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  1. Neanderthals, speciation etc.
  2. Beer Better Than Jesus
  3. Protestents and Catholics
  4. The Sabbath Day
  5. Sex Better Than Jesus
  6. Guess what I found yesterday ...
  7. The Passion of the Christ
  8. Does God Have a Sense of Humour?
  9. Scientists prove God exists [bumped]
  10. Church of the Brethren school funding
  11. Does God Exist?
  12. Is the Bible truth?
  13. Why Is Religion Natural?
  14. Philosophy (of Religion especially)
  15. Was Darwin a theist?
  16. Charles Robert Darwin 1809-1882
  17. Scientific proof of the existence of the soul and God
  18. Teach me evolution
  19. How old Noah lived - 979 years? / Dinosaurs
  20. What is ďfaith in GodĒ?
  21. Origins - Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creationism
  22. religion
  23. Does God Created Chess?
  24. life as an atheist in Australia
  25. Religious sponsorship (sf. Gold Coast Open/Minor)
  26. The Biology of Religious Belief
  27. It is time to return to GOD!!
  28. Hello Atheists
  29. Bones of Jesus found?
  30. The Genesis of Religion
  31. Good Friday
  32. What are ya!? Poll on Religious Tendencies
  33. Richard Dawkins on Compass Sundays 20th and 27th 9:30pm
  34. Body of Christ discussion etc sf. Origins
  35. Does the Bible say the earth is round, sf. global warming
  36. derivation of "hebrew" sf global warming
  37. Merry Christmas all from Jono and Creation Ministries
  38. Anonymous VS Church of Scientology
  39. Bible prophesy Corner
  40. Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
  41. Happy Crucifixition 4 Good Friday
  42. Einstein: Religion is Childish Superstition
  43. World Youth Day Bulldust
  44. Biblical longevity sf. would like to know people's age
  45. All Along The Watch Tower
  46. Astrobiology Magazine ???
  47. Science stories
  48. Current scientific research
  49. What Is The Sole Denominator Of Religion
  50. Time Travelling is it possible?
  51. Interview with Professor Julian Savulescu
  52. clean coal technology.
  53. What Sci Fi Technology do you wish was true??
  54. Copyright and use of the work of others - all posters to this section please read
  55. Is the Bible "non-fiction"? sf books thread
  56. Does the Devil Exist?
  57. After life
  58. The Invisible Pink Unicorn (BBHHH)
  59. Advertising and self-censorship
  60. Christian beliefs and denominations
  61. Non-theistic beliefs and movements
  62. The Big Questions #1 - DIVORCE (sf IPU)
  63. Galileo (sf. picking at the stitches)
  64. The Big Bang theory.
  65. Humanist Classes in Schools
  66. Joshua's Long Day
  67. Pope's comments/What is a Christian?
  68. Is Jesus of Nazereth, the Messiah, the Son of God, also God the Son
  69. Fake Science - Quadrant Duped
  70. Weight variation
  71. Religion, atheism and political brutality
  72. Is there anybody out there?
  73. Where can I learn physics on the web??
  74. Next stage in evolution...
  75. Greatest scientific Discovery.
  76. if you had the ability to...
  77. Myth busts
  78. Jedi Religion
  79. Universal principle law("Unified Theo-ry") discovered
  80. Q. How many scientists falsify data?
  81. The dangers of a belief in a spiritual "truth"
  82. G M Foods
  83. The fallacy of comparing certain secular viewpoints to religion or "faith"
  84. The Good News: Believers and Atheists Rejoice!
  85. How far can light travel?
  86. Polygamy: For or Against
  87. Ex-Aussie Wins Nobel Prize
  88. How to choose a religion
  89. Holy See Steals Anglicans
  90. Cyber attacks smite atheist websites
  91. SMH article: "Celebrity atheists expose their hypocrisy"
  92. Atheists Vs Christians Tourney
  93. Euro Court Bans Crucifix in Italian Schools
  94. Integrity of peer-review process
  95. how accurate "climate4you"
