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  1. What is or isn't a "forfeit"?
  2. Touch move and mobile phone rule
  3. Draw after illegal move
  4. 2010 Fide Congress Pairing rules proposed changes
  5. Whats with a 10 second increment?
  6. Double repetition?
  7. Arbiters in Australia
  8. 3 consecutive upfloats
  9. Forfeited games - are colours counted?
  10. Irregular colour allocation- Swiss Perfect
  11. Etiquette/Rules about players who forget to press their clocks
  12. Checkmate or lost on time?
  13. Penalty for illegal action
  14. Updated the Dutch swiss rules
  15. Half-Point Byes (sf NSWCA AGM)
  16. Eliminating byes from three-team tournaments
  17. Half point BYE
  18. FIDE Arbiters' Commission website
  19. FIDE arbiters seminar
  20. Tornelo Pairing Software
  21. Players giving false names, misrepresenting their playing strength
  22. Tornelo software and mobile devices for recording moves (s.f. 2011 Ballarat Begonia)
  23. Tricky last round pairings
  24. USCF Prizemoney distribution
  25. Dutch swiss system, rule A7e
  26. SP vs Tornelo test comparison
  27. Question about playoffs.
  28. Swiss system: last round colour allocation exceptions
  29. Question: Sonneborn-Berger and unplayed games
  30. Manual pairing attempt: round 9 MCC 2011
  31. New Dutch Swiss Pairing Engine
  32. Swiss system Lim: pairing floaters in the median scoregroup
  33. 45 minute time-bidding armageddon game in US Champs
  34. Manual pairing, Lim system
  35. Question: tiebreaks based on ratings when some opponents are unrated
  36. May 18, 2011 Arbiter's corner cases
  37. International Organisers Title
  38. Checkmate stands
  39. Etiquette query
  40. Burstein pairing system
  41. Another Swiss 'Perfect' moment ...
  42. Substitute Players for FIDE-rated tournaments
  43. Possible no legal pairing solution
  44. Why do people use swiss perfect?
  45. English Chess Federation online arbiter test
  46. Forgetting the square of the piece
  47. touch move rule
  48. Draw offer when the opponent is not at the board
  49. FIDE Classification of Arbiters (IA and FA only)
  50. Recording opponents move before made.
  51. What does "DOP" mean?
  52. Which is the "better" pairing?
  53. Typical monster Swiss
  54. Why avoid the same colour three times in a row?
  55. Swiss, adjourned games and floats
  56. Minimum rounds for Swiss?
  57. Conditional Moves in Blitz
  58. Touching/moving before opponent presses clock (blitz) sf Vic Blitz 2011
  59. Touch Move
  60. Lightning Time Controls
  61. Player reading non-chess book or newspaper at the board during tournament game
  62. Correct pairings for Aus Champs Reserves?
  63. Pairings for 2012 Australian Championships
  64. Online tool to check pairings for accuracy
  65. Sufficient rounds for a clear result, sf Queenstown 2012
  66. Swissperfect curious last round bye selection
  67. FIDE Pairing Rules Updated
  68. 50 move rule and past extensions
  69. Strange final round pairing from Swiss Perfect
  70. Draw Claims!
  71. An Arbiters' notebook February 2012
  72. A little quiz
  73. recording with increment sf Tas Champs 2012
  74. Draw? Forfeit?
  75. fide handbook elo example
  76. Blitz question
  77. Online Arbiter's seminar
  78. Draw or Win Situation?
  79. New pairing program for team tournament
  80. Swiss Perfect Problem
  81. Head to head tie-break
  82. Applying for FA and IA titles / Arbiter registration
  83. Draft FIDE Laws of Chess 2013
  84. Where not all games are played
  85. Swiss Perfect au
  86. Touching a Piece
  87. Tiebreaks
  88. Sofia Rules for junior chess - has anyone tried this?
  89. Chess players with a disability
  90. Swiss pairing
  91. Arbiter Registration (Required To Be Arbiter In FIDE Tournaments)
  92. Three FIDE endorsed programs, three different pairings
  93. Unplayed games and Sonneborn-Berger tie-break
  94. Zermelo Score System
  95. Vega Approved by ACF
  96. Sum of Progessive Score Cuts - what is the logic behind it?
  97. Announcing check
  98. More on announcing check
  99. Can published pairing be changed
  100. Draw Situation
  101. Tornelo Pairing Problems (sf Tornelo Rating System)
  102. ClocksStopping
  103. illegal move leads to dead position
  104. Checkmate with illegal move
  105. Player continually leaving table
  106. Analog vs Digital clock from arbiter point of view
  107. Draw Position
  108. So why does white move first?
  109. Same Coloured Bishops
  110. Score Sheets
  111. 2014 Laws Changes General Discussion Thread (was Changes Deferred to 2014)
  112. Tiebreaks for a 5 round Swiss
  113. Article 3 y 4
  114. Fighting funds
  115. half-lmove
  116. prize distribution
  117. Prize Pool
  118. Double downfloat changes
  119. Final Standing Preferences
  120. Swiss Perfect Use
  121. Semi-dead position
  122. Does the electronic devices rule include watches?
  123. Scoresheet requirements
  124. Illegal Move
  125. Penalty for not recording moves
  126. Special rules for GMs?
  127. Two Computers for Use at Tournaments
  128. Rule 6.8 and time for flag fall
  129. Playing in a tournament when arbitering
  130. Irregularities
  131. tie break calculation
  132. which tie break is best for this game
  133. the recent rapid in Sydney
  134. selecting best player of the board
  135. touching the board during your move
  136. draw by repetition and scoresheet
  137. forfeit or not forfeit that is the question
  138. Flag Fall vs. Ilegal move with the new laws
  139. Dutch System for Dummies
  140. Rook upside down and moves twice in one turn
  141. Different less severe penalties for mobile phone violation
  142. Half-point Byes
  143. String of illegal moves in Blitz
  144. Article 9.6 during post-mortem
  145. Recording Moves
  146. Wearing of hats/caps
  147. Moving before opponent has pressed clock
  148. Olympiad arbiting
  149. 11.3.b Mobile Phones: Arbiters "instructed" to adopt change to Laws of Chess
  150. DGT 2010 setting problem
  151. Unusual promotion/stalemate incident
  152. Use of Dubov System in NZ Open Champs 2015
  153. Running out of time
  154. Soviet pairing colours
  155. So forfeited for making silly notes in game against Akopian in US Ch.
  156. Blitz rules
  157. [POLL ADDED] Dvalishvili defaulted for writing move before moving in Aeroflot Open
  158. claiming draw in rapid play and blitz.
  159. May 2015 column "An Arbiter's Notebook"
  160. Calculating 50 moves rule
  161. Outlawing win on time for lone knight or lone bishop
  162. 2015 Commonwealth Chess Championship- time control
  163. Vega vs SP pairing
  164. request for ruling on a weird lightning scenario
  165. Draw or win?
  166. Win on time K+N v K+p or K+N v K+B
  167. players shake hands to end game but both think they won.
  168. Article 11.3a-Recording Moves when not mandatory
  169. Nakamura - Nepomniachtchi incidents in 2015 World Cup
  170. USCF/FIDE Rules Differences (sf 2015 World Cup incidents)
  171. How to enter DGT result without an extra king move
  172. Double increment in first move!?
  173. Rustam's idea to avoid draws (modified version)
  174. A Tricky One
  175. Digital clocks showing whos flag fell first.
  176. Who can adjust the pieces?
  177. Online pairings v locat programs
  178. Accidental clock press
  179. FIDE Laws Review Process 2016-7
  180. Giving Advice during a Tournament Game
  181. Parent's mobile phone rings (sf having/not having a life)
  182. Sevan Muradian 1975-2016
  183. ACP Survey
  184. Illegal moves in time trouble in Standard game with increment
  185. Pre-tournament board use
  186. In time trouble...Someone promotes his pawn...and grabs queen of the wrong colour.
  187. Selfmate by illegal move / checkmate in illegal position
  188. Arbiter Defaulting Player for Poor Behaviour (very poor indeed)
  189. Vega
  190. Do Arbiters manually change computer pairings?
  191. Clock Simuls
  192. forced illegal capture for touch move? Blitz
  193. Bill Anderson-Smith
  194. Requirements for arbiters of an IM Norm tournament
  195. Changing the chess clock.
  196. Rapid chess, both flags has fallen
  197. Laws of Chess draft changes 2017
  198. Adjusting a Piece creates Illegal move?
  199. Claim illegal move after the conclusion of the game
  200. Piece displacement in the middle of legal move
  201. Flag fall vs. both kings are in check
  202. Which FIDE rating list to use?
  203. Incorrect Starting Position
  204. Ruling lines on scoresheets and recording times
  205. Quality control and titled arbiters
  206. Illegal move or not
  207. 2017 FIDE Arbiters Seminar in Melbourne organised by Chess Victoria
  208. FIDE Arbiters' Magazine #4
  209. Move using two hands
  210. FIDE Laws of Chess 2017
  211. FIDE Swiss Pairing Rules 2017
  212. Forfeit Rules?
  213. Illegal or not?
  214. Upside-down rook decides Canadian Championship
  215. Should arbiter confirm that a given move is legal?
  216. FIDE Interpretations of 2017 Laws Including Articles 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.7.1 and 7.8.1
  217. Penalties
  218. Giving a player a one-point bye in Vega
  219. Incorrect piece setup?
  220. Set clock to `freeze' in games without increment?
  221. FIDE Laws of Chess 2018
  222. Seeding unrated players for Swiss tournaments
  223. Appeal decision Grischuk - Mamedyarov Riyadh
  224. Players smoking during games (sf NZ Chess Festival Oct 2018)
  225. Magnus flagged
  226. when is next arbiter tournament
  227. Heads covering the board
  228. Not much time in a tricky position.
  229. Converting Vega pairings (CSV) to DGT LiveChess (PGN)
  230. Current FIDE laws aplying to 10 minute chess - Illegal moves and King captures
  231. Stalemate for the Arbiter!
  232. Latest Vega Version
  233. Rating change for games forfeited on time?
  234. Vega and insertion of results via browser
  235. Arbiter Commission meeting 29/6/18 - 1/7/18 - New regulations for FA/IA titles
  236. Byes Byes Byes....
  237. Nearly stalemate
  238. Suggestion about illegal move released
  239. Vega Teams Program
  240. New cheating technologies (smartwatches etc)
  241. Touchtake and touching a piece with another piece
  242. Mobile phones being used in chess venues
  243. Discussion re future arbiters seminars
  244. Vega for Mac OS X Mojave
  245. FIDE Arbiter's Seminar, Gold Coast 2019
  246. Making the move with one hand and writing it down with the other.
  247. Miscarriage of justice
  248. Q&A re: Rules & Etiquette
  249. Vega for Mac
  250. NSW Vega Training Course