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  1. US Presidential Elections 2004
  2. war on terror
  3. Abortion
  4. Howard-Downer Gambit
  5. Australian Politics
  6. America LOVES us!!!!!!
  7. ... and everyone hates the Jews.
  8. George Bush, John Howard nominated for nobel peace prize??
  9. Spain terrorist bombing
  10. Is Mark Latham a goose?
  11. John Howard visits Iraqi warzone
  12. Latham's new listening policy
  13. The Beheading of a US Businessman in Iraq
  14. national identity card
  15. Jim Bacon
  16. FTA and gibberish
  17. Michael Moore and politics
  18. Separation of Church and State
  19. Federal Election 2004 (Coalition Wins)
  20. Israel and "catchcry" thread etc
  21. Hypocracy
  22. USA hegemony
  23. Freedom and Responsibility
  24. new lows at the bay
  25. State Election
  26. Schapelle Corby Guilty/Innocent Poll
  27. Premier Carr Resigns...
  28. USA is filth.
  29. Mark Latham (sf. Mail Order Brides)
  30. Is double jeopardy jeopardising justice?
  31. Political compasses and other online politics tests.
  32. Israel-Palestine / religious terrorism (was non-islamic religious terrorism)
  33. Is Australia "filth"?
  34. Death Penalty
  35. Family First = Brian Harradine
  36. nukes and other alternatives (sf. blood on hands)
  37. New Soth Welshman gets it right.
  38. Rodent's New year's resolutions
  39. Who is being ripped
  40. I hate Howard & Beazley
  41. Danish cartoons (sf Happy Friend)
  42. docksdispute.com
  43. rodents next big idea
  44. global warning
  45. The Bali nine
  46. Unemployment benefits (sf. what's your profession?)
  47. Free Speech Lost
  48. NSW Politics
  49. Milosevic Dead
  50. The ethics of human trials
  51. Dramatic change of heart by Howard
  52. Geo-politics:The world Chessboard
  53. Howard & Downer Copulating
  54. Medibank Private privatisation
  55. Papua and Refugees
  56. Where should John Howard be buried?
  57. really off left wing blog
  58. coalition macro economic mess
  59. dumb dumber and dumbest
  60. The right gets it wrong, the left just don't get it
  61. With friends like the Americans ...
  62. Our Biosphere - our future
  63. The Jewish lobby: what a precious lot
  64. The "War On Terror"
  65. 'Australian Values'
  66. Chessplayers Against Criminal Corporate globalists !
  67. Who to Vote For???
  68. Australian Political elections
  69. About Bush...
  70. Korea Nuke Hyprocisy
  71. Telstra float
  72. Sheik al-Hilaly
  73. Sheik al-Hilaly- poll
  74. chaplains in schools thread 2
  75. be very very afraid
  76. The ALP Leadership
  77. political jargon
  78. solving the Iraq mess
  79. The truth is out there
  80. Peter Garrett made shadow environment minister
  81. The Sheik to run in the next state election
  82. Barack Obama vs John Howard
  83. Deprogramming Ignosheep [was: THE INFORMATION WAR]
  84. Where should John Howard be buried?..The Sequel!...
  85. American Elections and Politics [Biden Poll added 21/6/21]
  86. Real Democracy ?
  87. Should Martin Bryant be allowed to kill himself
  88. Opportunity for Hobart players to appear on "The Insiders" [random politics thread]
  89. Definition of the democracy (influenced by random politics thread)
  90. Man-Made Climate Change: Issues and debates
  91. Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening
  92. What is a government?
  93. Should voting be compulsory?
  94. Johnny's Going Down
  95. I'm happy with what the chaser boys did..
  96. Parents jobs have got that much easier in VIC...
  97. Nuclear weapons (was How Howard will win (attacking Iran etc)) [bumped]
  98. When do you think the federal election will be held?
  99. Im so glad SOMEONE wants to look after me!!! :)
  100. nuclear power stations
  101. Another election, another race card from the Liberals
  102. Federal Election 2007 (Labor Wins)
  103. register to vote.
  104. Pro Or Anti Gun Control ?
  105. is the coalition deliberately tanking.
  106. Religion-Politics Nexus Theory
  107. Blowing away the Coalition's interest rates myth
  108. Stuff the message - It depends on who is delivering it
  109. Is voting overrated?
  110. Are you a swinging voter?
  111. Questioning candidates on issues
  112. Election Day Media
  113. Measuring their performance
  114. Who should lead the Liberals (into the wilderness?)
  115. The '3'
  116. 2.3 Trillion Dollars !
  117. Australian political leaders.
  118. Hanson, racism etc (sf. Australian political leaders)
  119. Kyoto: What is it coing to cost us?
  120. Poll #2 :Research on THE INFORMING MEDIA
  121. #3 : Research On The Informing Media
  122. power laws -just when you thoought that is was safe to go back in the water.
