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21-03-2011, 05:53 PM
2011 Dubbo RSL Open
(Yulgilbar-Think Big Grand Prix Class 2 Event)

Guaranteed Prize Money!
$350 First prize!
Divisional and junior prizes subject to entries.

When: Saturday April 9th - Sunday April 10th.

Where: Dubbo RSL Club, Corner of Brisbane and Wingewarra St, Dubbo.

Format: 6 round Swiss.

Timetable: Round 1: Saturday April 9, 10.30am
Round 2: Saturday April 9, 1.30pm
Round 3: Saturday April 9, 4pm
Round 4: Sunday April 10, 9.30am
Round 5: Sunday April 10, 12pm
Round 6: Sunday April 10, 2.30pm

Time controls: 60 min + 10 seconds per move.

Rating: The event will be ACF rated.

Arbiter: IA Shaun Press

Pairings: Pairings will be done with Swissperfect

Entry Fees: $45 adult, $35 concession, $25 juniors
All NSW players are required to be either full or associate members of the NSW Chess Association to have their games rated. Membership can be arranged on the day.

For any questions, please contact
Alexander Aich 02 6884 4561 email alexander.aich@gmail.com
Trevor Bemrose 02 6884 4096 email trevbem@exemail.com.au

Website: http://home.exetel.com.au/dubbochessclub/

Come an extra day and visit our famous zoo.

22-03-2011, 06:32 AM
Hi all,

The following Canberra players are going - the ones that I know of - there are often a few more:

Charles Bishop
Joshua Bishop
Matt Bennett
Wenlin Yin
Amy Flood
Alana Chibnall
Jamie-Lee Guo
Megan Setiabudi
Allan Setiabudi
Glenn Ingham

Hope some of the Sydney players can get out there.

