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Kevin Bonham
06-03-2014, 09:05 AM
The following notice appears in the current issue of the ACF Newsletter. The full selection schedule, left out of the newsletter for space reasons, is also given.


41st FIDE Chess Olympiad, Tromso, Norway

Applications are invited for the Australian Open and Women’s Olympiad Teams for the 41st Chess Olympiad to be held in Tromso, Norway, from 1 to 14 August 2014.

An Open team and a Women’s team, each consisting of five players and a non‑playing captain, will be selected to represent Australia at this event. Exact details of player entitlements are not yet known but players and captains normally are entitled to full board from the host organisation and travel subsidies from the ACF's Olympiad Appeal fundraising efforts.


Those wishing to be considered for selection as players must apply 8April 2014. At a minimum, applications must contain the information specified in item 5.4 of the ACF’s Selection Procedures By-Law. In addition, applicants may provide:
a list or summary of their game or tournament results over the previous two years (as per item 5.6); and/or
up to 400 words of comments in support of their application (as per item 5.7).

A text copy of the By-Law will be emailed on request.

Applications must be sent by email to Tom Saltmarsh catowi@internode.on.net. If an application has not been acknowledged as received within seven days, please phone (03) 6223 5518.

Applicants' names, as well as all material provided to selectors – e.g. ratings file; applicant lists or summary of game or tournament results; and applicant comments - will all be published online at an address to be announced, and available for public scrutiny, after applications close. Any corrections or additions to this material must be submitted by 12 April 2014. Applicants will be advised of provisional selection results on or about 5 May 2014. The results will be finalised and made public on or about 26 May 2014 following the determination of any appleals.


1. Please send any application from an email address that you will check regularly (preferably at least weekly) from the time of your application until the end of May 2014. If you will not be contactable in the week after the selection deadline, please apply well in advance of the deadline.

2. All applicants should keep a copy of their application. Any claims for late application on the grounds of email transmission problems will not be accepted unless accompanied by a copy of the application and a letter from the sender's ISP confirming that the application was sent. Evidence may be required for other claims for late applications.

3. Activity Rule: An applicant shall not be eligible for selection unless the applicant has played at least 30 games in the period8 April 2013 to 27 April 2014 and at a normal (non‑rapid) time limit. The games must be rated by the ACF, FIDE or a national organisation for which rating formula conversion details are known and the playing of the games can be verified. It is not required that all 30 games be rated or even submitted for rating by 27 April 2014, so long as they will be rated at some stage. If you have not yet reached your 30 games when you submit your application, please advise in which events you intend to play to reach 30 games by the deadline.


Expressions of interest are also now open for the following positions:

Non-playing Captain, Australian Open Team
Non-playing Captain, Australian Women's Team

Applicants should apply immediately as the ACF reserves the right under Selection By-Law 13.5 to make a captaincy appointment at any time. However, unless the ACF decides to make an earlier appointment, applications will close on 8 April 2014 with results to be announced on 26 May 2014. Applicants for playing positions may also apply for captaincies, on the understanding that they will be ineligible for a captaincy if they accept selection to a playing position, and vice versa.

Applicants for captaincies may be requested to assist the ACF with team registration matters, even before captaincy appointments have been confirmed. This is not a condition of application and will not affect an applicant's chances of being appointed in either direction, but the ACF may require assistance in this area when the organisers advise deadlines for registration and booking.

Applicants may submit any supporting comments they wish to be passed on to either the selected players or the members of ACF Council, explaining why they think they should be selected as captains. The positions are filled by Council typically after taking into account the players' stated preferences (if any). Council has recently tended to follow the players' preferences in most cases, but is not obliged to do so. Applicants are also free to contact the applicants for playing positions and/or the Council regarding their applications as and whenever they wish. For more detail see item 13 of the ACF’s Selection Procedures By-Law.

Expressions of interest should be sent Tom Saltmarsh catowi@internode.on.net and copied to ACF President Gary Wastell at gwastell@netspace.net.au . Please call (03) 6223 5518 if it is necessary to arrange another method, or if an email application has not been acknowledged within seven days.


1. The date of the start of the time frame for the minimum of 30 rated or rateable games;
The start date will be 8 April 2013 immediately after the finish of the 2013 Sydney International Open. The period during which players can count games would remain open until 27 April 2014, despite the fact it is proposed that applications will close on 8 April 2014 (see below).

2. The date for the first publication of an invitation to apply for team membership – players and non-playing captains;
The selection notice will be published in the March 2014 ACF Newsletter in early to mid March 2014.

3. The date on or by which all such applications must be received
Applications for selections will close on 8 April 2014.

4. The date by which the distribution of players’ submissions to selectors will be completed;
All information will be distributed to selectors on or very soon after 12 April 2014.

5. The date on or before which selectors will be required to convey their rankings of players;
Selectors will provide rankings by 3 May 2013 to enable them to take into account the results in the 2014 Doberl Cup and 2014 Sydney International Open.

6. The date by which players will be notified of the selectors’ rankings and advised of their right to appeal within the specified period;
Players will be notified of provisional results by 5 May 2014.

7. The date on or by which appeals if any must be submitted by players;
Any appeals would be submitted by 12 May 2014, given the seven day period under the By-Law.

8. The date on or before which players are to be invited to convey preferences for team captains;
Provisionally selected players will have until 22 May 2014 to advise their preferences.

9. The date on or before which the outcomes of appeals are to be announced;
The Tribunal will make a decision on any appeal by 26 May 2014.

