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Alex Stahnke
05-12-2018, 10:23 PM
Entry form with full details can be viewed at: https://bit.ly/2rpHu8t

When: Sunday December 16
Where: St Luke's Hall, Ekibin (193 Ekibin Rd, Tarragindi 4121).
Cost: $20 per player EACH event or $25 if paying on the day.

• Canteen available.
• Heaps of parking.
• Air conditioned venue.

QLD Problem Solving Championship:

Test conditions – players will be given 2 hours to complete the puzzles, and will have a chess set to assist them. Exam put together By Alexander Stahnke.
Prizes: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 Open & Girls: Trophy for 1st

QLD Blitz Championship:

11 Rounds – Time Control is 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move.
Prizes: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 Open & Girls: Trophies for 1st
1st overall $100 | 2nd overall $70 | 3rd overall $40 |

Alex Stahnke
07-12-2018, 05:30 PM
CAQ Endorsed title event! Perfect warm up for the Aus juniors :)

08-12-2018, 09:31 AM
You can print your own entry form for 2018 Queensland Junior Problem Solving and 2018 Queensland Blitz Chess Championship on Sunday December 16 at St Luke's Hall, 193 Ekibin St, Tarragindi off the CAQ Website under Coming Events NOW: www.caq.org.au

Alex Stahnke
08-12-2018, 08:29 PM
The pressure will be on Sun Dec 16! For enquires email alexstahnke@topchess.vom.au

08-12-2018, 11:13 PM
Enquiries - email alexstahnke@topchess.com.au

Alex Stahnke
11-12-2018, 08:26 AM

Main hall of the playing venue

13-12-2018, 09:53 AM
Just 3 sleeps to go now till the CAQ Queensland Junior Problem Solving and Blitz Chess Championships on Sunday December 16. The Problem Solving is in the morning, from 9:30am to 12 noon. The Blitz is on in the afternoon, from 12:30pm till 4pm. Both events are on in St Luke's Hall, 193 Ekibin Rd, Tarragindi. Save money - enter online now! Get full entry details above OR print your own entry form if you want off the CAQ Website under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au Do NOT miss all the fun on Sunday December 16!

Alex Stahnke
13-12-2018, 09:24 PM
Not far now....

Alex Stahnke
14-12-2018, 08:56 PM
Only 2 more sleeps!

Alex Stahnke
15-12-2018, 06:55 PM
Shaping up to be a strong event! Entries on the day are accepted...email alexstahnke@topchess.com.au

No Name Feder Rtg Loc

1. Renjith, Sravan B 2026
2. Ooi, Jayden B 1602
3. Ly-Liu, Alexavier B 1527
4. Simic, Filip B 1344
5. Brady, Aiden B 1118
6. Liaw, Ryan B 1069
7. Dullaway, Michael B 1058
8. Lo, Micah B 1050
9. Tan, Kevin B 1019
10. Lamuri, Jun B 1008
11. Williams, Masaki B 892
12. Dullaway, Erin B 831
13. Leong, Joel B 829
14. Xu, Yuehan B 811
15. Ly-Liu, Isaac B 764
16. Leong, Ben B 727
17. Vanman, William B 609
18. Heterick, Uriah
19. Syed-Musa, Jaffery
20. Thirkettle, Bobby

Alex Stahnke
16-12-2018, 09:06 AM
Henry Slater-Jones is another strong addition! Still not too late to get enter. Text 0425 313 282

Alex Stahnke
17-12-2018, 07:39 PM
Congratulations to all of the newly crowned QLD Junior Chess Champions! Full report, gallery and results can be viewed at: https://bit.ly/2Qy9Vjj