View Full Version : Devonport Chess Club vs Burnie Chess Club

James Peirce
12-05-2016, 11:49 PM
The first half of the DCC vs BCC matchup will start on the 25th May 7pm at Burnie Chess Club with the return fixture to be held at Devonport Chess Club in September.
5 boards
Time Control: 60 mins +10 seconds
One game per night
Probable lineups (subject to changes)
Denis McMahon, David Hughes, Patrick Grace, James Peirce, Lenard Lange
Ian Rout, Peter Lucas, Nigel Lewis, Dylan Kuzmic and (one other i cant remember.)
Hopefully Dennis McMahon can post more details soon (assuming he still has the document with the full details of the match on it)

Ian Rout
13-05-2016, 11:55 AM
The first half of the DCC vs BCC matchup ...Is it two matches, or one match in two halves?

13-05-2016, 12:35 PM
Please find below the draft protocols sent to Dylan Kuzmic. I'm not sure whether or not Burnie has approved them all, or whether there might need to be amendments. I'm hoping they'll approve what i consider the most important one, namely: to call it the Ledger Challenge (or any similar name to honour the long and dedicated contribution of Neville Ledger to Tasmanian Chess).

I suspect that James' list of probables is probably a list of possibles. My understanding is that playing order is to be mostly determined by ACF Ratings (and not, for example, by performance in Club Championships), though this is also still only at the draft stage.

In passing, I note from other threads that James is always quick to correct anyone who fails to spell his surname correctly. In that spirit, and not for the first time, I must ask James to note that my christian name is spelled as in St. Denis - and not as in Dennis the Menace!

Ledger Challenge Protocols

1. The Ledger Challenge is the annual interclub competition between the Burnie and Devonport Chess Clubs.
2. It comprises two interclub matches, one at Home and one Away.
3. The home team for each match shall have the White pieces on Boards 2 & 4, and the Black pieces on Boards 1,3 & 5.
4. Players shall play in rating order, as determined by the most recent ACF Classic Rating List. Team Captains may vary the playing order in circumstances where the rating difference between any team members is less than 50 ratings points.

Protocols for determining the winning team

5. The winning team in each match shall be awarded 2 match points. Each team shall be awarded 1 point for a drawn match. Teams are awarded 1 game point for each winning game; and 0.5 point for each drawn game.
6. The Challenge is won by the team with the highest annual match score.
7. If the match scores are tied at the completion of both matches, the Challenge is won by the team with the highest total game scores.
8. If both teams have the same total game score, the Challenge is won by the team scoring the highest number of wins.
9. If the teams are still tied, the Challenge is won by the team scoring the highest number of wins with the Black pieces.
10. If the teams are still tied, it is won by the team with the highest score on Board 1. If still tied, then by the team with the highest score on Board 2, then Board 3, and so on.

Rate of Play

11. The Rate of Play shall be as agreed between the two clubs, provided it meets the rating requirements for inclusion in the ACF Classic Rating list.
12. In the absence of a formal agreement, the rate of play shall be 60 minutes per player per clock, with a 10 second bonus increment per move.


13. Each team will consist of 5 members of the respective clubs.
14. In the event that either or both teams are unable to field a team of 5 players, either team may request a reduction in the number of players participating, provided that at least 3 players are able to participate.
15. In the event that a Challenge does not occur in any year, for any reason, the Challenge Shield shall indicate that the event was ‘not held.’