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Allan Menham
11-03-2016, 03:28 PM
That great event the Queensland Open is on in Toowoomba on the May Day weekend. Full details are on the CAQ Website

It is always a great event and I hope it is supported by chess players from all over!!!:clap:

31-03-2016, 12:30 PM
Like Allan Menham, I would like to encourage all chessplayers to mark the Labor Day long week-end in Qld this year in their diaries now for The Queensland Open in Toowoomba on Saturday April 30, Sunday May 1 and Monday May 2! It is fantastic to see Toowoomba Chess Club once again running a big chess event!

It has great Open prizes, great U1800 prizes, great U1400 prizes and great U1000 prizes !

Get your entry form now from the Chess Association of Queensland Website- look under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au

13-04-2016, 04:22 PM
Ross Mills has provided a lists of motels in Toowoomba that are very close to the tournament venue for those who will need accommodation:
The Queensland Open is on Saturday April 30, Sunday May 1 and Monday May 2. R1 on Saturday April 30 starts at 11am.

1. Applegum Inn 3 star 41 Margaret St Toowoomba phone 07 4632 2088 appleguminn.com.au

2.Comfort Inn Grammar View 4 star 39 Margaret St Toowoomba phone 07 4638 3366 grammarview.com.au

3.Blue Violet Motor Inn 31 Margaret St Toowoomba East Phone 07 4638 1488 bluevioletmotorinn.com.au

4. Beccles On Margaret Bed & Breakfast 25 Margaret St Toowoomba Phone 07 4659 9571 beccles.com.au

5. Glenworth Motel 1 Margaret St East Toowoomba Phone 07 4638 1799 motelglenworth.com.au

6. Whiteoaks Motel & Lodges 17 Margaret Street East Toowoomba Phone 07 4639 2999

It's time to book your accommodation!

20-04-2016, 11:21 AM
Just 9 sleeps to go to the Queensland Open in Toowoomba! ( as of Thursday April 21 ) R1 starts at 11am on Saturday April 30!
Zachary Pomerenke is the contact for tournament enquiries : 0467699278 - please leave a message OR
Email Toowoomba Chess Club your enquiry: toowoombachessclub@gmail.com
Get full entry details now off the CAQ Website- look under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au

21-04-2016, 08:45 AM
Zachary Pomereke has emailed me a list of over 20 entrants as of Thursday April 21 for the Queensland Open in Toowoomba that starts at 11am on Saturday April 30 - you still have time to enter and book your accommodation.

Entrants so far include IM Brodie McClymont, IM Stephen Solomon, David Stephson, Michael Cashman, Jayakumar Somasundaram, Tony Weller, John Harris, Geoff Barber, Tim Harris, Zachary Pomerenke,

Mark C Stokes, Patrick Harris, Martin Carter, Aditya Anand, Rheanca Lincoln, Connie-Jane Creevey, Alexander Robertson, Aaron Palmer, Ian Spence, Max Hindmarsh, Toni Hindmarsh, Selinca Lincoln and Bailey Crisp.

Get full entry details off the CAQ Website under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au See you soon in Toowoomba!

22-04-2016, 07:47 PM
Just one week to go till THE QLD Open in Toowoomba takes place! See great accommodation deals above! It is time to enter! Get the Direct Deposit details to enter off the entry form flyer on the CAQ Website:
www.caq.org.au Round 1 starts at 11am on Saturday April 30 - this makes it very easy for players from Brisbane to drive to Toowoomba on the Saturday morning!

23-04-2016, 04:40 AM
Seems a little odd there are two big tournaments on that same weekend in SE Qld.

Tony Dowden
24-04-2016, 09:14 AM
Seems a little odd there are two big tournaments on that same weekend in SE Qld.

IMO, not really when they are 2-3 hours apart in terms of driving distance. Both events probably needed a 3-day weekend and there aren't that many of them in the calendar. I gather that only the Queensland Open is sanctioned and publicised by CAQ though (which I find disappointing) but I do notice CAQ President Mark Stokes is publicising both (here on CC and on Facebook).

It was hard to decide which event to play in but at this stage the Churchie International event seems to be attracting all the top players (bar Solo) and I'm told the venue is very comfortable.

PS. When are you going to play again?

