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25-11-2018, 10:14 PM
No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 Ng, Clive NSW 2417 9.5 51:W 24:W 49:W 18:W 5:W 3:W 2:L 10:W 15:W 16:W 4:D
2 Clarke, Brandon G I OS 2755 9.5 37:D 7:W 52:W 32:D 47:W 25:W 1:W 5:W 3:W 4:D 10:W
3 Rodgers, Jack NSW 2336 9 50:W 21:W 47:W 19:W 6:W 1:L 4:W 16:W 2:L 17:W 5:W
4 Ristic, Dejan NSW 2343 8 27:W 31:W 17:W 5:L 12:W 18:W 3:L 26:W 13:W 2:D 1:D
5 Diemer, Tim NSW 7.5 20:W 34:W 32:W 4:W 1:L 6:W 24:W 2:L 17:D 18:W 3:L
6 Shi, Eric NSW 2276 7.5 63:W 28:W 12:W 10:W 3:L 5:L 14:W 15:L 19:W 13:D 17:W
7 Perrin, Brent 7.5 39:W 2:L 35:L 27:W 21:W 34:W 17:L 49:W 26:W 8:D 19:W
8 Russell, Paul NSW 2129 7.5 48:W 33:L 11:L 60:W 42:W 12:L 28:W 41:W 25:W 7:D 16:W
9 Yan, Matthew NSW 2164 7.5 46:L 37:W 22:W 24:L 44:W 41:D 35:L 54:W 33:W 20:W 11:W
10 O'Chee, Kevin NSW 2344 7 42:W 41:W 25:W 6:L 14:W 11:W 16:L 1:L 12:W 15:W 2:L
11 Chua, Joe NSW 1769 7 57:W 19:L 8:W 17:W 15:W 10:L 26:L 47:W 14:W 24:W 9:L
12 Borsa, Cristian OS 1958 7 64:W 16:W 6:L 43:W 4:L 8:W 18:L 27:W 10:L 25:W 26:W
13 Siswandhi, Steven 7 54:W 17:L 21:W 14:L 22:W 47:W 25:W 32:W 4:L 6:D 18:D
14 Chisholm, Tom R NSW 1985 7 45:W 40:L 29:W 13:W 10:L 28:W 6:L 42:W 11:L 27:W 30:W
15 Atanacio, Ricardo NSW 2064 7 58:L 48:W 44:W 35:W 11:L 31:W 41:W 6:W 1:L 10:L 24:W
16 Miscenko, Dmitry 6.5 30:W 12:L 28:W 20:W 34:W 19:W 10:W 3:L 24:D 1:L 8:L
17 Kordahi, Nicholas NSW 2057 6.5 67:W 13:W 4:L 11:L 36:W 40:W 7:W 18:W 5:D 3:L 6:L
18 Kargosha, Bahman OS 2255 6.5 60:W 46:W 33:W 1:L 23:W 4:L 12:W 17:L 40:W 5:L 13:D
19 Bajrami, Samir NSW 2143 6.5 36:W 11:W 40:W 3:L 24:D 16:L 37:W 35:W 6:L 32:W 7:L
20 Babic, Michael S NSW 2015 6.5 5:L 62:W 50:W 16:L 48:W 33:D 32:L 37:W 35:W 9:L 39:W
21 Ahmadi, Parviz NSW 1841 6.5 68:W 3:L 13:L 29:W 7:L 36:W 40:L 56:W 34:D 51:W 32:W
22 Brown, Joshua NSW 1775 6.5 56:L 65:W 9:L 61:W 13:L 29:L 45:W 43:W 23:D 40:W 34:W
23 Yan, Jason NSW 1927 6.5 66:L 59:W 58:W 56:W 18:L 26:L 29:W 40:L 22:D 36:W 33:W
24 Dragalchuk, Vladislav NSW 1905 6 38:W 1:L 60:W 9:W 19:D 32:W 5:L 33:W 16:D 11:L 15:L
25 Clarke, Matthew NSW 2088 6 59:W 66:W 10:L 30:W 40:W 2:L 13:L 31:W 8:L 12:L 42:W
26 Hursky, Karel P NSW 2098 6 33:L 36:L 70:W 46:W 50:W 23:W 11:W 4:L 7:L 28:W 12:L
27 Bakhos, George NSW 1667 6 4:L 38:W 34:L 7:L 65:W 57:W 30:W 12:L 31:W 14:L 44:W
28 Kwong, Leron NSW 1825 6 70:W 6:L 16:L 58:W 43:W 14:L 8:L 29:W 47:W 26:L 40:W
29 Bawitlung, Daniel NSW 1489 6 32:L 57:W 14:L 21:L 45:W 22:W 23:L 28:L 58:W 47:W 41:W
30 Chugunov, Vladimir NSW 1891 6 16:L 61:W 46:W 25:L 33:L 60:W 27:L 48:W 42:W 41:W 14:L
31 Papadakis, Jim NSW 1876 6 69:W 4:L 36:L 63:W 62:W 15:L 48:W 25:L 27:L 43:W 45:W
32 Brown, Nicholas NSW 2198 5.5 29:W 35:W 5:L 2:D 49:W 24:L 20:W 13:L 39:W 19:L 21:L
33 Staiff, Michael NSW 1376 5.5 26:W 8:W 18:L 34:L 30:W 20:D 49:W 24:L 9:L 35:W 23:L
34 Yaqoob, Yaqoob NSW 2023 5.5 61:W 5:L 27:W 33:W 16:L 7:L 42:L 60:W 21:D 50:W 22:L
