View Full Version : 2015 Perth Chess Club Open

06-08-2015, 03:09 PM
Played at Perth Chess Club each Wednesday this 7 round normal rated swiss (90 mins each) has 28 players.

In round 1 the only upset was a draw, but it was a big result:

Benjamin Hurst 1459 drew with Derwent Maggs 2031.

Benjamin is still only 9 years old and currently the top rated U10 in Aus.

A good long tricky game with Benjamin getting a well deserved draw and showing his great potential.

There were other games that looked likely to have upsets but they did not end that way: Sasa Zdrunkovic (unr) was a piece and pawn up against Alex Janceski (1817), but allowed tricky Alex to fight back an win.

A fantastically nice group of chessplayers taking part, in my mere 35 years of various senior chess club experiences.