View Full Version : Greatest Puzzles/Compositions/Studies of All Time

James Peirce
23-12-2016, 10:14 AM
I am interested to see what people think are the greatest problems ever. A few of my personal favorites below
This one has a funny story to it, in 1922 the composer David Przepiorka showed it to Lasker and Tarrasch who had quote 'a devil of a time with it.' In 1925 BCM(British Chess Magazine) had the problem plus the story about Lasker and Tarrasch and received letters from solvers about how 'easy' it was and that the Tarrasch and Lasker story must be a joke. BCM responded by publishing the letters from the solvers alongside the real solution!
Reti showing that bishops aren't always stronger in open positions
Mate in 31 by a composer known only as Patrick of Hull
Ignore the bottom attachment, i cant get rid of it