View Full Version : Winter Chess, Mallorca. Spain

11-02-2016, 08:52 AM
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar appalling experience with this tournament organiser: http://www.winterchess.com/en/inicio.html

A few weeks ago, Justin entered the GM / IM closed event, due to start on 21 Feb. The organiser responded immediately, within a day, and asked for a 100 euros deposit, which we paid. Since then, we have heard nothing at all back from him.

With the tournament in just 10 days time, we have been asking for weeks for details of accommodation (supposed to be part of the package), arrangements for the balance to be paid, and other specific requests which Justin had with arrival / departure etc. We wrote 4 emails to the organiser asking for an urgent response, messaged him on Facebook, posted on his Facebook, phoned several times and left a message for him in Spain .... and so far, not a single word back after weeks of writing to him.

Worryingly, we then heard from another IM that he and a GM had previously entered and similarly, had no communication back - they went to Mallorca only to find that the tournament had been cancelled and they had a holiday instead. Another of the IM participants has also not heard anything further back from the organisers since entering a few weeks ago, but he has already bought his air ticket. He is now a bit worried that the event is a non-starter.

With the complete lack of communication back, we wrote to withdraw Justin from the tournament so that at least, he could look for an alternative tournament to enter. Even after writing to withdraw, there has been no response back from the organiser.

Just as worryingly, the website still shows Justin as a player in the round-robin. There is a possibility that because the organiser has ignored the emails to withdraw, they will end up with a round-robin that is short of numbers. Already, it seems that another player has also withdrawn (presumably for the same reason).

There is not much else we can do in terms of trying to communicate with the organiser, after our emails, phone calls, FB etc.

The odd thing is that from looking at the website, their events look to be a very well supported, so maybe it is simply gross inefficiency and incompetence on this occasion.