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07-06-2017, 07:55 AM
Justin Tan and Junta Ikeda are playing in the First Saturday GM Tournament in Hungary at present. They have already played each other (Justin won) and have make encouraging starts to the event with Justin being on 3/4 and Junta on 2/4.


21-06-2017, 10:21 AM
Justin Tan posted on Facebook today that Junta scored his first GM norm! Was not First Saturday though..but also in Hungary!

04-09-2017, 09:37 AM
For those who may be considering entering the First Saturday in Budapest, I just thought it would be useful for me to post on our personal experience (not sure if there is a thread somewhere already). Please note that this is purely our own personal experience and no doubt others may have had different experiences.

Justin has played in this event three times in total (and I accompanied him once). Our experience of dealing with the organiser has been very disappointing on all these occasions. As an example, playing schedules were changed at the last minute. The organiser asked us to book at the venue hotel and then last minute, cut short the tournament, removing rest days, and fitting in double rounds, resulting in us paying needlessly for extra days stay at their hotel. This happened not once, but twice. There are mishaps with room bookings etc. Basically, our experience is that the organiser cannot be relied upon to keep his side of the bargain. He has said he would respond to our complaint but we never heard from him again.

It would be more tolerable if this was inexpensive, but at over 700 euros a go, I would advise any prospective norm-hunters to seriously consider whether the money is well-spent given the level of service you get. Having organised for Justin to play in very many European tournaments in the last 4 years, I would say that 700 euros can get you into much better organised, cheaper and better standard tournaments (whether you are norm hunting or not).

Anyway, as I said, this is just our one feedback. I know many Aussies / NZ have played in it and no doubt, had more positive experiences of the organisation.