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  1. None of the above
  2. [removed from Federal Election 2010]
  3. Stiglitz and the stimulus [sf. Federal Election 2010]
  4. Julia's Going Down
  5. Get Well Soon, Mr. Rudd
  6. Kristy Fraser-Kirk sues David Jones for $37m over sex bullying
  7. Defence spending and war in Iraq/Afghanistan
  8. Coalition and Labor broadband policies [sf. election 2010]
  9. Captain Bligh is going down
  10. Electoral Reform (do we need one?)
  11. How long will Gillard be PM?
  12. Nazis vs Communists
  13. Kerry O'Brien leaves 7:30 report
  14. What is a Kiwi?
  15. Climate Change (read bottom up)
  16. World War 1 & 2
  17. For Redneck Right Wing Bozzo Rhetorics Only
  18. JFK [moved from American politics]
  19. Fear and Loathing in the 43rd Parliament
  20. Another lunacy of the left?
  21. ASX takeover by Singapore
  22. Banks increasing rates above interest rate rises
  23. Nazi Germany - Blood on Hands
  24. Airport security is worse than a joke
  25. Israel Killed JF Kennedy? - Blood on Hands?
  26. US invasion of Iraq
  27. Population Control
  28. Nuke War to Kill Planet Earth
  29. Australia Day/Invasion Day
  30. Gillard's flood of tax grab
  31. Best Australian Prime Ministers
  32. Worst Australian Prime Ministers
  33. Spiny Norman the Socialist
  34. Unrest in Egypt
  35. The Greens Up To The Second Knuckle. The effect thereof ...
  36. Did Gillard lie?
  37. Affirmative action and company boards
  38. FUBAR lefty brain required to make sense of this ...
  39. The Morality of Eating Meat
  40. Astroturfing - Righties conned
  41. The case of Iman al-Obeidi
  42. Swastikas in Melbourne Library
  43. Same-sex parenting issues
  44. Osama bin Laden dead
  45. Religious right support for guns and killing / Cold War (sf Bin Laden)
  46. War on terror - futile? (sf bin Laden)
  47. Keating resigns from panel
  48. Preferential Voting Systems - Eurovision
  49. Is Ron Paul a serious contender to be the Republican Presidental Candidate?
  50. Who will be Australia's next PM?
  51. US Supreme Court throws out ban on sale of violent video games to minors
  52. Australian's Yellow Spine
  53. Collective noun for lefties?
  54. Raising the debt limit- USA politics
  55. Collective noun for righties?
  56. High Australian dollar
  57. Who should lead Labor's lambs to the slaughter?
  58. White Aborigines and Andrew Bolt
  59. Sanctions against Israel sf. Iranian GM refuses to play
  60. Australian army conscription laws
  61. NZ elections and politics
  62. Qld independant public schools
  63. Kasparov and Putin
  64. Australian Exceptionalism?
  65. Discrimination against Gays (homosexuals)
  66. Censorship
  67. Lefty Myth Busters
  68. "Obamov" and other renamings sf. US elections and politics
  69. Fluke/Limbaugh and other such contraception/feminism debates sf US Politics
  70. How best to reduce crime?
  71. Trayvon Martin Shooting (s.f. Pro or Anti Gun Control ?)
  72. Definition of racism sf. gun control
  73. Euro zone
  74. Political Oxymorons
  75. Media treatment of Lord Monckton sf 43rd parliament
  76. Foreign aid
  77. "Feminazi" and other such terms (sf wikileaks)
