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  1. Bruce Pascoe (sf Christians banned)
  2. Chess Boycotts and Banning Players Etc.
  3. Margaret Court (sf SSM)
  4. Treatment of protesters and counter-protesters (sf Australia Day)
  5. Foreign Affairs
  6. Why do men like to kill men?
  7. Economic responses to coronavirus
  8. Funeral exemptions from COVID-19 restrictions (sf indigenous policing)
  9. Heal the World
  10. Testing: Eric Ciaramella
  11. International Relations
  12. George Floyd Dies - America Burns
  13. Benefits of Professional Immigration
  14. Defunding police
  15. Foreign Cyber Attacks vs Australia. How Safe we are?
  16. Abuse and Indigenous communities (sf welfare)
  17. Economy, Health, Law and other Real Indigenous Issues, Past & Present
  18. Kasparov to give evidence at Aus Gov committee hearing
  19. Usa politics - birth of a nation to present
  20. COVID-19 laws and people who break them
  21. Beirut explosion (sf Israel/Palestine)
  22. Slavery and Racism in Australia - historical to present
  23. President Joe Biden
  24. Who will swallow the Corona virus debt? The rich or the poor?
  25. Justice in Australia: Miscarriage and Course Perversion
  26. Charities self perpetuating?
  27. So Being a Man is apparently a ''Privilege too''
  28. Islamic society, military forces and politics with dash of religion
  29. Landmine Free 2025
  30. Taliban takeover of Afghanistan
  31. International treaties