24-04-2016, 02:59 PM
Just to answer the points raised above by Tony Dowden: The CAQ had asked Toowoomba Chess Club if they would like to organize and run the 2016 Queensland Open on the Labour Day long week-end on Saturday April 30, Sunday May 1 and Monday May 2 in December 2015. The Toowoomba Chess Club agreed to our request and it was placed on the CAQ Coming Events Calendar. After this had already happened, Alex Wohl rang me to see if anything was on that long week-end, and I told Alex that it was already taken by the Toowoomba Chess Club as it was running The Queensland Open. Alex said he would look for another time to run The Churchie FIDE-rated event but it seems he could not find another suitable time. So we now have an unfortunate clash of dates for both events. I personally wish both events all the best this year and we will endeavour to make sure no clash happens again in the future. However, as the Toowoomba Chess Club is a CAQ affiliated Club and is staging the The Queensland Open on behalf of the CAQ and had already scheduled the event on the Labour Day long week-end before the FIDE rated Churchie event also decided to go with the same long week-end, I think the CAQ position is understandable. Good luck to everyone playing in either The FIDE-rated Churchie International at Brennan Pavilion, Anglican Church Grammar School, Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane with Round 1 starting at 7:30pm on Friday night April 29 ( Players are to present by 7pm. Players not present at 7pm will not be paired for the first round ) OR in The Queensland Open at Toowoomba Grammar Junior Assembly Hall Herries Street entrance, with Round 1 starting at 11am on Saturday April 30.

Tony Dowden
25-04-2016, 12:20 AM
Just to answer the points raised above by Tony Dowden ...

Just to clarify: I didn't raise any 'points' that needed answering Mark. If you reread my post you'll see my only query was when Garrett might be playing again.

Let me explain myself. My comments are generally factual with just one opinion that I think could bear further explanation on my part. I stand by the opinion that I think it is "disappointing" CAQ hasn't been advertising the Churchie International event on it's website. If this seems concerning, let me add that this is not meant to be some kind of indictment on any office-holders or volunteers - I have tremendous respect for anyone who gives of their time to serve chess players. So why do I think the CAQ position is disappointing? Because I don't play in a club and if I hadn't been personally invited to play in the Churchie event while attending another recent event, I might not have known it was on (in fact, even after I had been invited when I noticed that it wasn't on the CAQ website my initial thought was that it must have been cancelled).

I realise that there will most likely be other opinions on this issue but this is my one.

25-04-2016, 12:51 AM
With also no bias, I do agree that it is rather disappointing the CAQ decided not to advertise the Churchie Open, I understand if they didnt sponsor or endorse the event, but the decision for the event not to be advertised has universally been labelled as incorrect, even Mark Stokes has been advertising the Churchie Open which we are grateful for.

Anyway not to hijack the post, the QLD Open is of course a great alternative and I know that everyone playing in the Churchie Open are disappointed they couldn't play in this event, Alex Wohl and I included. This incident won't be repeated.

25-04-2016, 04:08 AM
Personally I believe CAQ has made the right decision by not advertising the tournament on the website. The CAQ must always look to promote its official endorsed events over any tournaments run privately. To promote the Churchie International for the same weekend could see the Queensland open lose even more players that were intending to play in favor of the Churchie event.

In saying that many CAQ council members have promoted and tried to support the Churchie International as much as possible privately or on social media which shows that they are interested in promoting chess in general. It is hard for the Chess association of Queensland to promote a private event that rivals the official Queensland Open and will take many entries who would otherwise be playing the Open.

Anyway I think both events will be a huge success and I wish them both the best of luck. Hopefully tournament clashes can be avoided in future to benefit all chess players in the region.

25-04-2016, 04:17 AM
PS. When are you going to play again?

Not sure, maybe the Oz Open if it's in Brisbane.

Good luck with the tournament !!

Tony Dowden
25-04-2016, 10:14 AM
Not sure, maybe the Oz Open if it's in Brisbane.

Good luck with the tournament !!

Good to hear Garrett :)

Thanks, happy to take all the luck I can get!