  96. Worst New Scientist article ever!
  97. VALE Assoc Prof Alan Olding 1937-2001 (sf Charles Robert Darwin 1809-1882)
  98. Mary MacKillop sainthood "imminent"
  99. Child suspended for associating Christ with Christmas
  100. Politically Correct Christmas Greeting
  101. Nielsen poll about religious beliefs in Australia
  102. WTF! Anti-blasphemy Laws??
  103. Postmodern philosophy of science (po-mo con job)
  104. What wiped out the dinosaurs :?
  105. Jonathan Sarfati - Logician or the greatest hoax on earth?
  106. Mathematics Institute Millennium Problems
  107. Maths Necessary for Programmers?
  108. Second Coming Pet Service
  109. Shortage of researchers, sf. Science stories
  110. Fanatical Christians in Geelong
  111. Richard Dawkins wants to arrest the Pope!
  112. Does your God exist in such a way that you know - and you know that you know?
  113. Blame the Greenstapo for the oil spill disaster
  114. Snow Jesus
  115. Benny Hinn strapped for cash and asking for $2M
  116. Miscellaneous maths stuff
  117. Science and the past [sf current scientific research]
  118. Christian Zionists - Friend or Foe?
  119. Atheists & Zionism
  120. AC's Saint of the Day/Week
  121. Given up on religion >:(
  122. Does Pikki Wokki Exist?
  123. Pope, Condoms & AC, and he's mad
  124. Wiccanism/Paganism
  125. Munk Debate - Blair Vs Hitchens
  126. God and guns [sf gun control]
  127. Clash beteen Science and Religion Funding
  128. "Special religious instruction" (yeah right) in Victorian schools
  129. US pastor burns Qur'an / Nazis and Christianity
  130. A new force of nature
  131. Sai Baba is dead
  132. Wikipedia networks
  133. Questions For Barry Cox: Special Non-Chess Edition
  134. Religious education in State schools
  135. Two pi or not Two pi
  136. Biblical Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs
  137. Wisdom from the Book of April
  138. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  139. Break Ties with Vatican
  140. Name your FaVourIte NeBuLar
  141. Lojban/Aux. Languages
  142. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  143. Religious persecution sf. immigration policy
  144. 180 Movie - 33 minute documentary - watch now on YouTube
  145. Supplements, complementary "medicines", etc
  146. New comer's Question.
  147. The Speed of Light
  148. S-word's Peculiar Cosmic/Pseudoscientific Waffle moved from Big Bang theory thread
  149. The Bible debunks the virgin birth.
  150. Short poems to unite science and religion
  151. Can a Mind evole in the brain of a body that has no senses?
  152. tithing, religion and tax sf. wall to wall labor
  153. In Praise of Folly
  154. Carrots Kill!
  155. evolution/creation posts sf. GGWS and GM
  156. The Gospel according to Lego
  157. Definition of "Christian" sf definition of racism
  158. Definitive definition of "definition"
  159. Why are atheists offended by Jesus statue?
  160. AAI billboards against Christianity and Mormonism
  161. Is Young Earth Creationism "patently false"? (sf economic self-rel)
  162. Google images
  163. Carbon dating sf GGWS
  164. Pope to resign
  165. Bad things happening to good people (sf Good Friday)
  166. God tangents sf. current politics threads
  167. Bible quote for the day
  168. Do we choose what we believe?
  169. Is eternal life a good idea?
  170. Religion and Science of Cosmology (s.f. Science Stories)
  171. IS the KJV the only correct English translation of the Bible? [sf various threads]
  172. Freemasonry and the game of Chess
  173. Contradictions in the Bible? (sf Does God Exist)
  174. "real hard science" Rachel Maddow vs Jono (sf US Pol)
