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25-11-2015, 12:15 AM
NOTE: All players must have a FIDE Identification number.

Australian Citizens & Permanent residents without FIDE id numbers will need to provide DOB, Place of Birth and Citizenship prior to the start of the event or their entry will not be accepted.

Foreign players without a FIDE id number will not be accepted. They will need to obtain a FIDE id number from their National Federation and advise that number prior to their entry being accepted.
2015 NSW Blitz Championship

Date: Sunday 28th of November

Location: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde NSW

Registration at 10:30am
Start time 11am
Entry Fee $25
11 Rounds
Time Control: 5 minutes per player
Prizes: 1st $200 2nd $150 3rd $100 U2000 $100 U1800 $100 U1600 $100 & U1400 $100
Prizes based on 45 entries

The event will be ACF & FIDE rated
Players are eligible for 1 prize only. Unrated players are not eligible for rating-restricted
All NSW resident players must be full members for 2015 of (or join) the NSWCA or the
By entering the event, players acknowledge that the decision of the organiser (NSWCA)
is final.

The tournament will be followed by the NSWCA AGM. It is scheduled to begin at 2:30

28-11-2015, 08:50 PM
Date: Sunday 28th of November

28-11-2015, 08:52 PM
It was today. IM Anton Smirnov won with a great 11/11! A strong field too.

28-11-2015, 11:10 PM
When will results be posted?

