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10-11-2010, 07:46 AM
The NSW Lightning Championship will be played at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club on Sat 27 Nov prior to the NSWCA AGM.
Enter on the day.
Registrations begin at 10.30 am and Round 1 is down for 11 am. It will all be over by about 2.30 pm.

More details on the NSWCA web site. http://www.nswca.org.au/ Should be a strong field.

Trent Parker
27-11-2010, 06:26 AM
its on today!

27-11-2010, 07:06 AM
its on today!

I wish I was down there joining you, but you are probably jealous that I will be catching the big waves instead

Bill Gletsos
27-11-2010, 05:40 PM
The NSW Lightning Championship was held over 11 rounds with 42 players.
FM Max Illingworth won the event, with IM George Xie second and FM Vladimir Smirnov third.

28-11-2010, 09:59 AM
The NSW Lightning Championship was held over 11 rounds with 42 players.
FM Max Illingworth won the event, with IM George Xie second and FM Vladimir Smirnov third.

Could we see the crosstable please?

Bill Gletsos
28-11-2010, 06:05 PM
No Name Feder Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 Illingworth, Max NSW 10 32:W 38:W 11:W 9:W 5:W 3:W 2:L 4:W 7:W 17:W 6:W
2 Xie, George NSW 9.5 26:W 29:W 4:W 3:L 15:W 6:W 1:W 5:D 9:W 19:W 11:W
3 Smirnov, Vladimir NSW 8.5 21:W 18:W 6:W 2:W 9:W 1:L 4:L 19:W 5:D 8:W 10:W
4 Mandla, Blair NSW 8 39:W 8:W 2:L 12:W 14:W 5:D 3:W 1:L 10:W 7:W 9:D
5 Curtis, John NSW 7.5 37:W 15:W 28:W 10:W 1:L 4:D 11:W 2:D 3:D 6:L 12:W
6 Norman, Brendan NSW 7 30:W 13:W 3:L 24:W 19:W 2:L 8:L 31:W 16:W 5:W 1:L
7 Harris, Benjamin NSW 7 35:W 19:W 9:L 14:L 10:W 21:W 20:W 8:W 1:L 4:L 16:W
8 Shi, Eric NSW 7 23:W 4:L 12:L 26:W 33:W 15:W 6:W 7:L 13:W 3:L 17:W
9 Wright, Neil S NSW 6.5 24:W 12:W 7:W 1:L 3:L 14:W 13:W 10:L 2:L 25:W 4:D
10 Xu, William NSW 6.5 33:W 20:D 29:W 5:L 7:L 26:W 15:W 9:W 4:L 13:W 3:L
11 Hu, Jason NSW 6 25:W 16:W 1:L 20:W 13:W 28:L 5:L 12:L 23:W 15:W 2:L
12 Xu, Jerry NSW 6 22:W 9:L 8:W 4:L 16:W 19:L 21:W 11:W 17:L 14:W 5:L
13 Zoud, Badar NSW 6 14:W 6:L 21:W 38:W 11:L 18:W 9:L 20:W 8:L 10:L 24:W
14 Chau, Bernard NSW 6 13:L 31:W 16:W 7:W 4:L 9:L 17:L 27:W 18:W 12:L 25:W
15 Smirnov, Anton NSW 6 42:W 5:L 40:W 25:W 2:L 8:L 10:L 24:W 31:W 11:L 19:W
16 Al Rahmani, Hamed 6 34:W 11:L 14:L 37:W 12:L 38:W 18:W 29:W 6:L 20:W 7:L
17 Barcelona, Eliel NSW 6 29:L 24:L 26:L 42:W 32:W 33:W 14:W 23:W 12:W 1:L 8:L
18 Hartmann, Thomas NSW 6 40:W 3:L 25:L 30:W 24:W 13:L 16:L 36:W 14:L 29:W 23:W
19 Ibrahim, Victor 5.5 41:+ 7:L 32:W 33:W 6:L 12:W 23:W 3:L 29:D 2:L 15:L
20 Chan, Jason NSW 5.5 36:W 10:D 27:W 11:L 28:L 34:W 7:L 13:L 21:W 16:L 29:W
21 Mah, Dominic NSW 5.5 3:L 41:W 13:L 40:W 29:W 7:L 12:L 38:D 20:L 31:W 30:W
22 Xu, Eric 5.5 12:L 25:L 30:L 31:L 42:W 32:L 43:D 39:W 35:W 38:W 37:W
23 Kordahi, Nicholas NSW 5 8:L 39:W 35:W 28:L 25:W 36:W 19:L 17:L 11:L 26:W 18:L
24 Coates, Toby J NSW 5 9:L 17:W 38:W 6:L 18:L 27:L 33:W 15:L 34:W 32:W 13:L
25 Asence, Alvin NSW 5 11:L 22:W 18:W 15:L 23:L 29:L 32:W 34:W 38:W 9:L 14:L
26 Trzin, Gojko NSW 5 2:L 35:L 17:W 8:L 39:W 10:L 38:L 41:W 27:W 23:L 31:W
27 Bolens, Johny NSW 5 28:L 30:W 20:L 36:L 35:W 24:W 31:L 14:L 26:L 40:W 32:W
28 Chau, Adrian NSW 5 27:W 34:W 5:L 23:W 20:W 11:W 0: 0: 0: 0: 0:
29 Zulkifli, Mat-Arif NSW 4.5 17:W 2:L 10:L 39:W 21:L 25:W 36:W 16:L 19:D 18:L 20:L
30 Adams, Jonathan NSW 4.5 6:L 27:L 22:W 18:L 38:L 39:D 41:L 40:W 42:W 43:W 21:L
31 Stipic, Stephen NSW 4 38:L 14:L 34:L 22:W 37:W 35:W 27:W 6:L 15:L 21:L 26:L
32 Parker, Trent NSW 4 1:L 40:L 19:L 41:W 17:L 22:W 25:L 37:W 36:W 24:L 27:L
33 Rachmadi, Herman NSW 4 10:L 36:W 37:W 19:L 8:L 17:L 24:L 35:L 41:L 34:W 38:W
34 Liuga, Victor NSW 4 16:L 28:L 31:W 35:W 36:L 20:L 40:W 25:L 24:L 33:L 42:W
35 Ostman, Erik NSW 4 7:L 26:W 23:L 34:L 27:L 31:L 42:W 33:W 22:L 39:L 41:W
36 Dibley, Shane E NSW 4 20:L 33:L 41:W 27:W 34:W 23:L 29:L 18:L 32:L 42:L 40:W
37 Greenwood, Norman NSW 4 5:L 42:W 33:L 16:L 31:L 40:L 39:W 32:L 43:W 41:W 22:L
38 Singaram, Subramanian NSW 3.5 31:W 1:L 24:L 13:L 30:W 16:L 26:W 21:D 25:L 22:L 33:L
39 Grbin, Tereza NSW 3.5 4:L 23:L 42:W 29:L 26:L 30:D 37:L 22:L 40:L 35:W 43:W
40 Blake, Richard R NSW 3 18:L 32:W 15:L 21:L 41:L 37:W 34:L 30:L 39:W 27:L 36:L
41 Cristuta, Roy (Snr.) QLD 3 19:- 21:L 36:L 32:L 40:W 42:L 30:W 26:L 33:W 37:L 35:L
42 Howells, Colin NSW 2 15:L 37:L 39:L 17:L 22:L 41:W 35:L 43:L 30:L 36:W 34:L
43 Farrell, Keith R NSW 1.5 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 22:D 42:W 37:L 30:L 39:L