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Kevin Bonham
20-05-2014, 11:30 PM
Both the US mens and women's championships round robins finished in three-way ties for first. Playoffs coming up starting 4 am our time (doubt I'll be up for it). From the official site:

Both Akobian and Lenderman, as well as Zatonskih and Abrahamyan, will first battle in one 45-minute Armageddon game. The contest begins with a silent bid from both players in an attempt to win the black pieces, as well as draw-odds. Both players will bid time away from their clock, with the lowest bid receiving black and the shortened time to find a draw. The white pieces will receive the full 45 minutes and must win.

The reigning champions await the winners of the Armageddon matches. Both Krush and Kamsky will face their candidates in two rapid games, which feature 25 minutes on the clock and a 5-second-per-move increment. Should the players tie the rapid games 1-1, the 2014 national titles will be decided by one final Armageddon game.

(The rules for the final Armageddon game are the same as for the qualifying one.)

It's just coincidence that both the defending champs were direct qualifiers for the final since this was determined by tiebreak:

For the purposes of pairing players in the following scenarios, the following mathematical tie-breaks will be used: 1. Direct Encounter (if applicable), 2. Most Blacks, 3. Koya System, 4. Sonneborn-Berger, 5. Won Games.

21-05-2014, 04:48 PM
Wins to the defending champions, apparently. Congratulations to Krush and Kamsky!