View Full Version : Illegal entrance, AKA "boat people"

09-04-2010, 05:20 PM
Does it only apply to boat arrival or to lawful visa applicants ad well?
Squeaks from refugee groups are expected, but the following one is amusing:

“Kpac” of Adelaide captured the sense of outrage: “This is a disgrace... bowing to the dog whistlers...where oh where are all the leaders in our country? we are happy to reap benefits of a globalised world but are not prepared to do some of the hard work associated with playing our part when globalised problems enter our shores ... Disgusted (and disappointed) life long Labor voter”.
I doubt this Kpac would vote differently next time. At least that must be Labor reasoning.

Abbott summarised it pretty much correctly:

suspension was “an admission by the government that its policies have failed”.

“This is an admission by the government that it was always pull factors not push factors that was causing the flow of boats.

“Well, I'm all in favour of tough action, but I want tough action that works and the test of this latest government policy will be: will the boats stop coming? Senator Evans has all but admitted this morning that he doesn't expect it will. So this is policymaking on the run which is almost bound to fail.”

Spiny Norman
11-04-2010, 07:18 AM
For months now, Rudd, Gillard, Evans, et al, have been protesting about the so-called "push factors" and said that their policies had nothing to do with the big increase in the number of boats coming (leaving aside the fact that the UNHCR knew full well and would have told the Australian government that overall world refugee movements were not increasing).

Now they are changing their policies to try to reduce the number of boats.

Either they were willfully deceitful earlier (because they knew full well it was pull factors), or they are just plain stupid now (doing something they know cannot affect push factors).

Oh ... that's right ... its an election year ... gotta be seen to be doing something.