View Full Version : AJCC Accommodation - one place left!

20-12-2010, 10:11 PM
There is less than one month to go before the AJCC begins and there is still one place left.

Hi, my name is Jim Cannon and I am a Junior chess coach and registered teacher. My family and I are offering full board and supervision for three participants in the 2011 Australian Junior Chess Championship (AJCC) which runs from Saturday 15th of January to Sunday 23rd January 2011 (9 days). At this stage, two places have been taken and there is only one place left. Participants will be accommodated in our safe, friendly family home with my son, David Cannon (David plays online chess under the name "davidiscool"), who is also participating in the AJCC. David came 3rd in the AJCC U10 in 2010. I will pick participants up from the airport and drop them off after the event is over. All meals and full supervision are provided. Chess coaching, entertainment, and chess education and fun activities are included. This offer it is an ideal chance for your child to live away from home in a warm, happy, safe chess-playing family environment with other young chess players. Sensible bed times, healthy meals and good behaviour are the top priorities to make this a memorable fun experience. For further details and costs, contact me by email: jimphd2000@yahoo.com.