Tony Dowden
25-04-2016, 04:08 PM
That great event the Queensland Open is on in Toowoomba on the May Day weekend. Full details are on the CAQ Website

It is always a great event and I hope it is supported by chess players from all over!!!:clap:

@Allan: I should have added in an earlier post that I'm sorry about not making it this time. I definitely hope to get up to Toowoomba for a future event and hope all goes well this time despite some attrition due to some Brisbane-based players opting play in the Churchie International.

26-04-2016, 01:02 PM
Just 4 sleeps to go to the QLD Open in Toowoomba Grammar Junior Assembly Hall Herries Street entrance! Round 1 starts at 11am on Saturday April 30. See accommodation possibilities above!

Full details on the CAQ Website under Coming Events : www.caq.org.au

27-04-2016, 04:21 PM
Now just 3 sleeps to go till the Queensland Open Chess Tournament ( Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night ) ! Round 1 starts at 11am on Saturday April 30.

It is time to enter!

Get full entry details now off the Chess Association of Queensland Website - look under Coming Events : www.caq.org.au

28-04-2016, 10:15 AM
Is this a Grand Prix event?

28-04-2016, 10:26 AM
Is this a Grand Prix event?

Hi Martin,

Yes this is both and ACF and CAQ Grand Prix event.

28-04-2016, 10:01 PM
Total entries are now nearing 50 for The Toowoomba Open at Toowoomba Grammar Junior Assembly Hall in Herries Street! Round 1 starts at 11am on Saturday April 30 - that's this Saturday! It is still not too late to enter - get full tournament details off the CAQ Website under Coming Events : www.caq.org.au

Here is the latest complete entry list: IM BRODIE McCLYMONT 2472 IM STEPHEN SOLOMON 2403 FM DUSAN STOJIC 2241 DAVID STEPHSON 2079 WIM ALEXANDRA JULE 2009







29-04-2016, 10:42 AM
Good to see lots of unrated players having a go

30-04-2016, 10:16 PM
60 players taking part in The Queensland Open in Toowoomba!

12 players are on 2 out of 2 and here are the top 6 board pairings for R3 at 8:30am on Sunday morning:

1. Brodie McClymont v David Lovejoy
2. John Harris v Stephen Solomon
3. Dusan Stojic v Timothy Harris
4. Mohammad Salahuddin v David Stephson
5. Alexandra Jule v Zachary Pomerenke
6. Jayakumar Somasundaram v Patrick Harris

01-05-2016, 06:44 AM
Stokesy, you can't count.

01-05-2016, 09:06 PM
Any updates from today's play??

01-05-2016, 10:13 PM
Yeah Your Dad says hi! Brodie beat Stephen today with White in an anti-Marshall Ruy Lopez and Brodie also drew with David Stephson today and Brodie defeated David Lovejoy as well in a Nf6 Scandanavian, and leads the tournament on his own, with 4.5 out of 5. The players equal 2nd on 4 out of 5 are: Stephen Solomon, Dusan Stojic, David Stephson, Alexandra Jule, Michael Cashman, Tony Weller, Geoffrey Barber, Zachary Pomerenke and Mohammad Salahuddin. Another 4 players are on 3.5.

Here are the R6 pairings for 8:30am on Monday: Top 10 boards-
B1: Dusan Stojic 4 v Brodie McClymont 4.5
B2: Stephen Solomon 4 v Mohammad Salahuddin 4
B3: David Stephson 4 v Geoffrey Barber 4
B4: Michael Cashman 4 v Alexandra Jule 4
B5: Zachary Pomerenke 4 v Tony Weller 4
B6: Bruce Littleboy 3.5 v Jayakumar Somasundaram 3.5
B7: Jonathan Jones 3.5 v Brock McIntyre 3.5
B8: John Walker 3 v Thomas Sedl 3
B9: Connor Hill 3 v John Harris 3
B10: Ronald Bourke 3 v Ross Mills 3

02-05-2016, 09:48 PM
just cant wait for the results

02-05-2016, 09:50 PM
I have just received the tournament file, so have posted it below. Congratulations to the Toowoomba club for a terrific field, and what looks to have been a great event.

