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04-01-2010, 03:01 PM
I was recently asked by the CV President to put forward my suggestions for the CV School-team events. So I've submitted to CV a proposal which will:

Create a unique identity with a school-teams event
Provide chess clubs with regular stream of potential new members
Income of $20,000+ with opportunity to fund beneficial junior programs
Consistent format with ACF schools event
Focus on players most likely to join clubs
Up to $10,500 contribution from Chess Victoria to clubs

This compares to CV revenue from school-team events of:
2008 - $675
2009 - $1011

While much has been said by the previous and current executive about the ‘improvement’ in school-teams events over the past two years, in fact these events have had an overall negative impact on Chess Victoria and made no impact on our members (clubs).

Rather than just be critical, I have put forward 2 options for improvement of the events which will significantly benefit Chess Victoria and most importantly, the member clubs. I have also made the offer to volunteer my time to assist in organising these events.

I put these proposals forward today (full document (http://cordover.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/CV-school-teams.doc))to allow time for discussion with the hope they can be voted on during the February executive meeting. There is potentially significant conflict of interest on the committee with regards this matter and it may be that this should be decided by a special meeting of clubs if executive members feel that the executive is too significantly compromised.

Spiny Norman
04-01-2010, 05:35 PM
David, you are to be congratulated for putting forward an excellent discussion/proposal document. Notable (and welcome) is the identification of areas with potential for conflict of interest issues. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

I am not sure how this will work in practice from a club perspective ... e.g. Croydon is already committed to a junior program on our club nights in the hour preceding the senior program. But perhaps volunteers within our club might be prepared to run one or more events in our region, and perhaps sponsors might be found to provide a suitable venue for the games (our venue is usually only available to us on the one night per week, although there is some precedent for access to the venue on an ad-hoc basis).

Interested to learn what others think ... and to learn in due course what CV think.

04-01-2010, 08:12 PM
I am not sure how this will work in practice from a club perspective ... e.g. Croydon is already committed to a junior program on our club nights in the hour preceding the senior program.

I can't be sure because I haven't seen your venue (could you fit an extra 32 players in the space? Would $400-1400 per year extra revenue enable you to expand to accommodate the extra kids?); but I would imagine that an event like what I propose could easily fit alongside/complement the existing junior program. Some options:
a) Extend your coaching program by 30min and do the "coaching" aspect before the games start - then all Croydon members and School players play at the same time - this might entice some of the school players to come along to the coaching on a 'casual' basis. Also some of the 32 school players may well then continue at your club when the school tournament is over.
Similarly start at 5.30pm-6.30pm for the school event and Croydon Jnr Club to commence 6.30pm -- draw members from the school players who are there anyway; why not stick around for a gold coin donation and get some coaching?
b) Run the school event from 7pm-8pm. Overlapping the junior and senior clubs... again encouraging the players to join either of the clubs once the 7-round event is over. The 'coaching' aspect of the club is over by 7pm and your club members are playing games anyway...
c) Declare Term 2 your 'school team' term and run your coaching slightly differently. Games starting 6.30pm followed by analysis - thus encouraging your club members to participate in the school event.

I am confident that any club who wished to support the event could easily acommodate the event within their existing junior program.

Spiny Norman
05-01-2010, 05:37 AM
Fitting 32 players into the space isn't an issue (we ran 2 small ACF GP tournaments this year with more than that number of players).

Extra $$$ are always welcomed, however the extra money would not necessarily enable us to expand the club or its activities. Our limiting factors are (a) venue; (b) number of interested players; and (c) availability of volunteer resources. If these events translated into extra members and put our venue space under pressure (and this would roughly mean a tripling of the size of our club) then we would possibly be able to move to a new venue and increase the size of the club even more.

However I am not so sure that I like the idea of Croydon getting too large. I would rather see some of this growth directed towards the startup of some new Eastern Suburbs clubs in places like Ringwood and Knox.

Yes, we could possibly vary our program, however that requires volunteer resources and agreement from Croydon RSL to let us have the venue early. I think both of those things are currently quite doubtful. Perhaps we could run the events at another venue though.

The idea of running one Term differently sounds plausible. Assuming our current junior members and their coaches are happy with that idea that is.

Anyway, its all very speculative right now. Its something that CV will need to consider in detail, and others with greater knowledge than I will need to make comment. If CV adopts this (or a similar) idea, and if the financial model stacks up, then our committee will be in a position to assess it and decide whether or not to participate.

My thoughts on it are probably irrelevant, as I am not intending to stand for a Committee position in 2010. But I am pleased to see fairly detailed proposals and discussion papers being put forward. Proper planning prevents p*ss poor performance!