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  1. Was Jesus aware of being Yahweh?
  2. Was Judas a hero and most trusted disciple, or a traitor?
  3. God given rights. Do you really have any?
  4. Is the knowledge of good and evil, good or evil?
  5. Is Yahweh breaking an objective moral tenet?
  6. Made in God’s image. Yuk. Not me thanks.
  7. Did Yahweh do us a favor by denying us eternal life?
  8. Hitler’s genocide, evil. Yahweh’s genocides good; say Christians, Muslims & Jews! ?
  9. Who would you rather meet, your god or an alien?
  10. God is Love, seems to be setting a low bar for Love? Right?
  11. Religions and supernatural beliefs are the enemy of world peace [..]
  12. Christians are more moral than Yahweh and Jesus. So why worship them?
  13. Why does god put the needs of the few above the needs of the many?
  14. Are religions that preach inequality for women and gays, traitors to their country?
  15. Is Magnus Carlsen the reincarnation of Wilhelm Steinitz?
  16. Would you choose to be a God of dumb animals?
  17. How much of the universe will god suffer losing to Satan?
  18. RIP Michael Collins (October 31, 1930 – April 28, 2021)