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  1. Aribter Mistake Changing a Title Result?
  2. ‘Mirroring’ in team matches
  3. Disabled Chess Players: How to Handle?
  4. FIDE Arbiter's Seminar, Sydney 2020
  5. swiss pairing program
  6. Interesting promotion/illegal move/stalemate incident
  7. Sonneborn-Berger tie-break in Vega
  8. Firouzja loses on time to Carlsen with K+B+3P vs K+B
  9. Call for arbiter expressions of interest for Olympiad extended to Feb 7
  10. Proposed Laws changes: require checkmating player's previous move to be legal, etc.
  11. VinczeSwiss - the new FREEWARE program for swiss pairing
  12. Watches
  13. Latest ACF newsletter
  14. Resigning
  15. Vega & Lichess
  16. New FIDE Forms: IT1 (player norms), IT2 (title app), IT3 (event details)
  17. Free FIDE Seminar on online arbiting
  18. COVIDSafe and mobile phones at tournaments
  19. FIDE Online Chess regulations approved
  20. FIDE 2018 rules re devices, as enforced by CAQ/ACF?
  21. FIDE Database Requirements - Confirm activity (arbiters, organisers, trainers)
  22. Rule(s) against arbiter being a player?
  23. Clarification request: FIDE Rule 9.1(b)(1).
  24. So who should get a Point?
  25. Vega - Changing a result from a previous round
  26. FIDE Arbiter's Seminar, Melbourne 2021
  27. In Blitz, Does the illegal move have 1 or 2 minutes penalty?
  28. FIDE Online/Hybrid Arbiters Training