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15-01-2015, 08:31 AM
Hi All

NDCA (Newcastle District Chess Association) has a new website


For 2015 Tournaments organized by the club see their website..held @ Newcatle Panthers club, King st., Newcastle or weekend tournaments @ Gallipoli Legion Club, Hamilton. Hamilton railway station is only 20m away from the club.

Here is a short list .... visitors from outside Newcastle are welcome (must be registered NSWCA (http://www.nswca.org.au/memberslist.php) members). International visitors please email or ring beforehand.

January 27: Blitz Tournament at 10 minutes per player.
February 14 & 15: Newcastle Open.
March 29: Sunday One Day "Nicholson Cup Handicap & Odds" Tournament at the Gallipoli Legion Club, Hamilton.
May 5: City of Newcastle Championship.
May 17: Sunday One Day Rapid Tournament (20 mins per player) at Gallipoli Legion Club, Hamilton.
July 21: Newcastle District Rapid Play at 10 minutes per player.
July 28: Newcastle District Championship
September 13: Sunday Kings Gambit Tournament (20 minutes per player) at the Gallipoli Legion Club Hamilton
September 29: Doug Carey Challenge
November 3: Blitz Tournament at 10 minutes per player.
December 22: Christmas Lightning at 5 minutes per player.