  123. How politically correct racist patronizing attitudes hurt ordinary Aborigines
  124. Skull and Bones
  125. The Death of Climate Change Consensus
  126. Benazir Bhutto assassinated
  127. David Hicks (sf. ursogr8's suspension)
  128. Plastic shopping bags
  129. free market, media etc
  130. Schooling Education
  131. Fluoride Deception
  132. blanket bans on the reporting of terrorism cases
  133. Are you sorry?
  134. Who should be sorry?
  135. Dr 12%: how long will Nelson last?
  136. You know you're a lefty if ...
  137. You know you're a lefty if ... (Cantor, God, omnipotence...)
  138. How to tell a right wing drongo.
  139. you know you are a conservative when
  140. Wall To Wall Labor
  141. What should the new Rudd government do with its promised tax cuts
  142. Teflon Kev
  143. Earth Hour
  144. WA parliament legalises brothels
  145. Zimbabwe 'elections'
  146. sports funding in general, VSU sf. chess as a sport
  147. US freedom continues to fall
  148. Winston Churchill
  149. The budget
  150. food crisis
  151. Political trajectories (sf personality types)
  152. Nazis - right wing, left wing? [sf various threads]
  153. Who should be Obama's VP?
  154. The People's Republic of Canada's Stalinesque "Human Rights" Commission show trial
  155. Recession Woes
  156. Australian state politics and elections thread
  157. International Criminal Court
  158. NT welfare reform
  159. Your tax dollar at work!!
  160. Proposed changes to Qld legal system
  161. Are many world leaders psychopaths? sf. war on terror
  162. current financial crisis (merged from various threads)
  163. Thomas Sowell Appreciation Thread
  164. Reserve Bank hits a six
  165. Internet censorship
  166. My Article on China published by Beijing Review: My Understanding of "Democracy"
  167. Copyright and use of the work of others - all posters in this section please read
  168. NZ election
  169. Same-sex marriage [strictly on-topic thread]
  170. NZ (and other) anti-smacking laws, sf NZ election
  171. Anti-tobacco campaign was pioneered in Nazi Germany
  172. Funny Politician screw ups
  173. identity politics sf. gun control
  174. positive discrimination and workplace diversity (sf atheism ad thread)
  175. Freedom What is it?
  176. Death Sentences Right Or Wrong?
  177. Is the death penalty an appropriate penalty for proven murders
  178. Homeschooling
  179. IDIOTWARS: debunking the conspiracy theorists at *******s and elsewhere
  180. Economic Stimulus Handouts
  181. Pauline is back! Would you vote for her?
  182. alco, tax and other pops!
  183. Another Aussie Soldier Dead!
  184. New industrial relations (IR) legislation
  185. Freedom of Information Laws
  186. Does Krudd Make Your Stomach Queasy?
  187. Just a knights views
  188. P.J.O'Rourke on Leftys
  189. How many more elections will Labor win?
  190. How many leaders will the Coalition need?
  191. Pay Free Day For Employers?
  192. Spin Cycle on Max
  193. The Rudd / Swan Budget
  194. Snowy River 2.
  195. Bob Brown facing bankruptcy over court fees
  196. Gordon Nuttall found guilty of corruption
  197. Mandatory Vaccine
  198. In Honour Of The Afghans
  199. Japanese election 30-08-2009
  200. UK mayor pledges end to political correctness
  201. Human Rights
  202. Should religions have the right to discriminate (sf dangers of belief)
  203. It's OK to be a rapist and a pedophile if you are a celebrity
  204. Is Australia a Racist country?
  205. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  206. Can you perceive a crime for which you would support the death penalty?
  207. The British National Party
  208. Yet another Israel-Palestine thread sf. "Can you perceive ..."
  209. 20 years after the Berlin Wall crumbled ...
  210. The Undelivered Palin Speeches
  211. Does the arrogance of the lefties have borders?
  212. Executioners
  213. Poll: How should 9/11 terrorists be tried?
  214. Poll: What is the most important form of Justice?
  215. Hackers hit Hadley CRU
  216. Roe v Wade sf is death penalty appropriate?
  217. First it was "ClimateGate", now its "CO2 Tax Fraud"
  218. Essential Reading for new AGW Climate Skeptics
  219. 2009 COAG meeting
  220. Copenhagen summit (sf COAG)
  221. Ian Plimer and other Jono-Goughfather exchanges sf Copenhagen
  222. Rule of law substituted by rule of men
  223. Teacher's union does not like scrutiny
  224. Do you think we should remove the Union Jack from the Australian Flag?
  225. The Killer Who Stole My Name
  226. With "friends" like this who needs an enemy?
  227. Abbott's maternity leave policy
  228. Rudd-Abbott health debate
  229. UK (and Irish) elections and politics
  230. Immigration policy
  231. Illegal entrance, AKA "boat people"
  232. The Rudd Diaries
  233. The Henry Review
  234. Greece is the word
  235. My Ten Favourite Australian Politicians
  236. Positive Campaigning
  237. 2010 Federal Budget
  238. Ban the Burqa?
  239. on privacy and beyond
  240. Minister caught at gay club David Campbell resigns
  241. Wikileaks - a great Aussie
  242. Israel Offered Nukes to South Africa
  243. Rudd's Going Down
  244. Questions, the answers on which lefties choke
  245. Meet The Lily-Whites
  246. Commendations and condemnations of Julia Gillard [POLL ADDED]
  247. Sexism in Australian politics? [sf Gillard thread]
  248. Happy Fundamental Injustice Day!
  249. Federal Election 2010 [Labor Minority Government Elected]
  250. Tony Abbott