  78. Voter and passenger identification (sf. defn of racism / US politics)
  79. Which regimes were the most mass murdering in the history?
  80. Australian political trivia / history
  81. very old stuff
  82. Labor claims victory, Greens won't concede!
  83. What level of income is "rich" sf US elections
  84. Guns and Violent Crime in Kennesaw, GA
  85. Birtherism sf level of income
  86. rights, entitlement, law and morality sf gun control
  87. security theatre sf. voter/passenger ID
  88. Republicans vs Democrats on race (sf voter ID)
  89. Alan Jones vs Gillard (sf commendations/condemnations of JG)
  90. Avoiding Murdoch press paywalls
  91. An open letter to Jono, I mean Ann Coulter
  92. Hurricane Sandy
  93. Shocking US scandal on eve of election
  94. Does economic self-reliance depend on "traditional values"? (sf US Pol)
  95. anti-discrimination case in Toronto sf SSM
  96. AWU saga - what will happen?
  97. Firing your assistant cos she's hot is not unlawful, US judges find.
  98. Fred Phelps sf SSM
  99. Australian Federal Election 2013 [Coalition Wins]
  100. Life in Israel
  101. RIP Margaret Thatcher: the greatest UK PM since Churchill
  102. school milk and lunches sf Thatcher RIP
  103. Bomb explosions at Boston Marathon!
  104. Gender voting patterns (sf SSM)
  105. United Australia Party
  106. Difference between Obama and Osama (sf. Jokes)
  107. Landslide electoral results
  108. Who will the ballot for Labor leadership 7pm tonight?
  109. Miscellaneous LGBTQI issues thread [No SSM posts here please]
  110. New poll on Australian federal election date
  111. Sending letters to families of dead soldiers
  112. Ann Coulter equates slavery and abortion (sf racism)
  113. Views of Rise Up Australia (sf election 2013)
  114. PPL - Lab v Lib
  115. Putin on "anti-Christian persecution" (sf Israel-Palestine)
  116. Ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  117. How many more elections will the Coalition win?
