely busy.

The 6th annual Tony Sturges Memorial was held today in Hobart - these events commemorate Tony Sturges (1953-2013) (http://www.chesschat.org/showthread.php?14663-RIP-Tony-(Thelston)-Sturges-(1953-2013)) who died on Anzac Day 2013.

The event, a fundraiser for the TCA, is usually held as an opening theme tournament where a different set opening is played from each round. This year there were issues with organising the event as basically no-one had time to do it, which contributed to the lower than usual field of 6. The main event was played as a Fischer-Random using positions 223 (meant to be 222), 333, 444, 555 and 777 (666 was skipped) from a list available online. (https://www.mark-weeks.com/cfaa/chess960/c960strt.htm)


ACT visitor Miles Patterson won the main event easily:

No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Patterson, Miles ACT 1915 5 * W W W W W
2 Bonham, Kevin TAS 1902 3 L * W L W W
3 Powell-Davies, Thomas TAS 1378 3 L L * W W W
4 Swan, Owen TAS 1529 2 L W L * L W
5 Rumley, William TAS 1829 2 L L L W * W
6 Shepherd, Chris TAS 1467 0 L L L L L *

This was followed by the blitz, which was brought forward because the main event had finished early.

Earlier in the day we had been talking about queen vs pawn endings and this got into how queen vs knight's pawn could end up as queen vs knight, and then discussion about how easy queen vs knight was or wasn't to win. I've personally never had this endgame. Lo and behold, it appeared on the board with very little time on the clocks in the game between Miles (queen) and Will (knight) - and was drawn by second illegal move! (Queen and pawn against knight would have been a loss in the same circumstance.) I was lucky to beat Toby after blundering two bishops for rook early in the game.

No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 Bonham, Kevin TAS 1902 7.5 * W W W D W W W W
2 Straton, Toby TAS 1989 7 L * W W W W W W W
3 Mackey, Nick TAS 1608 5 L L * W W L W W W
4 Rumley, William TAS 1829 4.5 L L L * D W W W W
5 Patterson, Miles ACT 1915 4 D L L D * L W W W
6 Shepherd, Chris TAS 1467 4 L L W L W * L W W
7 Powell-Davies, Thomas TAS 1378 2 L L L L L W * L W
8 Swan, Owen TAS 1529 2 L L L L L L W * W
9 Rumley, Rebecca TAS 931 0 L L L L L L L L *

29-04-2019, 09:40 AM
Pity about the small entry. It seems like a fun tournament to play in, and good to keep the memory going. Congrats to both winners.

QvN should be fairly straightforward even in blitz, but Kramnik once made Kasparov play it out (http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1070753).