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  1. Arbiter's Corner: Notes & Queries
  2. The BYE: Should we accept its existence?
  3. Who should get the BYE?
  4. 2 paired players get 1 point each after one forfeits
  5. Organisers corner: slacker-friendly club round robins
  6. What should the consequences be for Someone who cheats???
  7. Swiss Perfect and pairing errors
  8. Articles G4-G6 (was Rule 10.2)
  9. Article 9.2 Question
  10. Tournament Instructions
  11. Question about DGTs and lightning
  12. article 9.5
  13. swiss perfect database importing
  14. tournament withdrawals
  15. Is the mobile phone rule draconian?
  16. Pressing the clock before promoting
  17. New Laws of Chess as of 1st July 2005
  18. Writing imoves down first
  19. Seeding question
  20. Draw etiquette (was "inaudible mutterings")
  21. FIDE approved clocks
  22. Arbiting FR
  23. New regulations for Arbiter titles
  24. DOP Fees
  25. Doeberl Cup Arbiting Hypotheticals
  26. Top v Bottom or Colour
  27. Basic Tournament rights and rules
  28. Does checkmate end the game?
  29. She's a stunner
  30. Scheveningen match online resource
  31. LIbby asks a chess question!
  32. potential double illegal move? what happens next?
  33. Changing computer pairings/ Pairing Programs
  34. one hour plus one minute time limit
  35. Is nodding off during game permited?
  36. Accelerating 1 or 2 rounds in a 7 round Swiss
  37. Being an Arbiter, tough job?
  38. Article 8.1
  39. Appeals Committee's
  40. Pairing concerns
  41. Chesscafe article
  42. Setting up a round robin tournament
  43. Unfair rule re recording when under 5 minutes.
  44. Protos
  45. Savic's "Commentary on the Laws of Chess"
  46. Article B7. Rapidplay
  47. Insufficient material?
  48. Illegal Moves Question
  49. Last round colour vs top/bottom (from Queenstown)
  50. PROTOS experiment
  51. Draw by Repition in blitz
  52. 2006 City Of Brisbane Championships
  53. Checkmate with a move that would otherwise invoke the 50-move-rule.
  54. Article 9.2a?
  55. Article 12.5(sf. Rapidly improving Adults)
  56. questions!
  57. Fire Alarm during a Tournament
  58. clarification needed: what is a move?
  59. FIDE-approved Swiss Pairing Programs
  60. writing down moves
  61. Swiss Pairing software testing and Doeberl pairings
  62. Last Round Swiss Pairings
  63. Tie Break Question
  64. Round 11 Australian Championship
  65. acceleration in swiss master 5
  66. Rules lectures before play (sf support our chess admins)
  67. Poll: Complaint Against Kb's D.o.p. Style
  68. Flag claim during followed by time section
  69. Game agreed drawn after one players flag fall.
  70. Is it a legal move?
  71. Taking the King - Blitz Chess Rule Change
  72. Another pairing experiment
  73. 2006 Gold Coast Open Pairings
  74. Buchholz tiebreaks
  75. Who forfeits
  76. 2 knights plus king v king
  77. Can time be added to a player's clock after flagfall?
  78. swiss pairing program endorsed by FIDE
  79. Applying 6.10
  80. Touch move rule
  81. Swiss systems : Lim and Dutch
  82. FIDE Time Control for major events
  83. FIDE Swiss Rules
  84. Opponent Forgets to Press Clock - What to Do?
  85. 40 moves in x time control
  86. Swiss pairing question
  87. Alarm sounding on a turned-off mobile phone (sf. 2006 Ryde-Eastwood Open)
  88. calculation of x for heterogeneous bracket
  89. Why downfloated twice?
  90. To ring or not to ring.
  91. Changing incorrect publicly released draws: a curiosity
  92. To grant color preference.
  93. Interesting blitz ruling
  94. Need more active Arbiters
  95. Handshakes
  96. Swiss pairing for team by Swiss Master
  97. Pairing program for macs
  98. what is the standing of 50 move claims in the absence of a score sheet?
