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Trent Parker
26-01-2011, 01:37 AM
Venue is PANTHERS NEWCASTLE (Corner of King & Union Streets, the old Newcastle Workers Club). Train Travellers please note that your nearest station is CIVIC. 10 minute walk to venue.

Six Round Class 1 Grand Prix Event with a 1 hour + 10 secs Fischer time control. Prize money is dependant on the number of entries.

Entry fee is $50 for adults & $40 for concession card holders such as Juniors / Uni Students / Pensioners.

Registration Time: 9.15 am to 10 am on Saturday 12 February. A late entry fee of $10 will apply if you register after 10 am.

Grand Masters, Womens Grand Masters, International Masters & Womens International Masters only have free entry provided they register by 1 February 2010, else they will pay the normal entry fee like all other players. Players may pre-register and are encouraged to do so by sending a simple Email stating that they wish to enter. Just click on the Email link "Email Me" at the top of this page or underneath the accommodation guide. Just pay your entry fee on the Saturday when you arrive. This lets us know that you're coming and helps our preparation in doing the draw, which all organisers and players know is extremely time consuming on tournament day.

Three rounds on Saturday. Round 1 - 10.30 to 12.45. Lunch break from 12.45 to 1.30. Round 2 - 1.30 to 3.45. Round 3 - 4.15 to 6.30. A Casual Dinner followed by a Lightning Tournament will be held on the Saturday evening. Three Rounds on Sunday. Round 4 - 10.30 to 12.45 noon. Lunch break from 12.45 to 1.30. Round 5 - 1.30 to 3.45. Round 6 - 4.15 to 6.30 then prize giving.

All players competing must be a current member of the NSW Chess Association or affiliated FIDE organisations such as the NSW Junior Chess League or Queensland Chess Association etc. Players may join the NSW Chess Association on the day if they are not already members.

A Casual Dinner & Social Night will be held on the Saturday evening after Round 3 has been completed. The Saturday evening has been purposely left free so players can have dinner, relax and unwind, especially if they have travelled long distances to compete. Kick back and relax, down a couple of "quiet sherbets", and catch up with some old sparring partners! A good social night was had by the players who recently competed in the NSW Country Teams Championship in December. At Newcastle we try and make the social side of the game just as important as "business at the board"!

Best Sacrifice Competition as judged by WIM Heather Richards, Lucky Player Prize along with all the other normal rating prizes that constitute part of the event.

Basic accommodation directory is as follows.

The Newcastle District Chess Association and its Officers have no connections with any of the establishments mentioned below, it is merely a starting point for players trying to find accommodation. Please check with the establishments for accommodation tariffs.

Inner City

Bimet Lodge in Union Street: (02) 4920 5400: 1km from venue. 15 minute walk from venue.

Ibis Accor in Hunter Street: (02) 4925 2266: 500m from venue. 5 -7 minute walk from venue.

Travelodge Motel in King Street: (02) 4926 3777: 300m from venue. 5 minute walk from venue.

Tudor Motor Inn at Hamilton: (02) 4969 2533: 2km from venue

Inner Suburbs

Aloha Motor Inn in Glebe Road Merewether: (02) 4963 1283: 3 km from venue.

Elizabeth Motor Inn / Adamstown Motor Inn at 165 Brunker Road Adamstown: (02) 4952 7111: 5km from venue.

Outer Suburbs

Formule 1 at Wallsend (Old Formula 1): (02) 4950 0244: 10km from venue: Need car to travel.

Contact Greg Wilson, pawnd4@bigpond.com phone 0419 120 265

As Greg Wilson will be overseas for this tournament, Michael McGuirk will be DOP

Trent Parker
26-01-2011, 01:56 AM
I would just like to say that I always enjoy the Newcastle Open! I've already paid my entry!

27-01-2011, 05:19 PM
Pretty sure I'll be able to play this one and definately playing Aus Day Weekender. See you at both!

02-02-2011, 08:51 PM
Anybody else coming to Newcastle? Have heard via the grapevine that "The Prez" will be back in town for the tournament. Michael McGuirk will still be DOP.

03-02-2011, 08:35 AM
I'll be there - and I've sent my sub off to NSWCA!

Great venue - looking forward to it.


Trent Parker
08-02-2011, 11:16 PM
bump! is on this weekend! I'll try to get an entry list.....

Trent Parker
09-02-2011, 04:28 PM
got news that there are currently about 36 entries for this tournament so far.

13-02-2011, 09:43 PM
Any chance a crosstable could be posted up?

Thanks in advance


16-02-2011, 03:24 PM
Lets see if this works.

