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30-07-2015, 01:58 PM
Hobart International Chess Club August Masters Classical Weekender

The HICC is hosting its inaugural August Masters on the 29th and 30th of August 2015. The August Masters is a 7 round Swiss (or round robin depending on numbers). The time control will be 60 minutes game time with a 5 second increment from move 1.

Princes Street Primary School
(Princes Street Sandy Bay TAS 7005)

Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of August

What time:
Saturday the 29th Round 1: 9am, Round2: 11:30am
Lunch break
Round 3: 3pm, Round 4: 5:30pm

Sunday the 30th Round 5: 9am, Round 6: 11:30am
Lunch Break
Final Round: 3pm, Presentations: after conclusion of last round

(a guaranteed minimum 20 minute break between rounds will be given, in exceptional circumstances this may see some games of some rounds delayed)

How much:
Entry Fee $30
Non-TCA members should add a $20 levy or consider joining the HICC on the day ($40 annual membership fee)

All entry fees awarded as Cash Prizes
1st place 50%, 2nd place 33%, 3rd place 17%.
Book Prizes awarded for the best Junior not in the top 3.

How to enter:
Enter online at the August Masters (www.tasmanianchessassociation.org/hobart-international-chess-club-events/august-masters) webpage by COB Friday the 28th of August Entries taken on the day subject to equipment Entry fees can be paid on the day or by bank transfer (details available online).

Kevin Bonham
24-08-2015, 10:51 PM
I think this will be the first time I have had to miss a weekender in Hobart since the 1994 Tas Champs. Good luck to all involved.

26-08-2015, 07:52 PM
I think this will be the first time I have had to miss a weekender in Hobart since the 1994 Tas Champs. Good luck to all involved.

We will Miss you!

It will be a small field, latest entries are

Alastair Dyer
David Rolph
Ian Little
William Rumley

Les Hay (possibly) Les has expressed interest but not yet officially entered.

If entries do not pick up then it will likely be a double round robin with only 3 games per day. Entries from 5-8 will mean a single round robin, and entries above 8 we'll run a 7 round swiss as advertised with some really strange pairings no doubt.

Prizes will be revised depending on the number of entrants.

29-08-2015, 09:05 PM
Well, after a few technical hitches, like not having boards, sets, and clocks... day 1 of the August Masters was a success.

Due to a testy internet connection I wasn't able to post anything during the day, so here's an update from rounds 1-4

The full player list is:

Alastair Dyer 2027
David Rolph 1678
Kam Lee 1514
Ian Little 1462
Alex Nagy 1379
Les Hay 929
Will Rumley 668

That gave us 7 players for a 7 round, round robin.

After 4 rounds Alastair Dyer leads to field in a spectacular return to chess in Tassie.

Dyer 3 from 3
Rolph 3 from 4
Lee 2 from 3
Little 2 from 4
Nagy 2 from 4
Rumley 0 from 3
Hay 0 from 3

With such a small field and the bye to factor in anything can happen, but the stage is set for Dyer to take the podium with a picket fence and the rest jostling for the lower places.

30-08-2015, 03:47 PM
Congratulations to Alastair Dyer for winning the inaugural HICC August Masters with a round to spare!

Final standings are:

1st Alastair Dyer on 6 from 6
2nd Ian Little on 4
3rd-5th Alex Nagy, Kam Lee, and David Rolph on 3
6th William Rumley on 2
7th Les Hay on 0

Kevin Bonham
30-08-2015, 09:58 PM
Ian did a great job of absorbing the 10-minute crash-course in SP last week but one thing I forgot to teach him is copying for display on Chesschat! Here's the crosstable ... some interesting results!

1 Dyer, Alastair TAS 2027 6 * W W W W W W
2 Little, Ian TAS 1462 4 L * W W L W W
3 Rolph, David J TAS 1678 3 L L * W L W W
4 Nagy, Alex TAS 1379 3 L L L * W W W
5 Lee, Kam TAS 1514 3 L W W L * L W
6 Rumley, William ACT 668 2 L L L L W * W
7 Hay, Les TAS 929 0 L L L L L L *

31-08-2015, 09:50 AM
I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for making the first August Masters a really enjoyable event.

Thanks to Kevin for his crash course in Swiss Perfect, which after a while isn't as scary as it seems, though I'm glad we didn't get 9 people and had to endure the crazy pairings!

A BIG thanks to Melissa Harvey for coming to my rescue when I forgot all the boards, sets, and clocks... we had tea and coffee.

Special mention should be given to Will Rumley for another dedicated performance, he enters in practically every chess event he can and is only getting stronger! His grit against Kam this weekend paid off. Kam told me that Will was a Rook down, and then sacrificed his remaining rook for a mating attack, that takes guts, but then again the juniors are normally more fearless than the rest of us! It's what makes them so dangerous.

The HICC will be putting this event on the calendar for next year so I hope to see you all then.

James Peirce
31-08-2015, 10:12 AM
Good to see that Alastair Dyer is back in Tasmania(temporarily/permenately?)

31-08-2015, 10:48 AM
Congratulations to Alastair - and to Ian for organising it. I just couldn't make it down this year - but hope it becomes a permanent fixture.

31-08-2015, 11:07 AM
It was really nice to meet Alastair, I'd heard the name before but we'd never met.

He found out a out the tournament through the Burnie FaceBook group which I think is a good sign that our increased social media advertising is working. I told him about Burnie Shines and he might come along to that too. I don't think he quite knows where he'll be based yet.

04-09-2015, 02:26 PM
Congratulations and welcome back to Tassie Alastair!