10. The date on or before which the membership of the selected team members and Council-appointed captains is to be announced;
Team members and captains will be announced immediately after 26 May 2014 when the outcome of any appeal is known.

11. The date on which reserves will replace team members who have not confirmed their intention to compete;
Players will be requested to confirm their intention to compete within seven days of being notified of the provisional results on 5 May 2013. If any player advised he or she was unable to attend, then the next available reserve will be consulted about his or her availability. The intention is to have players committed to attend by 19 May 2014, subject to the outcome of any appeal.

12. The date on or before which the registration of players and captains is to be registered with FIDE
All players and captains will be registered by 1 June 2014. Some registrations will occur prior to 1 June 2014 - e.g. provisionally selected players who indicate they can attend and are not involved in appeals.

Tom Saltmarsh
ACF Selections Director

Kevin Bonham
09-04-2014, 07:18 PM
Applications have closed and I'm advised by Selections Director Tom Saltmarsh that the following have applied:


Ari Dale, Junta Ikeda, Max Illingworth, Moulthun Ly, Rishi Sardana, David Smerdon, Anton Smirnov, Stephen Solomon, John-Paul Wallace


Sarah Anton, Arianne Caoili, Irina Berezina, Biljana Dekic, Emma Guo, Katherine Jarek, Giang Nguyen, Narelle Szuveges, Vin Wijesuriya, Sally Yu

Open Team Captain

Manuel Weeks, Leonid Sandler

Women's Team Captain

Ian Rogers, Leonid Sandler

Listing in any of the above lists does not necessarily imply an applicant has been confirmed as eligible. It just means that the person listed has applied.

The lists above may grow if any late applications are accepted.

Late applications:

From the ACF By-Laws:

5.8. Applications must be received before the advertised deadline. If an applicant is able to satisfy the
Selections Director that circumstances beyond his or her control prevented the application being
received before the deadline, then the application will also be considered. However, no application
received more than seven days late will be considered unless the Selections Director is satisfied that
the application was sent prior to the deadline.

Kevin Bonham
ACF Vice-President

Kevin Bonham
22-04-2014, 11:22 PM
There were two late applications submitted by the seven-day mark - by Gary Lane for the Open Team and Alexandra Jule for the Women's Team. The Selections Director referred both to the ACF Council which considered the circumstances of both applications. The result was that Alexandra Jule's late application was accepted and she is now eligible for selection, while Gary Lane's was not.

Kevin Bonham
ACF Vice-President

Kevin Bonham
16-05-2014, 06:59 PM
Posts moved

As this thread is for official ACF notices and as there is starting to be discussion of a range of Olympiad themes, the following have happened:

1. This thread is now closed except to moderators.
2. Comments about Australian selections were moved to the Olympiad selections speculation (http://www.chesschat.org/showthread.php?15302-Olympiad-selection-speculation) thread. This includes unofficial reports of provisional selections.
3. General discussion about the Olympiad has been moved to the 2014 Olympiad (http://www.chesschat.org/showthread.php?15341-2014-Olympiad) thread.

Kevin Bonham
31-05-2014, 11:37 PM
Olympiad Selection Results and Appointments

The following are the official results of the Olympiad selections and appointments process:

Open Team:

1. GM David Smerdon
2. IM Moulthun Ly
3. IM Max Illingworth
4. FM Junta Ikeda (IM-elect)
5. FM Anton Smirnov

Captain: IA Manuel Weeks

Reserves in order of priority:

6. IM John-Paul Wallace
7. IM Stephen Solomon
8. IM Ari Dale
9. Rishi Sardana

Appeal note: The order of the first two reserves varies from the provisional order that was unofficially published in some places. IM Wallace appealled against the initial selections of Smirnov and Solomon ahead of him, and the appeal was upheld to the extent of positions of these three candidates only being reselected by a panel of three new selectors. The By-Laws do not allow for any further appeals.

Women's Team:

1. WIM Arianne Caoili
2. IM Irina Berezina
3. WFM Giang Nguyen
4. WIM Emma Guo
5. WIM Biljana Dekic

Captain: GM Ian Rogers

Reserves in order of priority:

6. Sally Yu
7. WIM Alexandra Jule
8. WIM Katherine Jarek
9. WCM Vin Wijesuriya
10. WIM Narelle Szuveges
11. WCM Sarah Anton

No appeals were received.

Head of Delegation: IA Cathy Rogers

The selection process was conducted by the following:

Selections Director: Tom Saltmarsh
Selections (Open): GM Ian Rogers, GM Darryl Johansen, IM Guy West, FM Tim Reilly, FM Brett Tindall
Selections (Women): GM Zong-Yuan Zhao, GM Darryl Johansen, IM Guy West, FM Tim Reilly, IA Charles Zworestine
Appeal Tribunal: Denis Jessop, George Howard, David Ellis
Reselection (Open): FM Chris Wallis, FM/IA Shaun Press, Kevin Bonham

The ACF thanks all the applicants for their patience with a long selections process and all those who have worked on the selections for their efforts to ensure that the best possible teams are selected. My thanks also to ACF President Gary Wastell for his efforts in co-ordinating ACF Council work generated by the 2014 selections.

Kevin Bonham
ACF Vice-President

Kevin Bonham
01-07-2014, 12:02 AM
WIM Arianne Caoili has withdrawn from the Women's team because of work commitments. She has been replaced by Sally Yu, and the other four members of the team each move up a board.

1. IM Irina Berezina
2. WFM Giang Nguyen
3. WIM Emma Guo
4. WIM Biljana Dekic
5. Sally Yu