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David Webster
16-03-2015, 10:10 AM
The City of Sydney Blitz Championship will be held on Monday 30th March at 7:30pm at the Sydney Academy of Chess in Burwood. You can enter tonight or next Monday night at the City of Sydney tournament, or on the night (but please turn up early or you may miss out - the venue can only fit 50 players).

2015 City of Sydney Blitz
Venue: Sydney Academy of Chess Level 1, 30a George St, Burwood, NSW

Starting Time: 7.30pm

Number of Rounds: 9
Time Control: 5 minutes per player

Restricted to the first 50 entries.

Entry Fee: $25 including all titled players
Prizes: 1st $200 2nd $150 3rd $100
U2000 $100 U1800 $100 U1600 $100 & U1400 $100
Prizes based on 45 entries

The event will be ACF & FIDE rated
Players are eligible for 1 prize only. Unrated players are not eligible for rating-restricted prizes.
All NSW resident players must be full members of (or join) the NSWCA or the NSWJCL.
By entering the event, players acknowledge that the decision of the organiser (NSWCA) is final.
For more information, please contact David Webster, phone 0401 976 378 or email tournaments@nswca.org.au.

NOTE: All players must have a FIDE Identification number.

Australian Citizens & Permanent residents without FIDE id numbers will need to provide DOB, Place of Birth and Citizenship prior to the start of the event or their entry will not be accepted.

Foreign players without a FIDE id number will not be accepted. They will need to obtain a FIDE id number from their National Federation and advise that number prior to their entry being accepted.

David Webster
30-03-2015, 08:37 AM
This is on tonight. I think it is reasonably unlikely there will be too many players (venue fits 50), but if you want to make sure of a place, email me or turn up early.

David Webster
30-03-2015, 09:42 PM
GM Loek van Wely won with 8/9. Blair Mandla is the City of Sydney Blitz Champion as the highest scoring local player.

No Name Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 Van Wely, Loek 2644 8 11:W 3:L 13:W 2:W 8:W 7:W 5:W 9:W 10:W
2 Mandla, Blair 2372 7.5 19:W 9:D 6:W 1:L 17:W 15:W 3:W 10:W 5:W
3 Van Ruitenburg, Joost 2318 6.5 23:W 1:W 15:W 5:D 6:L 4:W 2:L 16:W 9:W
4 Nguyen, Joseph 2173 6 30:W 10:W 5:L 12:W 15:L 3:L 18:W 20:W 16:W
5 Wright, Neil S 2328 5.5 25:W 27:W 4:W 3:D 7:L 6:W 1:L 15:W 2:L
6 Rodgers, Jack 2120 5.5 18:W 8:W 2:L 26:W 3:W 5:L 10:L 7:D 15:W
7 Silver, Dmitri 2500 5.5 12:W 15:L 16:W 20:W 5:W 1:L 9:L 6:D 17:W
8 Berezovski, Stanislav 2346 5.5 29:W 6:L 14:W 9:W 1:L 12:D 15:L 21:W 20:W
9 Murray, Bruce D 2156 5 26:W 2:D 17:W 8:L 11:D 18:W 7:W 1:L 3:L
10 Hu, Jason 2438 5 13:W 4:L 21:L 16:W 24:W 20:W 6:W 2:L 1:L
11 Wijeyaratne, Shavin 1977 5 1:L 14:W 18:W 15:D 9:D 16:L 19:D 12:D 25:W
12 Brown, Nicholas 1947 5 7:L 25:W 27:W 4:L 26:W 8:D 16:L 11:D 23:W
13 Deen-Cowell, Nicholas 1947 5 10:L 30:W 1:L 22:W 18:L 17:W 20:L 26:W 21:W
14 Izadi, Matt 5 20:W 11:L 8:L 24:L 25:W 28:W 21:L 27:W 22:W
15 Ng, Clive 2210 4.5 24:W 7:W 3:L 11:D 4:W 2:L 8:W 5:L 6:L
16 O'Chee, Kevin 2365 4.5 21:W 17:D 7:L 10:L 27:W 11:W 12:W 3:L 4:L
17 Granjas, Dragan 2141 4.5 22:W 16:D 9:L 21:W 2:L 13:L 23:W 19:W 7:L
18 Bryan, Jason 4.5 6:L 0:W 11:L 19:W 13:W 9:L 4:L 29:D 28:W
19 Dragalchuk, Vladislav 1843 4.5 2:L 24:W 20:L 18:L 30:W 26:W 11:D 17:L 29:W
20 Kordahi, Nicholas 2012 4 14:L 23:W 19:W 7:L 21:W 10:L 13:W 4:L 8:L
21 Wentworth, Steven 1704 4 16:L 22:W 10:W 17:L 20:L 24:W 14:W 8:L 13:L
22 Arafat, Yasir 4 17:L 21:L 25:W 13:L 23:L 29:W 24:W 28:W 14:L
23 Fikh, Anthony 1577 4 3:L 20:L 26:L 28:W 22:W 27:W 17:L 30:W 12:L
24 Dingley, Justin 1559 3.5 15:L 19:L 29:W 14:W 10:L 21:L 22:L 25:D 30:W
25 Brown, Joshua 1605 3.5 5:L 12:L 22:L 29:W 14:L 30:W 27:W 24:D 11:L
26 Clouston, Bevan 1075 3 9:L 29:W 23:W 6:L 12:L 19:L 28:L 13:L 27:W
27 Todd, Michael 2 0:W 5:L 12:L 30:W 16:L 23:L 25:L 14:L 26:L
28 Zekic, Mirsad 1738 2 0: 0: 30:L 23:L 29:W 14:L 26:W 22:L 18:L
29 Bolens, Johny 1655 1.5 8:L 26:L 24:L 25:L 28:L 22:L 30:W 18:D 19:L
30 Rabeya, Mazher 1144 1 4:L 13:L 28:W 27:L 19:L 25:L 29:L 23:L 24:L
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