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07-11-2011, 01:24 PM
I longed to hear someone express the words I couldn’t speak
Reveal to me the mysteries of life, which all men seek
So I sought the men of science, who say, "the universe has no mind"
Oh they say that it’s evolving, but will die one day in time
So then the men of piousness, with them I sat me down
But they say God has no body, those men in flowing gowns
Then finally in silent dream, just me and “Who I Am”
We floated on life’s living stream, with a pen held in my hand
T’was then the veil began to tear, in this Temple that is me
And here, within this sanctuary, I saw the one that I will be.......By S-word.
__________________________________________________ ______

From the kingdom of God with me I heard a distant cry
A voice from my past was pleading from the wilderness hot and dry
So I sank to the depths to reach him and my efforts were not in vain
For we merged and I sang from his future a song to ease his pain
And he heard and he felt my presence as he sank into rest sublime
Assured that his saviour existed in the future somewhere in time
And as he closed his eyes in rest, these words were heard so dim
“Forgive me child for tempting you and causing you to sin."

In earlier times, from deep within, I’d heard another cry
A voice from my future was calling, from a world somewhere on high
And I heard and I sensed his presence as he prayed to his God within
And he begged me not to tempt him, but to deliver him from sin
So! For our futures sake, I now am watchful of everything I do
And I plead with all my brethren, who live in his dead past too
“Don’t let our child of the future endure the terrible end
For it’s we who are his tempters, It’s we who make him sin"….. By S-word.
__________________________________________________ ______

Come travel with me on a journey through time
Not in some capsule, but in our minds
To the Inner Most Sanctuary will we descend
To that single cell from which your body began
In the Holy of Holies where all is one
Where all of space and time is joined
We’ll mingle there with other minds
From other lands, in other times
Minds of the past, who seem dead and gone
And minds of the future who are yet unborn
For they in their time, whether here on this world
Or some distant planet to which they’ve been lured
Will enter their inner most sanctuary too
And there perhaps they’ll merge with you
Ah! To travel through space I the wink of an eye
One with your child on some world way on high
And if this is but madness, then madness it be
But come my mad brothers, come fly with me.....By S-word.

Drinking from God's pool of spirit
That vast and endless sea
I felt a stange sensation
As someone else there, drank of me...... By S-word.

There’s a place down deep inside me
Where I mingles with me past
Where the spirits of me Father's share their light
And I often drowns me mind there
And If you do it friend, you’ll find there
All the wisdom of your fathers
And their wonderful insight.
It’s like when a drop of water
Falls in a vat of wine
It takes the colour and the essence of that drink
Now in the darkness of the dawn
Me descendants who are yet unborn
Have been coming down to me to make me think
They want to suck me brain for knowledge
Or some wisdom what I’ve gained
But it’s got me how they know just where to look
I mean, I’m a bloody no one
Just a shadow in their past
Unless of course me words get in a book....By S-word.

We are fourth dimensional beings trapped in this three dimensional world by the genetic cord that binds us to these bodies in which "WE" the mind/spirit are conceived and develop, and are born into the invisible inner dimension when the umbilical cord that connects us to these physical wombs, is severed.

I didn't realise that there was a poetry section in this forum, so I will transfer these poems to that section.