View Full Version : Children's Tournament at ATW Bundaberg on 28 October 2014

Allan Menham
26-10-2014, 04:27 PM
Over 140 Secondary and Primary School Children will be competing in the yearly Children's Tournament at the ATW on 28 October. This is one of the premier tournaments for children in the district and gives even beginners the chance to experience the thrill of competing in a seven round swiss.

At least five secondary school teams and at least twelve primary school teams will compete. Many schools have entered more than one team.

Prize money (excluding the purchase of medallions) is expected to be about $1000. This is only possible because the ATW makes the venue available free of cost. They really support chess in the district.

Many of the top school players in the district will compete and competition will be keen. The first round is scheduled to start at 9.15 am and the day should be finalised by 2.30 pm

Club Secretary Allan Menham said that the children really look forward to this tournament owing to the large amount of prize money available

Many schools in the district have very active chess clubs.

Some of the schools will be competing in the one dayer for the first time.

A great day of chess is assured:clap::clap:

Allan Menham
28-10-2014, 06:39 PM
The yearly one day Children’s Tournament was held at the ATW on Tuesday 28 October. 127 children competed. Last year it was 128! Unfortunately some schools who attended last year could not come owing to other commitments.

91 children competed in the primary school section. Walkervale came first with 22.5 points. They were closely followed by their old rivals Norville with 21 points. St Patricks tied with North Bundaberg Primary with 19 points each but on countback St Patricks was declared in third place. The top Primary School player was Bryce Rosser with 6 out of 7 points. However Reece Buckholz, Joshua Howard, Alex Buckholz, and Ryan Sharp all scored six points as well. Three of these players are Junior Members of the Bundaberg Chess Club Inc.

36 children competed in the secondary school section. Shalom came first with 25 points. Second was North Bundaberg High School with 17 points and third was St Lukes with 16 points. The top Secondary School player was Tim Harris with a grand slam of seven points. He was closely followed by Patrick Harris and Courtney Ryan , both with 6.5 points. The three top players are Junior Members of the Bundaberg Chess Club Inc.

It was a great day of chess!!! We has five secondary schools and 10 primary schools compete

We would like to thank the ATW who made the venue available free of cost.