No Name Feder Rtg Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

1. ILLINGWORTH, Max NSW 5.5 26:W 15:W 8:D 2:W 10:W 6:W
2. SAMAR, Raul NSW 4.5 28:W 16:W 9:D 1:L 3:W 17:W
3. RICHARDS, Heather OS 3.5 29:D 27:W 4:L 14:W 2:L 32:W
4. MANDLA, Blair NSW 5 31:W 17:L 3:W 22:W 21:W 7:W
5. STEVENS, Tristan NSW 4 32:W 18:W 10:W 17:W 6:L 8:L
6. WATSON, James NSW 5 33:W 19:W 11:W 7:W 5:W 1:L
7. O'RIORDAN, Bernard NSW 4 34:W 20:W 13:W 6:L 12:W 4:L
8. HARRIS, Ben NSW 5 35:W 21:W 1:D 9:D 16:W 5:W
9. WANG, Oscar NSW 4.5 36:W 22:W 2:D 8:D 13:D 18:W
10. BEMROSE, Colin NSW 3.5 37:W 25:W 5:L 23:W 1:L 49:D
11. SKULTE, Christopher NSW 3 38:W 24:W 6:L 26:W 17:L 13:L
12. CABILIN, Jeff NSW 4 39:D 46:D 28:W 31:W 7:L 23:W
13. TAN, Kevin NSW 4.5 40:W 49:W 7:L 35:W 9:D 11:W
14. ERKAN, Mustafa NSW 3.5 :D 29:W 17:L 3:L 39:W 31:W
15. CHIBNALL, Alana ACT 3 41:W 1:L 31:L 45:W 18:L 33:W
16. YANG, Peter NSW 3 42:W 2:L 32:W 34:W 8:L 24:L
17. NG, Clive NSW 4 30:W 4:W 14:W 5:L 11:W 2:L
18. COATES, Toby J NSW 3.5 43:W 5:L 33:W 51:D 15:W 9:L
19. DICKSON, Ian C NSW 3 44:W 6:L 34:L 29:L 42:W 35:W
20. CHAI, Hweimeen NSW 3.5 45:W 7:L 35:L 41:W 31:D 51:W
21. GROENHOUT, Ron NSW 4 47:W 8:L 37:W 49:W 4:L 26:W
22. PARKER, Trent NSW 3 48:W 9:L 45:W 4:L 32:L 41:W
23. MEHAN, Alex NSW 3 49:L 39:W 46:W 10:L 34:W 12:L
24. LOSH, Gary NSW 4 50:W 11:L 51:L 46:W 33:W 16:W
25. GREENWOOD, Norman NSW 3 51:W 10:L 49:L 36:W 37:L 38:W
26. ROSS, Bill NSW 3 1:L 41:W 50:W 11:L 35:W 21:L
27. PATTERSON, Mark ACT .5 :D 3:L : : : :
28. TRACEY, Michael J NSW 2 2:L 38:W 12:L 37:L 44:W 34:L
29. O'ROURKE, Ryan (1996) NSW 3.5 3:D 14:L 39:W 19:W 51:W :
30. WOLF, Ludwig NSW 2 17:L 45:L 42:W 48:W 49:L 50:L
31. WELTNER, Michael NSW 2.5 4:L 40:W 15:W 12:L 20:D 14:L
32. CLARK, Neil NSW 3 5:L 43:W 16:L 50:W 22:W 3:L
33. WILKIE, Mary E NSW 2 6:L 42:W 18:L 38:W 24:L 15:L
34. FARRELL, Keith R NSW 3 7:L 48:W 19:W 16:L 23:L 28:W
35. ROBINSON, Andrew NSW 2 8:L 44:W 20:W 13:L 26:L 19:L
36. WRIGHT, Allan NSW 2 9:L 50:L 43:W 25:L 45:L 42:W
37. O'ROURKE, Kevin NSW 3 10:L 47:W 21:L 28:W 25:W :
38. KUNKEL, Veikko NSW 2 11:L 28:L 44:W 33:L 46:W 25:L
39. AYLWIN, Helen NSW 1.5 12:D 23:L 29:L 40:W 14:L 45:L
40. WRIGHT, Doug NSW 1 13:L 31:L 48:L 39:L 47:W 46:L
41. JOSEPH, Luke NSW 2 15:L 26:L 47:W 20:L 48:W 22:L
42. ACCOLA, Tom NSW 1 16:L 33:L 30:L 47:W 19:L 36:L
43. MOMET, Alex NSW 1 18:L 32:L 36:L 44:L 50:L 48:W
44. O'ROURKE, Caitlin NSW 1 19:L 35:L 38:L 43:W 28:L :
45. ABSALOM, David NSW 3 20:L 30:W 22:L 15:L 36:W 39:W
46. ERKAN, Berna Cigdem NSW 2 :D 12:D 23:L 24:L 38:L 40:W
47. LOWE, Roger NSW 1 21:L 37:L 41:L 42:L 40:L :W
48. MARTIN, Ben NSW 1 22:L 34:L 40:W 30:L 41:L 43:L
49. MENG, Terry NSW 3.5 23:W 13:L 25:W 21:L 30:W 10:D
50. PEARSON, Michael NSW 3 24:L 36:W 26:L 32:L 43:W 30:W
51. STRONGMAN, Steven NSW 2.5 25:L :W 24:W 18:D 29:L 20:L