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18-02-2018, 04:45 PM
2018 City of Sydney Rapid
Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde NSW
Start Date:
25 Feb, 2018
1 day

7 rounds from 11 a.m. until approximately 7.30 p.m.
(Registration closes 10.30 a.m.)

Time Limit: 20 minutes each per game plus 10 seconds per move.

Entry Fee:
If registered by 24 February: $25 including all titled players
If registered after 24 February: $35 including all titled players

1st $200 2nd $150 3rd $100
U2000 $100
U1800 $100
U1600 $100
U1400 $100

Prizes based on 45 entries

The event will be ACF & FIDE rated. All foreign players must have a FIDE Identification number.
You need to register and pay by 23 February to be eligible for the early entry fee.
Players are eligible for one prize only. Unrated players are not eligible for rating-restricted prizes.
Forfeit times: Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than 10 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.
All NSW resident players must be full members for 2017 of (or join) the NSWCA or the NSWJCL.
To be eligible to win the title of City of Sydney Rapid Champion the player must live within the County of Cumberland
By entering the event, players acknowledge that the decision of the organiser (NSWCA) is final.
All prizes not redeemed within 12 months will be treated as donations to the next Olympiad.

Note: All foreign players must have a FIDE Identification number.

Australian Citizens & Permanent residents without FIDE id numbers will need to provide DOB prior to the start of the event or their entry will not be accepted.

Foreign players without a FIDE id number will not be accepted. They will need to obtain a FIDE id number from their National Federation and advise that number prior to their entry being accepted.

26-02-2018, 12:17 AM
Who won, leading scores, any stories?

