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Peter Tsai
08-03-2016, 07:03 AM

This event will be held on Sunday the 13th of March 2016, and is a 7-round quick-play event for those looking for a mix of new players and experienced juniors and adults.
It is a 7 round Allegro chess event. The event is suitable for juniors and also includes adults at various rating levels.
This is the third Rookies for 2016.

There will be an adult cash-prize list and approximately equal sized junior groups, for trophies (and cash for the Rookies and Queens winners).
This is an all-in SWISS -paired event.

When: Sunday 13th of March from 12:30pm to 4.45pm.
Venue: 21A Electra Avenue, Ashwood. Venue is air conditioned
Entries At the venue on the day before 12:15pm. Entry before 12.30 helps the Organizers.
Field Limit: 70 players
Entry fee:
$15 Canterbury Junior Chess and Box Hill members and referrals from recognized coaching programs.
$20 non-members

Payment to Cash, or Cheque to Canterbury Junior Chess Club Inc

Format 7 round Swiss tournament. 13 minutes + 2 sec increment from move 1/player/game

Rating Games rated on the ACF rapid play rating list.

Rating groups Rating based trophy groups will continue to be used in 2016. Provisional ratings for new players will also be used.

Queens and Rookies Cups Awarded to the highest placed juniors. Titles will be shared by players finishing with the same score.

Prizes Presented at around 4.45pm.
For Juniors: 1st $75 plus Rookies Cup trophy.
Highest place girl $25 plus Queen's Cup trophy.

1 Rookies Cup trophy and prize of $75, goes to the highest finishing junior player in the whole tournament
2 Queens Cup trophy and prize of $25 goes to the highest girl who is not the Rookies Cup trophy winner

Trophies for first in a minimum 4 ratings groups.
The Rookies and Queens cup trophies will be held by their respective winners until the next tournament
For Adults: $5 of every adult entry received will go to the Adult Prize fund with a minimum of $75.

Refreshments Available at reasonable prices.
Enquiries: Club Mobile: 0409 259 490 or trevors@bluep.com

Perpetual Junior Trophies: Highest placed junior to hold the Rookies Cup until the awarding to the annual winner. Highest placed girl to hold Queens Cup until then.

08-03-2016, 07:44 AM
The rookies/queens cup are a wonderful series of events, but I am puzzled why you would choose to clash with the Ballarat Begonia open.

Take care and God bless, Bereaved

08-03-2016, 05:16 PM
The rookies/queens cup are a wonderful series of events, but I am puzzled why you would choose to clash with the Ballarat Begonia open.

Take care and God bless, Bereaved

It is one of the best tournament in a Kidz friendly environment. I am feeling sad to miss it. We will be happy if it postponed to last week of this month.Players attending Begonia open will have a opportunity to participate in this.

