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12-08-2013, 01:38 PM
Because of the exorbitant rate of overseas airmail postage charged by Australia Post it has not been feasible for me to sell copies of my Doeberl Cup book overseas. As an experiment to overcome this I have made an electronic version available at US$7.95. While the principal target is possible overseas customers, Australian players can also avail themselves of the offer. Anyone who has already acquired the hardcopy version is welcome to have the electronic version for A$5.00.
I should emphasize that this is not an e-book in the full sense of that term. It is a PDF version, suitable for use on PCs, laptops, netbooks etc, with bookmark links to chapters, profiles etc. It can technically be loaded on some e-Readers (e.g. Kobo but not Kindle) but will not display all the features associated with regular e-books, and is not recommended for that purpose.
Anyone who is interested can either check out the details at (might need to cut-and-paste):
or contact me for further info at: mailto:wegan@pcug.org.au
Bill Egan