Bill Gletsos
03-12-2015, 03:29 PM
No Name Feder Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 Smirnov, Anton NSW 2582 11 28:W 5:W 9:W 6:W 2:W 4:W 3:W 7:W 14:W 8:W 10:W
2 Berezovski, Stanislav NSW 2309 8.5 14:W 12:W 7:W 3:W 1:L 15:W 8:W 4:D 9:W 11:W 5:L
3 Mandla, Blair NSW 2439 8 24:W 10:W 16:W 2:L 11:W 6:W 1:L 5:L 15:W 4:W 7:W
4 Silver, Dmitri NSW 2414 7.5 21:W 7:L 8:W 18:W 9:W 1:L 16:W 2:D 6:W 3:L 14:W
5 Ball, Christopher NSW 2071 7.5 23:W 1:L 24:W 26:W 6:L 27:W 9:D 3:W 8:L 17:W 2:W
6 Ng, Clive NSW 2270 7.5 44:W 31:W 13:W 1:L 5:W 3:L 14:D 10:W 4:L 20:W 8:W
7 Yan, Matthew NSW 2017 7 38:W 4:W 2:L 23:W 15:L 24:W 11:W 1:L 21:W 14:W 3:L
8 Curtis, John NSW 2309 6.5 17:W 20:D 4:L 35:W 22:W 10:W 2:L 16:W 5:W 1:L 6:L
9 Kuan, Julian NSW 2094 6.5 39:W 26:W 1:L 22:W 4:L 25:W 5:D 17:W 2:L 10:L 16:W
10 Wijeyaratne, Shavin NSW 2029 6.5 40:W 3:L 21:W 14:D 12:W 8:L 13:W 6:L 28:W 9:W 1:L
11 Plant, John Stuart NSW 2280 6.5 30:W 32:W 22:D 16:W 3:L 14:L 7:L 13:W 12:W 2:L 26:W
12 Babic, Michael S NSW 1887 6.5 29:W 2:L 17:W 13:W 10:L 23:W 15:L 24:D 11:L 25:W 21:W
13 Chang, Raphael OS 6.5 25:W 19:W 6:L 12:L 17:D 18:W 10:L 11:L 36:W 32:W 20:W
14 Fikh, Anthony NSW 1608 6 2:L 29:W 32:W 10:D 19:W 11:W 6:D 15:W 1:L 7:L 4:L
15 Murray, Bruce D NSW 2194 6 27:W 22:L 20:W 25:W 7:W 2:L 12:W 14:L 3:L 21:D 17:D
16 Cabilin, Jeff NSW 2090 6 35:W 18:W 3:L 11:L 30:W 21:W 4:L 8:L 27:W 28:W 9:L
17 Sandrasegaran, Aran NSW 1620 6 8:L 43:W 12:L 42:W 13:D 20:W 22:W 9:L 18:W 5:L 15:D
18 Seneviratne, Suranga NSW 1779 6 34:W 16:L 30:W 4:L 23:L 13:L 36:W 40:W 17:L 37:W 29:W
19 Dibley, Shane E NSW 1914 6 33:D 13:L 39:W 20:W 14:L 22:L 32:L 35:W 34:W 24:D 28:W
20 Watson, Robert A NSW 1913 5.5 41:W 8:D 15:L 19:L 32:W 17:L 29:W 22:W 24:W 6:L 13:L
21 Bolens, Johny NSW 1661 5.5 4:L 41:W 10:L 37:W 29:W 16:L 23:W 32:W 7:L 15:D 12:L
22 Clarke, Matthew NSW 1876 5.5 37:W 15:W 11:D 9:L 8:L 19:W 17:L 20:L 32:L 40:W 30:W
23 Gong, Michael NSW 1473 5.5 5:L 36:W 28:W 7:L 18:W 12:L 21:L 34:W 30:W 26:L 24:D
24 Nguyen, Tan Thanh NSW 1732 5.5 3:L 40:W 5:L 43:W 33:W 7:L 27:W 12:D 20:L 19:D 23:D
25 Keast, Robert NSW 1880 5.5 13:L 33:W 27:W 15:L 35:W 9:L 30:W 28:L 26:D 12:L 37:+
26 Stern, David NSW 1742 5.5 36:W 9:L 42:W 5:L 27:L 40:- 33:W 38:W 25:D 23:W 11:L
27 Clouston, Bevan NSW 1593 5 15:L 34:W 25:L 31:W 26:W 5:L 24:L 37:W 16:L 29:L 39:W
28 Adams, Jonathan NSW 1739 5 1:L 38:W 23:L 29:L 37:W 33:W 40:W 25:W 10:L 16:L 19:L
29 Melamed, Daniel NSW 951 5 12:L 14:L 36:W 28:W 21:L 35:W 20:L 30:L 43:W 27:W 18:L
30 Dingley, Justin NSW 1595 5 11:L 37:W 18:L 34:W 16:L 38:W 25:L 29:W 23:L 39:W 22:L
31 Rachmadi, Herman NSW 1842 5 42:W 6:L 35:L 27:L 43:L 32:L 41:L 44:W 33:W 36:W 34:W
32 Li, Raymond NSW 1892 4.5 43:W 11:L 14:L 33:D 20:L 31:W 19:W 21:L 22:W 13:L 0:
33 O'Rourke, Kevin NSW 1406 4 19:D 25:L 38:W 32:D 24:L 28:L 26:L 41:W 31:L 34:L 44:W
34 Nguyen, Kevin NSW 4 18:L 27:L 40:W 30:L 41:L 39:W 35:W 23:L 19:L 33:W 31:L
35 Chiara, Vince NSW 1544 4 16:L 44:W 31:W 8:L 25:L 29:L 34:L 19:L 39:L 38:W 42:W
36 Thomas, Jeff NSW 4 26:L 23:L 29:L 38:L 44:W 41:W 18:L 42:W 13:L 31:L 43:W
37 Christensen, Matthew NSW 4 22:L 30:L 41:W 21:L 28:L 43:W 42:W 27:L 44:W 18:L 25:-
38 Shaw, Ralph NSW 1415 4 7:L 28:L 33:L 36:W 39:W 30:L 43:W 26:L 42:L 35:L 41:W
39 Greenwood, Norman NSW 1582 4 9:L 42:L 19:L 41:W 38:L 34:L 44:W 43:W 35:W 30:L 27:L
40 Li, Simon NSW 1458 3.5 10:L 24:L 34:L 44:W 42:W 26:+ 28:L 18:L 41:D 22:L 0:
41 Mower, Andrew NSW 1401 3.5 20:L 21:L 37:L 39:L 34:W 36:L 31:W 33:L 40:D 44:W 38:L
42 Kanaan-Oringo, Samuel NSW 3 31:L 39:W 26:L 17:L 40:L 44:L 37:L 36:L 38:W 43:W 35:L
43 Ullah, Sami NSW 1300 2 32:L 17:L 44:W 24:L 31:W 37:L 38:L 39:L 29:L 42:L 36:L
44 Thompson, Charles NSW 1 6:L 35:L 43:L 40:L 36:L 42:W 39:L 31:L 37:L 41:L 33:L