No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Solomon, Stephen J QLD 2403 6 24:W 19:W 8:W 2:W 3:L 10:W 5:W
2 Stojic, Dusan QLD 2241 6 37:W 15:W 18:W 1:L 28:W 3:W 9:W
3 McClymont, Brodie QLD 2472 5.5 36:W 20:W 13:W 5:D 1:W 2:L 11:W
4 Jule, Alexandra QLD 2009 5.5 39:W 16:W 9:D 6:W 5:D 11:D 14:W
5 Stephson, David J QLD 2079 5 38:W 14:W 10:W 3:D 4:D 17:W 1:L
6 Walker, John D QLD 1853 5 25:W 29:W 23:W 4:L 10:L 22:W 17:W
7 Weller, Tony QLD 1734 5 26:W 30:L 39:W 15:W 18:W 9:L 20:W
8 Harris, John QLD 1704 5 40:W 34:W 1:L 21:W 11:L 36:W 27:W
9 Pomerenke, Zachary QLD 1580 5 54:W 51:W 4:D 12:W 17:D 7:W 2:L
10 Salahuddin, Mohammad QLD 1423 5 50:W 11:W 5:L 13:W 6:W 1:L 18:W
11 Cashman, Michael QLD 1889 4.5 61:W 10:L 37:W 29:W 8:W 4:D 3:L
12 Somasundaram, Jayakumar 1853 4.5 46:W 21:W 30:D 9:L 20:W 14:L 31:W
13 Lovejoy, David QLD 1723 4.5 52:W 22:W 3:L 10:L 0:D 21:W 30:W
14 Littleboy, Bruce QLD 1478 4.5 55:W 5:L 26:W 27:D 45:W 12:W 4:L
15 Hamilton, Don QLD 1447 4.5 47:W 2:L 52:W 7:L 37:W 32:D 29:W
16 Fraser, Wayne G QLD 1423 4.5 49:W 4:L 0:D 31:W 32:D 0:D 28:W
17 Barber, Geoffrey VIC 1648 4 0:D 45:W 31:W 30:W 9:D 5:L 6:L
18 Harris, Timothy QLD 1617 4 32:W 27:W 2:L 23:W 7:L 35:W 10:L
19 McIntyre, Brock QLD 1574 4 41:W 1:L 46:W 32:D 30:W 27:D 0:
20 Stokes, Mark C QLD 1539 4 42:W 3:L 25:W 51:W 12:L 23:W 7:L
21 Oka, Hikaru QLD 1229 4 56:W 12:L 43:W 8:L 38:W 13:L 32:W
22 Sedl, Thomas QLD 1158 4 59:W 13:L 32:L 40:W 26:W 6:L 37:W
23 Carter, Martin QLD 1005 4 53:W 28:W 6:L 18:L 41:W 20:L 39:W
24 Oka, Tsukasa QLD 585 4 1:L 55:W 27:L 41:L 50:W 52:W 44:W
25 Oka, Itsuki QLD 415 4 6:L 59:W 20:L 44:L 43:W 53:W 36:W
26 Relekar, Kanak QLD 335 4 7:L 56:W 14:L 53:W 22:L 51:W 35:W
27 Jones, Jonathan 4 35:W 18:L 24:W 14:D 51:W 19:D 8:L
28 Bourke, Ronald QLD 1621 3.5 43:W 23:L 38:W 35:W 2:L 29:D 16:L
29 Mills, Ross QLD 1381 3.5 44:W 6:L 40:W 11:L 39:W 28:D 15:L
30 Harris, Patrick QLD 1091 3.5 58:W 7:W 12:D 17:L 19:L 45:W 13:L
31 Moss, Jasper QLD 824 3.5 0:D 33:W 17:L 16:L 34:W 46:W 12:L
32 Peach, Ben 3.5 18:L 57:W 22:W 19:D 16:D 15:D 21:L
33 Robertson, Alex QLD 3.5 0:D 31:L 45:L 61:+ 46:L 50:W 48:W
34 Young, Gail QLD 837 3 57:W 8:L 0:D 45:L 31:L 0:D 46:W
35 Devlin, Izak QLD 829 3 27:L 41:W 44:W 28:L 48:W 18:L 26:L
36 Hill, Connor 594 3 3:L 54:W 51:L 43:W 44:W 8:L 25:L
37 Anand, Aditya QLD 560 3 2:L 42:W 11:L 55:W 15:L 40:W 22:L
38 Meyer, Jacob 551 3 5:L 50:W 28:L 49:W 21:L 41:L 53:W
39 Lincoln, Rheanca 543 3 4:L 47:W 7:L 54:W 29:L 42:W 23:L
40 Taylor, Flynn QLD 3 8:L 58:W 29:L 22:L 47:W 37:L 45:W
41 Edmondson, Sam 3 19:L 35:L 56:W 24:W 23:L 38:W 0:
42 Lamble, Oliver 3 20:L 37:L 53:L 59:W 49:W 39:L 55:W
43 Lincoln, Selinca 3 28:L 48:W 21:L 36:L 25:L 57:W 52:W
44 Spence, Ian 3 29:L 61:W 35:L 25:W 36:L 56:W 24:L
45 Palmer, Aaron QLD 628 2.5 0:D 17:L 33:W 34:W 14:L 30:L 40:L
46 McKenzie, Melody ACT 498 2.5 12:L 49:W 19:L 50:D 33:W 31:L 34:L
47 Hindmarsh, Max 2.5 15:L 39:L 48:L 58:W 40:L 49:D 54:W
48 Archibald, Emelia 2.5 51:L 43:L 47:W 52:W 35:L 0:D 33:L
49 Taylor, Noah 2.5 16:L 46:L 61:W 38:L 42:L 47:D 58:W
50 Pedernal, Brent 2.5 10:L 38:L 57:W 46:D 24:L 33:L 56:W
51 Frelek, Ray QLD 1712 2 48:W 9:L 36:W 20:L 27:L 26:L 0:
52 McCarthy, Kyle 2 13:L 53:W 15:L 48:L 54:W 24:L 43:L
53 Meyer, Charlie 2 23:L 52:L 42:W 26:L 55:W 25:L 38:L
54 Aanan, Shafiuddin 2 9:L 36:L 59:W 39:L 52:L 58:W 47:L
55 Erwin, Samuel 2 14:L 24:L 58:W 37:L 53:L 59:W 42:L
56 Galdwin, Samuel 1.5 21:L 26:L 41:L 57:W 0:D 44:L 50:L
57 Crisp, Bailey 1.5 34:L 32:L 50:L 56:L 61:+ 43:L 59:D
58 Hill, Grant 1 30:L 40:L 55:L 47:L 59:W 54:L 49:L
59 Hindmarsh, Toni .5 22:L 25:L 54:L 42:L 58:L 55:L 57:D
60 Ousmand, Nizami QLD 1637 0 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:
61 Creevey, Connie-Jane 500 0 11:L 44:L 49:L 33:- 57:- 0: 0:

