View Full Version : Launceston vs Burnie match

Kevin Bonham
10-12-2010, 12:15 AM
Match played in Burnie. Launceston wins 3-2

Board 1 Marcus Bretag 1 (Launceston) vs Phil Donnelly 0 (Burnie)
Board 2 Reg Harvey 0 (Burnie) vs Mike Baldini 1 (Launceston)
Board 3 Lawrence Bretag 1/2 (Launceston) vs Dylan Kuzmic 1/2 (Burnie)
Board 4 Nigel Lewis 1/2 (Burnie) vs Charlie Fourie 1/2 (Launceston)
Board 5 George Hambly (Launceston) 0 vs Russell Horton 1 (Burnie)

Report by Russell Hortion here: http://nwtaschess.blogspot.com/2010/12/launceston-vs-burnie-match.html

I believe this is the first Interclub match held here since the State Interclub was replaced by a weekender following the 2000 event.