10-04-2011, 05:20 PM
No Name Feder Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Yin, Wenlin ACT 1746 5.5 24:W 28:W 6:D 14:W 12:W 4:W
2 Bemrose, Trevor NSW 1767 5 35:W 21:D 11:W 6:W 3:D 9:W
3 Skulte, Christopher NSW 1833 4.5 29:W 20:W 13:W 4:D 2:D 5:D
4 Setiabudi, Allen ACT 1940 4.5 33:W 27:W 7:W 3:D 8:W 1:L
5 Bennett, Matthew ACT 1715 4.5 25:W 15:W 14:D 12:D 16:W 3:D
6 Keast, Don A SA 1981 4 23:W 10:W 1:D 2:L 34:W 7:D
7 Bishop, Joshua ACT 1700 4 36:W 9:W 4:L 22:W 10:D 6:D
8 Bemrose, Colin J NSW 1871 4 17:W 11:D 21:W 34:W 4:L 10:D
9 Guo, Jamie-Lee ACT 1423 4 32:W 7:L 25:W 33:W 13:W 2:L
10 Setiabudi, Megan ACT 1663 4 31:W 6:L 23:W 26:W 7:D 8:D
11 Kethro, Michael ACT 1538 4 37:W 8:D 2:L 18:W 14:D 26:W
12 Van Der Wal, Fritz W NSW 1781 4 47:W 16:W 34:D 5:D 1:L 22:W
13 Canfell, Mike J NSW 1667 4 43:W 26:W 3:L 15:W 9:L 23:W
14 Saksena, Kaushik NSW 1902 3.5 18:W 19:W 5:D 1:L 11:D 16:D
15 Press, Harry ACT 1423 3.5 30:W 5:L 24:W 13:L 36:W 19:D
16 Egan, Bill ACT 1515 3.5 38:W 12:L 29:W 39:W 5:L 14:D
17 Aich, Ramon NSW 1287 3.5 8:L 38:W 20:D 28:W 22:L 34:W
18 Qi, Glen ACT 1297 3.5 14:L 41:W 27:W 11:L 21:D 33:W
19 Losh, Gary NSW 1574 3.5 41:W 14:L 33:L 35:W 25:W 15:D
20 Ingham, Glenn ACT 1520 3.5 45:W 3:L 17:D 21:D 33:D 35:W
21 Murphy, Justin NSW 1435 3 48:W 2:D 8:L 20:D 18:D 24:D
22 Clark, Neil NSW 1383 3 42:W 34:L 31:W 7:L 17:W 12:L
23 Parsons, Colin J NSW 1340 3 6:L 44:W 10:L 38:W 30:W 13:L
24 Bishop, Charles ACT 1198 3 1:L 46:W 15:L 31:W 27:D 21:D
25 Karattiyattil, Bazli ACT 1121 3 5:L 30:W 9:L 40:W 19:L 37:W
26 Davidson, Jamie NSW 1364 3 40:W 13:L 36:W 10:L 39:W 11:L
27 Maharaj, Jashint NSW 1589 3 44:W 4:L 18:L 37:W 24:D 28:D
28 Aich, Alexander NSW 1451 3 46:W 1:L 35:D 17:L 43:W 27:D
29 Sumner, John NSW 1275 3 3:L 45:W 16:L 30:L 38:W 40:W
30 Merrick, Jarrad NSW 3 15:L 25:L 45:W 29:W 23:L 43:W
31 Momot, Alex NSW 846 3 10:L 47:W 22:L 24:L 46:W 36:W
32 Lanspeary, David ACT 3 9:L 36:L 37:L 47:W 48:W 39:W
33 Wilkie, Mary E NSW 1314 2.5 4:L 37:W 19:W 9:L 20:D 18:L
34 Taylor, Stephen NSW 1667 2.5 39:W 22:W 12:D 8:L 6:L 17:L
35 Farrell, Keith R NSW 1250 2.5 2:L 48:W 28:D 19:L 44:W 20:L
36 Dowton, Norman NSW 1114 2 7:L 32:W 26:L 41:W 15:L 31:L
37 Flood, Amy ACT 400 2 11:L 33:L 32:W 27:L 42:W 25:L
38 Harding, Jonathon NSW 2 16:L 17:L 42:W 23:L 29:L 45:W
39 Dennis, Roy E NSW 915 2 34:L 42:W 43:W 16:L 26:L 32:L
40 Pearson, Michael NSW 2 26:L 43:D 44:D 25:L 41:W 29:L
41 Lanspeary, Grace ACT 411 2 19:L 18:L 48:W 36:L 40:L 44:W
42 Merrick, Brandon NSW 2 22:L 39:L 38:L 48:W 37:L 46:W
43 Aylwin, Helen NSW 1020 1.5 13:L 40:D 39:L 45:W 28:L 30:L
44 Chow, Jingming ACT 535 1.5 27:L 23:L 40:D 46:W 35:L 41:L
45 Franks, Harry NSW 1 20:L 29:L 30:L 43:L 47:W 38:L
46 Lanspeary, Christopher ACT 1 28:L 24:L 47:W 44:L 31:L 42:L
47 Rymer, Aymey-May NSW 1 12:L 31:L 46:L 32:L 45:L 48:W
48 Lanspeary, Angela ACT 0 21:L 35:L 41:L 42:L 32:L 47:L

It would seem congratulations are in order to Wenlin Yin. Safe journey home to all players; my daughter included obviously. And thanks to Charles Bishop for doing bus driving duty.

PS: Also thank you to Shaun Press for updating the results so promptly

10-04-2011, 10:58 PM
Thanks for the tournament. It was a very fun event. No drama, well run. Everyone was very friendly.

Definately worth the trip for those who are thinking about coming in 2011.

Congratulations to Wenlin.

10-04-2011, 11:04 PM
Thanks for the tournament. It was a very fun event. No drama, well run. Everyone was very friendly.

Definately worth the trip for those who are thinking about coming in 2011. 2012 ;)