View Full Version : Interview with Yasser Seirawan

31-10-2011, 01:59 AM

After he finished shared first with Ivan Salgado Lopez in Barcelona, Yasser Seirawan was interviewed byAna Matnadze for El Butlletí d'Escacs, the official magazine of the Catalan Chess Federation. Matnadze generously shared the interview with other chess media, and we're happy to publish it here as well.

Hello Mr. Seirawan, welcome to Barcelona. Could you please, describe to us your preparation process for the Magistral Casino Tournament? What chess analyzing program do you use?

Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to have been in sunny Barcelona as I live in Amsterdam where it was windy and chilly when I left. I use three programs Rybka, Fritz 12 and Houdini. I like Houdini best.
The majority of the players in Barcelona were unknown for me. My preparations were mostly to review their most recent games (last two/three years) and to get a feel for their style of play. What types of positions they excell in and to see if they have favorite openings that I like to play as well.

Read the full interview (http://pakchess.org/interviews/interview-with-yasser-seirawan)