02-05-2016, 09:52 PM
Dusan Stojic won a see-sawing battle with Brodie McClymont in R6 to overtake Brodie and take a share of equal first on 5/6 with Stephen Solomon, David Stephson and surprise packet Zachary Pomerenke going into the final round.

Here are the R7 top board pairings: B1 David Stephson (5/6) 0 v Stephen Solomon (5/6) 1
B2 Zachary Pomerenke (5/6) 0 v Dusan Stojic (5/6) 1
B3 Brodie McClymont (4.5/6) 1 v Michael Cashman (4.5/6) 0
B4 Alexandra Jule (4.5/6) 1 v Bruce Littleboy (4.5/6) 0

=1st: Stephen Solomon 6/7 and Dusan Stojic 6/7
=3rd: Alexandra Jule 5.5/7 and Brodie McClymont 5.5/7

Under 1800: =1st Tony Weller 5/7, John Harris 5/7, Zachary Pomerenke 5/7 and Mohammad Salahuddin 5/7.

Under 1400: =1st Hikaru Oka 4/7, Thomas Sedl 4/7 and Martin Carter 4/7

Under 1000: =1st Tsukasa Oka 4/7, Itsuki Oka 4/7, Kanak Relegar 4/7 and Jonathon Jones 4/7

A big thank-you to Ross Mills, Zachary Pomerenke, Brock McIntyre and the whole Toowoomba Chess Club committee for putting on such a top event in a very good venue, Toowoomba Grammar School Junior Assembly Hall. Ross Mills was most happy to see a total of 60 chess players take part in the 2016 Queensland Open. Well done to everyone who took part in this friendly yet most eagerly contested event!