Peter Tsai
13-03-2016, 08:32 PM
No Name Feder Loc Club Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Schmidt, Simon a 1864 1st Adult $75 7 44:W 16:W 21:W 14:W 6:W 5:W 4:W
2 Dissanayake, Himath a 1901 2nd Adult $25 6 17:W 10:W 7:L 50:W 12:W 8:W 5:W
3 Datar, Tejas j1 970 Rookies Cup $75 Trophy 6 37:W 39:W 5:L 31:W 19:W 20:W 6:W
4 Wang, Kayson j1 1368 J1 Trophy 5.5 25:W 40:W 13:D 19:W 7:W 16:W 1:L
5 Asaka, Samuel j1 1349 5 36:W 43:W 3:W 15:W 13:W 1:L 2:L
6 Chew Lee, Alanna j1f 1378 Queens Cup Eq 1st Trophy $15 5 35:W 27:W 8:W 7:W 1:L 10:W 3:L
7 Bergmanis, Olgerts a 1208 Top of bottom half Adult $25 5 58:W 38:W 2:W 6:L 4:L 26:W 23:W
8 Hooi, Ethan j1 1032 5 64:W 26:W 6:L 38:W 37:W 2:L 19:W
9 Verginis, Nikolaos a 1233 5 23:W 33:D 18:W 13:L 22:W 11:W 14:D
10 Wang, Yifan Eva j1f 928 Eq 1st Girls Medallion $15 5 53:W 2:L 23:W 39:W 14:W 6:L 29:W
11 Sucevic, Milic a 1224 5 19:L 57:W 44:W 32:W 17:W 9:L 13:W
12 Ding, Rey j2 697 J2 Trophy 5 52:W 21:L 57:W 22:W 2:L 38:W 20:W
13 Li, Oliver j1 1166 4.5 46:W 32:W 4:D 9:W 5:L 37:W 11:L
14 Kolak, Tanya a 1267 4.5 47:W 50:W 20:W 1:L 10:L 40:W 9:D
15 Zillman, Shawn j4 266 J4 Trophy 4.5 54:W 24:W 33:W 5:L 20:L 39:W 16:D
16 Chen, Paula j1f 954 4.5 66:W 1:L 36:W 42:W 41:W 4:L 15:D
17 Hou, Billy j2 651 4.5 2:L 53:W 51:W 21:W 11:L 31:D 35:W
18 Chew Lee, Adrian a 992 4.5 45:W 19:L 9:L 46:W 32:D 24:W 31:W
19 Sanusi-Goh, Gavyn j3 542 J3 Eq 1st Trophy 4 11:W 18:W 22:W 4:L 3:L 41:W 8:L
20 Lo, Kendrick j1 959 4 56:W 31:W 14:L 25:W 15:W 3:L 12:L
21 Ravichandren, Niruruthi a 1207 4 29:W 12:W 1:L 17:L 26:L 56:W 37:W
22 Pleiter, Dylan a 1238 4 28:W 34:W 19:L 12:L 9:L 46:W 39:W
23 Tam, Enoch j3 555 J3 Eq 1st Medallion 4 9:L 58:W 10:L 59:W 43:W 28:W 7:L
24 Woon, Clarice j1f 962 4 42:W 15:L 25:L 33:W 44:W 18:L 41:W
25 Peng, Yuxiang j3 588 J3 Eq 1st Medallion 4 4:L 49:W 24:W 20:L 54:W 29:L 40:W
26 Li, Jackie j2 669 4 59:W 8:L 41:L 57:W 21:W 7:L 42:W
27 Goris, Daniel j1 864 4 55:W 6:L 64:W 37:L 39:L 54:W 43:W
28 Gao, James j3 557 J3 Eq 1st Medallion 4 22:L 60:W 40:L 52:W 30:W 23:L 38:W
29 Gong, Anderson j3 480 J3 Eq 1st Medallion 4 21:L 59:L 61:W 58:W 34:W 25:W 10:L
30 Wang, Matthew j2 764 4 57:L 66:W 42:L 48:W 28:L 49:W 47:W
31 Vijayakumar, Aadav j4 357 3.5 62:W 20:L 34:W 3:L 50:W 17:D 18:L
32 Gunstone, Jack j2 666 3.5 65:W 13:L 55:W 11:L 18:D 35:L 50:W
33 Aruliah, Nathaniel j2 732 3.5 51:W 9:D 15:L 24:L 35:L 64:W 52:W
34 Mikosza, Rowan j2 765 3.5 60:W 22:L 31:L 56:W 29:L 52:D 51:W
35 Khoe, Ethan j3 601 3.5 6:L 55:L 63:W 51:D 33:W 32:W 17:L
36 Gao, Daniel j3 583 3.5 5:L 63:W 16:L 55:W 40:L 50:D 54:W
37 Berzins, Riley j4 401 3 3:L 62:W 43:W 27:W 8:L 13:L 21:L
38 Liu, Andrew j2 708 3 41:W 7:L 56:W 8:L 42:W 12:L 28:L
39 Hooi, Kathleen j2f 654 3 61:W 3:L 59:W 10:L 27:W 15:L 22:L
40 Do, Aaron j2 801 3 48:W 4:L 28:W 41:L 36:W 14:L 25:L
41 Chan, Dylan j3 601 3 38:L 47:W 26:W 40:W 16:L 19:L 24:L
42 Qian, Raymond j4 371 3 24:L 65:W 30:W 16:L 38:L 58:W 26:L
43 Sanusi-Goh, Dylan j3 501 3 63:W 5:L 37:L 64:W 23:L 44:W 27:L
44 Kwan, Justin j3 619 3 1:L 48:W 11:L 53:W 24:L 43:L 60:W
45 Zimperman, Grayson j4 424 3 18:L 52:W 50:L 54:L 60:W 51:L 61:W
46 Green, Robert j4 465 3 13:L 51:L 60:W 18:L 63:W 22:L 58:W
47 Aitken, Lara j3f 569 3 14:L 41:L 58:L 61:W 51:W 55:W 30:L
48 Tam, Naomi j5f 221 J5 Eq 1st Trophy 3 40:L 44:L 65:W 30:L 52:L 63:W 56:W
49 Li, Yueliang j5 201 J5 Eq 1st Medallion 3 50:L 25:L 54:L 65:W 64:W 30:L 55:W
50 Ng, Reiner j2 786 2.5 49:W 14:L 45:W 2:L 31:L 36:D 32:L
51 Cao, David j4 401 2.5 33:L 46:W 17:L 35:D 47:L 45:W 34:L
52 Chow, Rafael j5 201 2.5 12:L 45:L 66:W 28:L 48:W 34:D 33:L
53 Gunstone, Ben j4 291 2.5 10:L 17:L 62:W 44:L 58:L 57:D 66:W
54 Phelps, Ted a 901 2 15:L 56:L 49:W 45:W 25:L 27:L 36:L
55 Liang, Harry j5 258 2 27:L 35:W 32:L 36:L 59:W 47:L 49:L
56 Hawkins, Sean j4 357 2 20:L 54:W 38:L 34:L 57:W 21:L 48:L
57 Liang, Daniel j5 100 2 30:W 11:L 12:L 26:L 56:L 53:D 63:D
58 Goh, Joseph j5 101 2 7:L 23:L 47:W 29:L 53:W 42:L 46:L
59 Huang, Yanxiang j4 301 2 26:L 29:W 39:L 23:L 55:L 60:L 65:W
60 Ng, Reyen j5 101 2 34:L 28:L 46:L 66:W 45:L 59:W 44:L
61 Li, Norman j5 101 2 39:L 64:L 29:L 47:L 66:W 62:W 45:L
62 Pan, Stephanie a 101 2 31:L 37:L 53:L 63:L 65:W 61:L 64:W
63 Han, Leo j5 201 1.5 43:L 36:L 35:L 62:W 46:L 48:L 57:D
64 Gunstone, Liam j4 427 1 8:L 61:W 27:L 43:L 49:L 33:L 62:L
65 Huang, Ilo j5f 101 1 32:L 42:L 48:L 49:L 62:L 66:W 59:L
66 Yip, Joshua j5 151 0 16:L 30:L 52:L 60:L 61:L 65:L 53:L