View Full Version : Nepomniatchi wins Russian Championships

Kevin Bonham
23-12-2010, 10:20 AM
Ian Nepomniatchi has won the 63rd Russian Championships. He scored 7/11 in the final, tied with Karjakin and the rest were Grischuk (third) Svidler (fourth) 6.5 Vitiguov and Malakhov 5.5 Kursonov, Tomashevsky, Potkin, Jakovenko 5, Khismatullin and Zvjaginsev 4. Nepomniatchi lost to Karjakin in their individual game but Karjakin lost his game to Malakhov. Full crosstable here: http://www.russiachess.org/content/blogcategory/196/414/

The rules allowed for the tie to be broken by a two-game rapid match at 15/+10, both games of which were drawn, followed by Armageddon at 6 vs 5 (not sure there was an increment - don't think so). In the Armageddon game Karjakin (white) was winning but missed a line that would have put him exchange and two pawns up and instead picked one that just won the exchange. He wasn't able to win exchange up and the game actually finished with 17 moves of KR vs KB before a draw was agreed making Nepomniatchi the tournament winner.