  99. King capture bug in made/completed provisions?
  100. Correspondence Boo Boos
  101. clock not adding increment
  102. Swiss system 20 years ago
  103. Standard or Rapidplay?
  104. Blitz/Rapidplay FIDE rules
  105. Games::Tournament::Swiss released
  106. Increments vs Guillotine
  107. Clocks behaving strangely.
  108. Recording the move before moving
  109. Mobile phone goes off: what score for opponent?
  110. IA/FA title regulations
  111. Making an illegal move in Blitz and Rapid
  112. Zonal manual pairings
  113. Frightfully simple SwissPerfect question
  114. Help needed with FIDE Swiss pairing rules
  115. Appeal Committee
  116. Handshake to be enforced by FIDE
  117. 2005 FIDE Laws of Chess on FIDE website finally correct
  118. What constitutes an illegal move in blitz?
  119. should creditation be required by all arbiters
  120. Another sp error?
  121. Update version if there is
  122. Playing on in a ridiculously hopeless position
  123. Calling/Announcing Check
  124. When does the game start?
  125. Darling Downs mobile phone, appeal rights (sf illegal move in blitz)
  126. Swiss Manager & Buchholz's calculation
  127. Couple questions about allegro
  128. Swiss pairing - Rule C.11
  129. Help with FIDE Swiss pairing
  130. 'penultimate bracket' ambiguous
  131. Incorporation of B3-B6 into pairing procedure C (Swiss Dutch)
  132. How are colours determined for 1st round
  133. What is the correct pairing?
  134. I don't understand Guert Gijssen's reasoning
  135. Do arbiters deserve respect??
  136. Winning a Tournament by Countback???
  137. Mating material when pieces are promoted to wrong colour
  138. SP SP error
  139. SPDE format
  140. More Clocks - Does Black Decide The Side?
  141. Swiss Master v SwissPerfect
  142. 7-player, no-win-no-loss tourney round 4 conspiracy
  143. Absences skew the draw
  144. B&W preference test
  145. Players turning up late sf. FIDE World Cup 2007
  146. Rapidplay double flag fall
  147. Player short of time wishing to go to the toilet
  148. A player erroneously believes that he is mated and shakes hands; what result?
  149. Upcoming FIDE Laws Of Chess Revision
  150. A Missing Piece
  151. Illegal move discovered late
  152. Wrong clock setting (from www.chesscafe.com)
  153. How many moves allowed when one king
  154. Blitz chess, mating potential
  155. Latest chesscafe article by Geurt Gijssen
  156. Blitz - illegal move vs flagfall
  157. Scheveningen Pairing System
  158. The Good Behaviour Thread
  159. Sofia rules or no draws before move 30?
  160. Short draws: a fact of chess, or do we need rules to try to stop them?
  161. 12.1 The disrepute rule: what does it mean?
  162. Shoe discussion continued from Good behaviour thread
  163. Not wearing footwear at chess
  164. proposed warning for mobile phone sf. third footwear poll
  165. Ok 2 queries for you guys
  166. So you want to be an arbiter? Join us now!
  167. "Piecutter" armageddon blitz tiebreak concept
  168. Complaint by Irina Krush.
  169. What is the result?
  170. Second round pairings, who gets which colour.
  171. Couple of questions
  172. Flagfall vs draw offer?
  173. Lightning
  174. 2008 Olympiad forfeiture rule
  175. Spectator counting moves for time control etc.
  176. 2009 Fide laws of chess- current situation
  177. Choice of Sets
  178. Changes in the 1st July 2009 Laws of Chess - what do they mean
  179. Swiss Pairing issues at Queenstown
  180. Late entries
  181. What does the arbiter do?
  182. FA Garvin Gray
  183. FA Graeme Gardiner
  184. 2009 FIDE Laws of Chess Effective 1st July 2009
  185. Player not writing down moves
  186. who are arbiters answerable to?
  187. enforced draw for late-finishing games
  188. Resignation in response to illegal move, other illegal move issues sf. SIO 2009
  189. SwissPerfect or Other
  190. US Championships 2009
  191. Colours for late entry
  192. Moving before recording opponent's move
  193. the wrong hand
  194. en passant
  195. Swissperfect help pls
  196. Proposal of new draw rule 9.7
  197. repetition claims
  198. Spectator interference
  199. What do players do?
  200. what does he/she play?
  201. Difference between forfeits and late entry
  202. Swiss Rule F2 not clear
  203. Legal mate in illegal game
  204. Is this a correct Blitz game?
  205. Changing pairings, big no/no
  206. 40 move time control with increments
  207. Puzzles: FIDE imposes weird checkmates
  208. adjusting on opponent's time!
  209. web pairing application user interface
  210. Short Draws - please vote
  211. Illegal move/Unlawful move
  212. Check!!! To call or not to call!
  213. Illegal position in Geurt's article
  214. FIDE pairing web application
  215. Stalemated player resigns
  216. Was I correct?
  217. Drunk chess star dozes off, concedes match at Kolkata Open
  218. Burstein Pairing System
  219. Loss on time
  220. Discretion with respect to mobile phone rule?
  221. Should a witness to an incident serve on an appeals committee?
  222. Draconian rule forfeits
  223. Pairing situation
  224. Chess kids video
  225. Retrograde mobile phone case
  226. Promotion to pawn...
  227. Incorrectly agreeing you've been mated is not the same as resigning
  228. DOP/TD also being a player?
  229. A headache of a scenario
  230. Arbiter's qualifications
  231. Setting the new FIDE time
  232. ACF code of ethics
  233. Headphones during play
  234. IMs at Zonals
  235. Playing taking back move when opponent is not around
  236. Lowest ranked player gets first round 1 point bye?
  237. Simultaneous Checkmate & Flagfall
  238. Accelerated vs Abominated Swiss Pairings :)
  239. Why not add time after 40 moves?
  240. Ending recording when 5 minutes is left
  241. Fairer prize distribution
  242. Recording of Moves
  243. Illegal move
  244. Flag fall - when is it a loss?
  245. An elegant triple rep definition
  246. 4th Chess Organisers Handbook
  247. Did Geurt actually answer the question?
  248. New swiss Dutch pairing engine
  249. Should arbiters be paid with tips?
  250. Distracting or worrying the opponent: verbal abuse