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08-02-2010, 09:38 PM
Hi All,
Tonight Denis Steffensen was re-elected as President of the Norwood Chess Club. Since the clubs inception in 1890 of continuous service to local community (except during the two WW) the club has only had 4 presidents - yes thats right in 120 years we have only had 4 presidents.

The club approved its calender and looks forward to another busy year with about 20 members - a highlight is when the Club Champion has to take on all comers in a simul - an evening usually of showing the club champion just how good they are NOT.

We have a rapid tourney - time handicap tourney the more serious 9 -11 week club championship etc etc.

I've been a member since the mid seventies and one of the most pleasing features is the welcoming atmosphere that exists - I think a prerequisite for all successful chess clubs.

Kindest Regards
George Howard
Secretary Norwood Chess Club (again)