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15-12-2010, 11:57 AM
1 Nakauchi, Gene QLD 2125 2036 8.5 34.75 8
2 Muller, Jonas QLD 1989 1900 7.5 26.00 7
3 Grigg, Sam QLD 2006 1855 6 20.75 5
4 Fitzpatrick, Andrew QLD 2032 1852 5.5 15.75 5
5 Ruddy, Alex QLD 1625 4.5 15.00 3
6-7 Williams, Douglas NSW 1589 3.5 13.75 2
Kitikov, Oleg QLD 1637 3.5 8.00 3
8 Stahnke, Alexander QLD 1922 1689 3 9.25 1
9-10 Pyper, Matthew QLD 1319 1.5 4.50 0
Ford, Daniel QLD 1781 1522 1.5 4.25 1
Well done Gene!

The term 4 Junior Masters was won by Zac Clarkson.

He has just graduated from year 12, so this was his final chance to win the event. Well done Zac. He is totally blind, so this was a very fine achievement.

In recent times he has been performing at around 1500, and I wonder if he is one of the best blind players in the country. I know I have seen a blind gentleman playing at the Coffs Harbour Open, but are there many other blind players playing tournament chess in Australia?

We are awaiting delivery of a digital speaking chess clock for Zac from Euro Chess International. I'm sure he must get fed up with continually asking his opponent to get an update on time remaining. I expect that other blind players may be interested in this new product.

Results and photos from both events can be found via our webpage www.gardinerchess.com

15-12-2010, 12:10 PM
I played against a blind man in the Tweed Heads Open a few years back. His name escapes me now, but I think he was south of 1500. I believe Solo also played him - perhaps he knows...

17-12-2010, 01:02 PM
I believe that there is a blind player called Alex Momot in that area of the world; In Victoria I have known of two completely blind players, one called Michael(?) Banks and Don Maciulaitis, who has retired from OTB play these days

Take care and God Bless, Macavity