View Full Version : ideachess new features

24-08-2011, 06:02 AM

ideachess, my free chess tactics training site, has these new features:
Now are available over 70,000 interactive chess tactics problems
The solutions to the problems are now animated
En passant captures and castles available are indicated

I resume the other site features:
Multiple puzzle solutions accepted
Real time chess engine that evaluate your attempts and let you retry if your solution is good but there is a better one
For all tactics problems is specified where they are taken from (event, date, players, result)
Stats and graphs to track your progress (ideal for Michael de la Maza Rapid chess improvement method)
Glicko ELO rating system, players rankings, problems assigned according to your skills level
Every week new tactics puzzles from the major worldwide chess tournaments (taken from The Week In Chess pgn files)
Endgames training
Stunning graphics and animations
Customizable chessboard colors
Completely free