View Full Version : Fairer prize distribution

08-02-2010, 07:28 PM
When I once played in a weekender in California, I tied with a number of players for a place.

Everyone on that score received the same prize amount, which apparently is a USCF rule. This includes winners of rating sections, top junior etc. etc.

Example lets say third prize was $100
Top junior was $50
Top rating group A $100
Top rating group B $50

Lets say 4/5 scores third place. 5 people tie on the score.
The $100 for third is added to the pool for this score.
One player who scored 4/5 was top junior so $50 for top junior is
added to the score.
Another player got 4/5 and won Group A so $100 is added.
The player who won Group B got 3/5 so that prize is not added to the pool.

The total for the pool is $250, so all 5 players on 4/5 gets 250/5 = $50.

The way the rule stands there may be a situation where someone is eligible for different prizes and has to make a decision, or different players may get different amounts of prizemoney.

A higher rated player is effectively handicapped for having a high rating. the winner of a ratings prize can easily get more when tying with someone with someone not eligible.

Superficially, it looks unfair that a high rated player is getting part of a junior or rating section prize. However, it cuts both ways.

If the prize structure is done correctly, the last main prize (often third) will be at least equal to each of the minor prizes. The idea of the rating section prize is to give players who are unlikely to win a main prize, on the odd occasions that they do, I think this is a fair (and simple to implement) rule.