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27-03-2012, 11:21 AM
See report in SMH (http://www.chessdiscountsales.com/news/2012.htm)

04-04-2012, 08:13 PM
See report in SMH (http://www.chessdiscountsales.com/news/2012.htm)

Peter, with all due respect, this way of reporting is tiresome and confusing! Clicking on the link you provide leads one to a series of other articles of yours published in SMH where you have to really dig deep to locate the relevant text.
The article about Kasparov is sixth in order of appearance and with your way of paragraphing your articles it looks even lower down the list.
IMHO you should be able to either describe the exact location of the article or link to it directly or have it first in order of appearance.
It reminds me of certain situations where results (and in particular final standings) of Club competitions referred or linked to blogs that either don't exist anymore or haven't been updated or the particular lists, ladders, cross standings have been removed.
As a consequence, this very important information is lost not only for the readers of forums, historians, statisticians etc but for the bloggers / webmasters themselves as well.

Kevin Bonham
04-04-2012, 08:20 PM
We recently made a change to the CC rules to make it clear that where people do link in that manner then members may repost the material that is the subject of the link so that it can be found for posterity, or to save other members the effort of digging for it.

In this case the text in question is simply:

Former World Champion Garry Kasparov(RUS) met South African President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria last week. The President said he loved the game of chess and it should be encouraged among young people as it could help them in their school work. Kasparov is establishing a base in Johannesburg to promote chess in schools throughout the continent. Kasparov scored 25.5/26 in a simultaneous exhibition last Thursday in Cape Town.