  175. Everything is being torn down sf SSM
  176. Religion and judging (Jobe Watson thread)
  177. Worshipping the Bible or its author? (sf SSM)
  178. Pluto
  179. Christadelphian Cult
  180. Ghosts!
  181. Are religious vilification laws applied selectively? (sf same-sex issues)
  182. Smugness/intelligence of atheists [sf DGE]
  183. AC's Waffle Supposedly Re Arguments For & Against God's Existence
  184. Astronomy (Transit of Phobos)
  185. Islam and Sharia Law in Belgium
  186. Catholic Nostalgia even for Atheists
  187. Persecution of Christians (sf Israel/Palestine)
  188. When is it OK to transgress one of the ten commandments?
  189. Do you see what I see?
  190. Original sin and responsibility (sf PC hurts Aborigines)
  191. Relevance of Abrahamic religions in Australia
  192. Physics Olympiad
  193. Women. Religionís longest running victims.
  194. Can you love on command?
  195. Only man is fit to be God.
  196. Does Magic Happen? (sf picking at the stitches)
  197. Believers going to heaven anyway (sf Gillard tax grab)
  198. Why was Adam exempt from the transgression when the transgression was disobedience?
  199. Gnostic Christian Mystery School Secret Truth #1.
  200. Is rebellion good? Think Rosa Parks and Satan, our Lady and Mistress.
  201. Geocentrism/heliocentrism (sf Israel-Palestine)
  202. Christians loving their genocidal God is like Jews adoring Hitler, and just as foolis
  203. Are you created in Godís image?
  204. Thread AC entitled "Science Whatever", probably just random rubbish
  205. Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.
  206. Billion + believe in Satan. Should all schools be mandated to teach Creationism?
  207. Should people marry? It seems that God would forbid it.
  208. Matthew and Luke on the year of Jesus' birth (sf Science Stories)
  209. Prayer and evil (sf religious terrorism)
  210. Embrace Judeo-Christian culture and values! Is this politician serious?
  211. Does God follow his WORD? Or is it --- do as I say and not as I do?
  212. Was Jesus Christ a historical person?
  213. GB religious beliefs (SF Was Jesus historical)
  214. Jesus-related random fluff (sf was JC historical?)
  215. Sexual abuse and allegations involving the clergy (renamed)
  216. Hitler's religious beliefs (sf was Jesus historical)
  217. Jehovah Witnesses
  218. Church news of the day !!
  219. Is it a sin to seek knowledge?
  220. Medieval Angelology - Thomas Aquinas (sf Shoutbox)
  221. Creationism, geology and science (sf. Science stories)
  222. Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?
  223. Who ruled heaven on this day. God or Satan?
  224. Victims of pedophile priests and imams help create more victims with silence.
  225. Is the need of salvation an evil lie from religions?
  226. Evangelism and Climate Change
  227. George Pell acquitted of historic sex abuse charges
  228. "The Alien Intrusion" movie
  229. Complaints Section, Science Dept
  230. Extinctions (sf Can a society develop)
  231. More íNew Atheistí bad history: Christians destroyed pagan learning, burned libraries
  232. Gay Aversion Therapy
  233. "Sin" and who is to blame for it
  234. A few simple steps
  235. Physics: Einstein vs Newton
  236. Jesus was a Jew. Why do some Christians and Muslims hate Jews?
  237. Was Jesus born with Original Sin?
  238. Christians banned! - In Australia!
  239. Stars as holes in the floor of heaven (sf Christians banned)
  240. Creationism (sf stars as holes etc)
  241. I am my highest authority, judge and guide. Who is yours?
  242. "Did sin enter the world through Adam, Satan or Yahweh? Most, as well as [..]"
  243. Right and Wrong without a god
  244. "If we do not turn our love of self to our hate of self, we are bound for our [..]"
  245. "God created evil for his pleasure. Do you recognize the pleasure of creating [..]"
  246. If I was a Catholic
  247. "Letís chat about the atheist religion."
  248. Does Yahweh/Jesus live by the Golden Rule?
  249. Can Yahweh always do what he wills, or can people thwart him?
  250. Supernatural and fantasy thinking about religion. Is it good or evil?