35 Arlandez Mana, Francesc OS 1787 5.5 55:W 32:L 7:W 15:L 56:D 53:W 9:W 19:L 20:L 33:L 50:W
36 Dalkin, Maxie NSW 1463 5.5 19:L 26:W 31:W 47:L 17:L 21:L 58:W 50:D 37:W 23:L 52:W
37 Parker, Trent NSW 1704 5.5 2:D 9:L 53:W 40:L 52:W 56:W 19:L 20:L 36:L 49:W 55:W
38 Laverty, Charlie 5.5 24:L 27:L 59:W 42:L 46:W 39:D 54:L 52:W 49:W 44:L 51:W
39 Brown, Jordan NSW 1846 5.5 7:L 70:W 43:L 48:L 58:W 38:D 53:W 51:W 32:L 55:W 20:L
40 Zwierzynski, Pawel 5 44:W 14:W 19:L 37:W 25:L 17:L 21:W 23:W 18:L 22:L 28:L
41 Sirkka, Pertti T NSW 1897 5 43:W 10:L 66:W 49:D 51:W 9:D 15:L 8:L 44:W 30:L 29:L
42 Hii, Ryan NSW 1678 5 10:L 43:L 65:W 38:W 8:L 62:W 34:W 14:L 30:L 59:W 25:L
43 Lee, Joshua NSW 5 41:L 42:W 39:W 12:L 28:L 50:L 62:W 22:L 61:W 31:L 57:W
44 Melamed, Daniel NSW 1769 5 40:L 45:W 15:L 66:W 9:L 48:L 65:W 57:W 41:L 38:W 27:L
45 Jones, Harrison NSW 5 14:L 44:L 48:L 67:W 29:L 59:W 22:L 64:W 46:W 57:W 31:L
46 O'Rourke, Kevin NSW 1481 5 9:W 18:L 30:L 26:L 38:L 65:L 66:W 67:W 45:L 62:W 53:W
47 Cruz, Louie NSW 2017 4.5 65:W 56:W 3:L 36:W 2:L 13:L 50:W 11:L 28:L 29:L 48:D
48 Fatohi, Emad Ghanim NSW 1447 4.5 8:L 15:L 45:W 39:W 20:L 44:W 31:L 30:L 57:L 60:W 47:D
49 Balan, Jigando OS 2112 4.5 62:W 58:W 1:L 41:D 32:L 51:W 33:L 7:L 38:L 37:L 64:W
50 Banicevic, Roy NSW 1642 4.5 3:L 69:W 20:L 57:W 26:L 43:W 47:L 36:D 56:W 34:L 35:L
51 Rachmadi, Herman NSW 1687 4.5 1:L 64:D 55:W 52:W 41:L 49:L 61:W 39:L 53:W 21:L 38:L
52 Rupasinghe, Sayum NSW 1578 4.5 0:D 53:W 2:L 51:L 37:L 55:W 56:L 38:L 63:W 54:W 36:L
53 Rupasinghe, Chanya NSW 702 4.5 0:D 52:L 37:L 64:W 63:W 35:L 39:L 61:W 51:L 56:W 46:L
54 Wu, Yifu NSW 1801 4.5 13:L 67:W 56:L 62:L 61:D 64:W 38:W 9:L 55:L 52:L 59:W
55 Solis, Ricardo NSW 4.5 35:L 63:D 51:L 59:L 70:W 52:L 64:W 62:W 54:W 39:L 37:L
56 Wadhwa, Jatin 4 22:W 47:L 54:W 23:L 35:D 37:L 52:W 21:L 50:L 53:L 61:D
57 Zhang, Emily NSW 4 11:L 29:L 67:W 50:L 59:W 27:L 63:W 44:L 48:W 45:L 43:L
58 Zeng, Jimmy NSW 1365 4 15:W 49:L 23:L 28:L 39:L 66:W 36:L 69:W 29:L 67:L 63:W
59 Shaw, Ralph NSW 1365 4 25:L 23:L 38:L 55:W 57:L 45:L 68:W 65:W 60:W 42:L 54:L
60 Greenwood, Norman NSW 1622 4 18:L 68:W 24:L 8:L 66:W 30:L 69:W 34:L 59:L 48:L 67:W
61 Corona, Jonluke NSW 1005 4 34:L 30:L 68:W 22:L 54:D 63:W 51:L 53:L 43:L 66:W 56:D
62 Corona, Fabrizio NSW 1405 4 49:L 20:L 69:W 54:W 31:L 42:L 43:L 55:L 67:W 46:L 70:W
63 Baldwin, A(Tony) C NSW 1627 3.5 6:L 55:D 64:W 31:L 53:L 61:L 57:L 70:W 52:L 68:W 58:L
64 Jurac, Anthony NSW 3.5 12:L 51:D 63:L 53:L 68:W 54:L 55:L 45:L 65:W 69:W 49:L
65 Davey, Tom 3 47:L 22:L 42:L 69:W 27:L 46:W 44:L 59:L 64:L 70:L 68:W
66 Laverty, Jack 3 23:W 25:L 41:L 44:L 60:L 58:L 46:L 68:L 70:W 61:L 69:W

Congrats to both Clive and Brandon for winning the NSW blitz.
Brandon and Clive playoff for the title.
Brandon won 2-0

29-11-2018, 07:55 AM
Another good result for Brandon, and also for Clive. Well done, guys! In addition, 66 is a great number of players so well done the NSWCA organisers.