View Full Version : Results Childrens Chess Tournament Bundaberg 29 May 2011

Allan Menham
29-05-2011, 03:44 PM
Sunday Children’s Chess Tournament 29 May 2011

Sixteen children competed in the Children’s Chess Tournament held at the U3A rooms on 29 May.

The tournament was conducted in two divisions.

In the first division, Timothy Harris came first with a grand slam win of eight out of eight games. He was followed by Matthew Riggs with six out of eight games. Jack Stuart came third with five out of eight games.

In the second division, Courtney Ryan came first with four and a half games out of eight. Second was a tie with both Jaden Bond and Mitchell Riggs with four out of eight games each.

Director of Play Allan Menham said there are many up and coming Junior Players in Bundaberg. This is no doubt due to the numerous chess tournaments held during the year as well as many schools in the area having active chess clubs.