  118. New ALP federal leader
  119. Off-topic flamewars (sf. racism)
  120. 44th Parliament General Discussion Thread
  121. Gender balance and Abbott's Cabinet
  122. How many leaders will Labor need?
  123. ACCC regulates fuel dockets (sf 44th Parliament)
  124. Great Barrier Reef - destruction of
  125. Cultural differences and rape law (sf Israel-Palestine)
  126. The age of entitlement is over! or is it?
  127. Racial Discrimination Act proposed changes
  128. Academia/definition of "scientist" (sf various threads)
  129. MH-17 (was Non-Religious Terrorism)
  130. Interracial marriage attitudes in the US (sf how politically correct ...)
  131. Mikhail Bakunin - brilliant anarchist and internationalist
  132. Christianity and wealth (sf 44th parl)
  133. Festival of Dangerous Ideas
  134. Was 2003 Invasion of Iraq wise?
  135. Political Uplifting Subject Line
  136. Gough Whitlam 1916-2014
  137. Overpopulation (sf greatest scientific discovery)
  138. Vic Labor's proposed anti-discrimination laws
  139. Martin Place Lindt Cafe Hostage Drama
  140. Australian Media: Political Correctness wins!?
  141. Taxation (sf Abbott)
  142. Should pornography be allowed on internet?
  143. Obama's religious beliefs (sf religious terrorism)
  144. Vladimir Putin ...
  145. Who is the King of the U.S.A.?
  146. Malcolm Fraser 1930-2015
  147. Peter Alexander Walsh (11 March 1935 10 April 2015), Hawke finance minister
  148. Independent Australia website: Not what it seems
  149. Eliminating Poverty
  150. Joan Kirner 19382015
  151. Is the ABC biased?
  152. American Politics and God Misc - Schwartz Report
  153. Income distribution
  154. International Long Standing injustices & Grudges
  155. How long will Turnbull be PM?
  156. Peta Credlin
  157. Infamous Sayings
  158. Australian Prime Ministers
  159. Radicalisation (sf gun control)
  160. Ta-Nehisi Coates Appreciation Thread
  161. Cut 'n Paste thread
  162. Kasparov's new anti-Putin book
  163. European migration issues (sf Tony Abbott)
  164. Psychiatry : The gentle art of medicalising the imaginary and the obvious.
  165. Trans-Pacific Partnership in action
  166. A French Massacre
  167. Anti-human environmentalism
  168. Who will win the Republican nomination for 2016 (NOT, who would you like to win)
  169. Who will win the Democratic nomination for 2016 (NOT, who would you like to win)
  170. Ethanol mandates (sf money matters)
  171. All costs of child rearing should be borne by men.
  172. Malcolm's Going Down
  173. 2016 Australian Federal Election [COALITION WINS]
  174. Our government has made us ALL into thieves.
  175. Social liberal party in Australia?
  176. Who will you vote for in the federal election?
  177. Asylum seekers
  178. What sort of community is that?
  179. Orlando mass shooting
  180. Immigration (sf asylum seekers)
  181. US Presidential Election - Clinton v Trump
  182. Crispin Rovere on Q&A tonight.
  183. Tales from the 45th Parliament
  184. Speeding and overtaking laws
  185. Conservative identities busting left-wing stereotypes
  186. Mass-murdering poverty-entrenching communist despot Fidel Castro dies aged 90
  187. Reject a job offer? No dole!
  188. Sharia law in Australia (sf 45th parliament)
  189. Immigration, crime and terrorism in Scandinavia
  190. RIP Bill Leak 1956-2017
  191. good on you Theresa!!!
  192. Is Religion really Politics
  193. Working migrants (sf foreign aid)
  194. Welfare spending
  195. World Trends in Politics
  196. Policing of indigenous offenders
  197. Automation and IT skills (sf working migrants)
  198. Tribal societies (sf. asylum seekers)
  199. Can a Society Develop without a Written Language?
  200. "Fake news" and Trump sf ABC
  201. North Korea
  202. Moderation Notice: Marriage Law Postal Survey
  203. Politics Of Anywhere Outside Australia That Doesn't Have Its Own Thread
  204. Euthanasia bill, Victoria
  205. Private and public school funding (sf same-sex marriage)
  206. UN Conservation Treaty for High Seas
  207. Chess-Chatters: Please support my Petition to have criminals sent out of Australia!
  208. Drug policing and injecting rooms
  209. Sentencing
  210. Worst Recent-Ish US President
  211. Best Recent-Ish US President
  212. Plastic bag restrictions
  213. Neo-nazis on TV (sf state politics)
  214. How long will Morrison be Prime Minister?
  215. Even Criminals are Laughing at our ''Crime and Punishment'' System :)
  216. Universal Basic Income (sf foreign aid)
  217. Farmers and drought (sf asylum seekers)
  218. British Colonialism in Kenya - the Mau Mau
  219. Change to 4 year fixed terms in Australia? (sf US politics)
  220. Do Female Spouses Overstep the Mark
  221. George Galloway British MP - Man for All Seasons
  222. Gender equity in parliaments and cabinets (sf state politics)
  223. Gender equity in IT and other workplaces (sf state politics)
  224. China and totalitarianism
  225. Saudi Arabia - The Kingdom
  226. Sudanese
  227. Abstudy
  228. Palmer Chameleon - making Australia great
  229. Ethics and IT courses (sf China)
  230. Homeless People: Where do they Come From?
  231. Federal Election 2019 [COALITION WINS]
  232. Folau brothers sackings
  233. ''White Privilege''
  234. RIP Bob Hawke: 1929 - 2019
  235. Who should be the new Labor leader?
  236. Australian history: Aboriginal agriculture, technology and ingenuity
  237. Transgender sportspeople: the end of women's sports
  238. 46th Parliament General Discussion Thread
  239. Australian war achievements (sf China thread)
  240. Jealousy, Crime and Socialism
  241. 201920 Democratic primary polls: who will face off against Trump (presumably)
  242. 201920 Democratic primaries: who would you LIKE to win (not think will win)
  243. Proposed religious freedom changes (sf Racial Discrimination Act)
  244. Prime Ministers "met"
  245. Jacinta Price
  246. Immigration and Europe (sf Worst PMs)
  247. Should Marijuana be Legalised
  248. Australia, politics, environment and culture from WW2 to Present
  249. Donald Trump - Biggest Idiot of The Century. Here there everywhere.
  250. Party Jumping