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14-12-2015, 01:06 AM
The Queensland Blitz Championship was held following the completion of the Teams Championship, and featured a strong field - of the 24 participants, 21 were rated above 1400. It was very closely contested all the way through, and in the end a playoff match was required to determine the title holder. At the end of the tournament, IMs Brodie McClymont and Moulthun Ly had each scored 8/9, so faced off in a four game playoff match. Moulthun took the first two games, Brodie the third, but the draw in the final game gave Moulthun the title of 2015 Queensland Blitz Champion.

Thanks to the players who helped with the packing up, and also for making sure the playoff had a good audience. Thanks also to Shane Mather for his help in running the event. The prize winners are as follows:

Equal first: IM Moulthun Ly (title holder) and IM Brodie McClymont
Third: FM Gene Nakauchi
Rating Group A: Ross Lam
Rating Group B: Stuart Holt and Derek Zhang
Rating Group C: Oliver McCarthy

Full results to follow.

14-12-2015, 01:08 AM
No Name Feder Rtg Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 Ly, Moulthun QLD 2488 8 20:W 9:W 5:W 2:L 7:W 3:W 4:W 8:W 6:W
2 McClymont, Brodie QLD 2462 8 14:W 18:W 4:W 1:W 3:L 5:W 6:W 9:W 7:W
3 Nakauchi, Gene QLD 2313 7 21:W 6:W 7:L 19:W 2:W 1:L 9:W 4:W 5:W
4 Lam, Ross QLD 1911 6 22:W 19:W 2:L 7:W 6:W 18:W 1:L 3:L 13:W
5 Maguire, Tom QLD 2045 5.5 23:W 11:W 1:L 14:W 18:D 2:L 8:W 10:W 3:L
6 Zhong, Tony (Junhao) QLD 1773 5 17:W 3:L 8:W 15:W 4:L 7:W 2:L 14:W 1:L
7 Casey, Kevin QLD 1875 5 15:W 12:W 3:W 4:L 1:L 6:L 13:W 18:W 2:L
8 McCarthy, Oliver QLD 1453 5 9:L 20:W 6:L 10:W 19:W 11:W 5:L 1:L 14:W
9 Tsai, Charles QLD 1821 4.5 8:W 1:L 14:L 22:W 15:W 16:W 3:L 2:L 10:D
10 Mather, Andrew QLD 1812 4.5 12:L 23:W 15:L 8:L 20:W 21:W 16:W 5:L 9:D
11 Walker, Tyson QLD 1733 4.5 16:W 5:L 22:W 18:L 13:D 8:L 20:L 23:W 19:W
12 Wang, Jason QLD 1451 4.5 10:W 7:L 19:L 20:D 21:L 15:W 22:L 16:W 18:W
13 Au, Alexander QLD 1439 4.5 18:L 14:L 24:W 21:W 11:D 23:W 7:L 20:W 4:L
14 Holt, Stuart QLD 1657 4 2:L 13:W 9:W 5:L 16:L 19:W 18:W 6:L 8:L
15 Zhang, Derek QLD 1558 4 7:L 16:W 10:W 6:L 9:L 12:L 17:L 24:W 22:W
16 Desses, Alexander QLD 1050 4 11:L 15:L 23:W 17:W 14:W 9:L 10:L 12:L 24:W
17 Yang, Thomas QLD 1212 4 6:L 21:L 20:L 16:L 24:W 22:W 15:W 19:L 23:W
18 Onilongo, Edwin QLD 1810 3.5 13:W 2:L 21:W 11:W 5:D 4:L 14:L 7:L 12:L
19 O'Flynn, Alexander QLD 1733 3.5 24:W 4:L 12:W 3:L 8:L 14:L 23:D 17:W 11:L
20 Therakam, Clint QLD 1685 3.5 1:L 8:L 17:W 12:D 10:L 24:W 11:W 13:L 21:L
21 Johnson, Nicholas QLD 1646 3 3:L 17:W 18:L 13:L 12:W 10:L 24:L 22:L 20:W
22 Ousmand, Nizami QLD 1637 3 4:L 24:W 11:L 9:L 23:L 17:L 12:W 21:W 15:L
23 Stokes, Mark C QLD 1535 2.5 5:L 10:L 16:L 24:W 22:W 13:L 19:D 11:L 17:L
24 Quach, Andrew VIC 1 19:L 22:L 13:L 23:L 17:L 20:L 21:W 15:L 16:L

14-12-2015, 12:49 PM
At least I didn't finish last! And I did win the Board 4 Division 2 Top Scorer medallion in the Teams and Redcliffe 2 won the Division 2 section!