View Full Version : Childrens Sunday Tournament Bundaberg 30 Jan 11

Allan Menham
31-01-2011, 06:51 AM
The words check and check mate were heard many times at the first 2011 Sunday Children’s Chess Tournament held at the U3A rooms on 30 January. Sixteen children attended. Some of them had played chess at state level so competition was going to be keen.
The tournament was conducted in two divisions, first and second, based on players current ratings.
In first division, Timothy Harris won outright with a grand slam win of eight out of eight games, an outstanding result for a primary school player. Second place was gained by Aishwarya Preshy with six games, followed by Matthew Riggs , also with six games.
In second division, Allen Preshy came first with four out of eight games. Catherine Riggs came second with four games and Bryce Rosser came third, also with four games.
The tournament was also the first round of the 2011 Grand Prix.
There were many upsets during the day. Timothy Harris defeated Aishwarya Preshy and Anish Preshy, and Bryce Rosser defeated Courtney Ryan.
The six place getters listed above are all Junior Members of the Bundaberg Chess Club Inc.
The next Sunday Children’s Tournament will be held on 20 February.