Bill Gletsos
26-02-2018, 12:01 PM
No Name Feder Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Bjelobrk, Igor NSW 6 20:W 13:W 10:W 12:W 11:W 3:L 7:W
2 Sanchez Botella, Luis Javier OS 6 63:W 23:W 11:L 40:W 48:W 19:W 3:W
3 Clarke, Brandon G I OS 5.5 43:W 24:W 7:W 4:D 6:W 1:W 2:L
4 Wright, Neil S NSW 5.5 57:W 22:W 9:W 3:D 5:L 13:W 12:W
5 O'Chee, Kevin NSW 5.5 64:W 34:W 27:W 6:D 4:W 7:L 11:W
6 Liu, Yi QLD 5.5 51:W 25:W 32:W 5:D 3:L 18:W 15:W
7 Ng, Clive NSW 5 37:W 33:W 3:L 22:W 23:W 5:W 1:L
8 Diemer, Tim NSW 5 42:W 48:W 14:D 11:L 17:D 35:W 21:W
9 Ball, Christopher NSW 5 66:W 28:W 4:L 20:L 39:W 29:W 18:W
10 Mallari, Donato NSW 5 69:W 41:W 1:L 23:L 51:W 31:W 19:W
11 Odenthal, Aidan NSW 4.5 21:W 26:W 2:W 8:W 1:L 12:D 5:L
12 Xuan, Thomas NSW 4.5 59:W 29:W 18:W 1:L 27:W 11:D 4:L
13 Clarke, Matthew NSW 4.5 44:W 1:L 37:W 15:D 40:W 4:L 20:W
14 Plaza-Quinteros, Francisco NSW 4.5 16:D 54:W 8:D 34:W 18:L 24:W 17:D
15 Rodgers, Jack NSW 4.5 56:W 18:L 39:W 13:D 20:W 26:W 6:L
16 Ginovic, Aleksy NSW 4.5 14:D 38:W 19:D 48:L 22:W 25:D 33:W
17 Cabilin, Jeff NSW 4.5 58:W 19:D 40:L 38:W 8:D 42:W 14:D
18 Han, Raymond NSW 4 30:W 15:W 12:L 32:W 14:W 6:L 9:L
19 Thite, Sameer NSW 4 36:W 17:D 16:D 24:W 21:W 2:L 10:L
20 Melamed, Daniel NSW 4 1:L 44:W 25:W 9:W 15:L 27:W 13:L
21 Chisholm, Tom R NSW 4 11:L 60:W 41:W 29:W 19:L 23:W 8:L
22 Atanacio, Ricardo NSW 4 35:W 4:L 56:W 7:L 16:L 52:W 43:W
23 Watson, Robert A NSW 4 67:W 2:L 62:W 10:W 7:L 21:L 44:W
24 Seneviratne, Suranga NSW 4 61:W 3:L 64:W 19:L 30:W 14:L 40:W
25 Qiang, Vincent NSW 4 49:W 6:L 20:L 60:W 56:W 16:D 26:D
26 Bajrami, Samir NSW 4 60:W 11:L 36:D 49:W 35:W 15:L 25:D
27 Pigram, Daniel NSW 4 53:W 50:W 5:L 33:W 12:L 20:L 39:W
28 Chiu, Edwin NSW 4 31:W 9:L 33:L 41:L 55:W 51:W 42:W
29 Redgrave, John NSW 4 65:W 12:L 50:W 21:L 49:W 9:L 46:W
30 Dyce, Magne NSW 4 18:L 56:L 58:W 43:W 24:L 62:W 53:W
31 Papadakis, Jim NSW 4 28:L 66:W 49:L 61:W 52:W 10:L 47:W
32 Hursky, Karel P NSW 4 62:W 39:W 6:L 18:L 41:W 34:W 0:
33 Siva Sankaran, Anup Kumar NSW 3.5 47:W 7:L 28:W 27:L 44:D 37:W 16:L
34 Sirkka, Pertti T NSW 3.5 46:W 5:L 45:W 14:L 64:W 32:L 36:D
35 Alexander-Meyland, Arlo NSW 3.5 22:L 63:W 42:D 36:W 26:L 8:L 50:W
36 Boylan, Peter NSW 3.5 19:L 53:W 26:D 35:L 54:D 49:W 34:D
37 Hii, Ryan NSW 3.5 7:L 67:W 13:L 0:D 50:W 33:L 58:W
38 Fell, Tasman NSW 3.5 55:D 16:L 59:W 17:L 53:W 39:L 54:W
39 Tanev, Vic NSW 3 68:W 32:L 15:L 46:W 9:L 38:W 27:L
40 Ahmadi, Parviz NSW 3 54:D 55:W 17:W 2:L 13:L 44:D 24:L
41 Keast, Robert NSW 3 45:W 10:L 21:L 28:W 32:L 46:L 60:W
42 Kumar, Viney NSW 3 8:L 58:W 35:D 52:D 47:W 17:L 28:L
43 Greenwood, Norman NSW 3 3:L 61:W 48:L 30:L 57:W 45:W 22:L
44 Arlandez Mana, Francesc OS 3 13:L 20:L 69:W 55:W 33:D 40:D 23:L
45 Muthu, Sakthivel NSW 3 41:L 0:W 34:L 56:L 61:W 43:L 62:W
46 Chiu, Adrian NSW 3 34:L 64:L 66:W 39:L 60:W 41:W 29:L
47 Fatohi, Emad Ghanim NSW 3 33:L 69:W 55:D 51:D 42:L 57:W 31:L
48 Salim, Osama OS 3 52:W 8:L 43:W 16:W 2:L 0: 0:
49 Odenthal, Ewan NSW 2.5 25:L 57:W 31:W 26:L 29:L 36:L 51:D
50 Yaqoob, Yaqoob NSW 2.5 0:W 27:L 29:L 62:W 37:L 56:D 35:L
51 Spirov, Tony NSW 2.5 6:L 52:D 54:W 47:D 10:L 28:L 49:D
52 Wang, James NSW 2.5 48:L 51:D 65:W 42:D 31:L 22:L 55:D
53 Gao, Xing NSW 2.5 27:L 36:L 57:D 65:W 38:L 59:W 30:L
54 Jones, Harrison NSW 2.5 40:D 14:L 51:L 63:W 36:D 58:D 38:L
55 Rachmadi, Herman NSW 2.5 38:D 40:L 47:D 44:L 28:L 65:W 52:D
56 Corona, Fabrizio NSW 2.5 15:L 30:W 22:L 45:W 25:L 50:D 0:
57 Faizal, Shaheel NSW 2.5 4:L 49:L 53:D 59:W 43:L 47:L 67:W
58 Sun, Marco ACT 2.5 17:L 42:L 30:L 66:W 68:W 54:D 37:L
59 Shaw, Ralph NSW 2.5 12:L 65:D 38:L 57:L 63:W 53:L 61:W
60 Ullah, Sami NSW 2 26:L 21:L 67:W 25:L 46:L 68:W 41:L
61 Panicker, Shanay NSW 2 24:L 43:L 63:W 31:L 45:L 67:W 59:L
62 Oshana, Fares NSW 2 32:L 68:W 23:L 50:L 67:W 30:L 45:L
63 Tracey, Michael J NSW 2 2:L 35:L 61:L 54:L 59:L 66:W 68:W
64 Talpade, Udit NSW 2 5:L 46:W 24:L 68:W 34:L 0: 0:
65 Corona, Jonluke NSW 1.5 29:L 59:D 52:L 53:L 66:W 55:L 0:
66 Anup Kumar, Vihaan NSW 1 9:L 31:L 46:L 58:L 65:L 63:L 0:W
67 Bajrami, Selhan NSW 1 23:L 37:L 60:L 0:W 62:L 61:L 57:L
68 Muthu, Sukirth NSW 1 39:L 62:L 0:W 64:L 58:L 60:L 63:L
69 Staiff, Michael NSW 0 10:L 47:L 44:L 0: 0: 0: 0: